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Velcome home, our deerest Tsaritsa :D Today I'll be brushing and braiding your hair as we chat about our Tsar and your new country, I'll gently apply your make up by our traditions, our master crafter will create a very special kokoshnik (tiara) for you, we'll try it on and I'll gift you with a shawl. ♥ From Russia with Love ♥
00:00 Velcomes
01:36 Hair brushing and braiding
09:41 Makeup time: chalk, charcoal, crushed berries
22:12 Crafting your kokoshnik
Visit ASMRsense for full videos of this craft selosk.info/name/DYw...
33:21 Trying on your tiara
36:12 Traditional Russian shawl
Thank you for your visit today :) ♥

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

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24 maj 2021



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Gentle Whispering ASMR
Gentle Whispering ASMR 18 dagar sedan
Velcome home, our deerest Tsaritsa :D Today I'll be brushing and braiding your hair as we chat about our Tsar and your place here, do your make up in the traditional way, our master crafter will create a very special kokoshnik (tiara) for you, we'll try it on and I'll gift you with a shawl. ♥ From Russia with Love ♥ 00:00 Velcomes 01:36 Hair brushing and braiding 09:41 Makeup time: chalk, charcoal, crushed berries 22:12 Crafting your kokoshnik Visit ASMRsense for full videos of this craft selosk.info/name/DYwm5Vr1znuOkZLSsnqb2A 33:21 Trying on your tiara 36:12 Traditional Russian shawl Thank you for your visit today :) ♥
Tracie Bett
Tracie Bett 6 dagar sedan
@Daniel Wardwell great idea
CC 6 dagar sedan
You’re always so cute and sweet in your videos! I wish I had a friend like you.
Daniel Wardwell
Daniel Wardwell 7 dagar sedan
Please buy a few Faberge egg reproductions (Bestpysanky is a good store or find QIFU eggs on Amazon), and do a video like this with them or an antique store with them or something!!!
Mujtaba Siddiqui
Mujtaba Siddiqui 11 dagar sedan
I think this is my favorite video of yours
Jatt Adil 1988 Uk
Jatt Adil 1988 Uk 13 dagar sedan
You have so many uses lool xxx
Monica Towers
Monica Towers 10 timmar sedan
How did you make your eyes look bigger in this video? I love it!!! My eyes are small so I would love to know please 😊
Katherina Bulatova
Katherina Bulatova 18 timmar sedan
мне нравится такой английски 😂😂😂
Shreya Dasgupta
Shreya Dasgupta 20 timmar sedan
12:02 you just called my name ❤️ ❤️ Shreya
hello Wendy
hello Wendy Dag sedan
Milk with blood? Finally I have a name for my skin tone! It sounds so much nicer than pasty lmao 😋
Глеб Лосев
Вы из России?)
Привет из россии
Вы походу Россию больше любите чем свою страну)
Ridzzz Star
Ridzzz Star 2 dagar sedan
I was feeling very lonely, but when I came to this I actually felt like a Russian princess is with me, caring for me.Thank you
TingleStorm ASMR
TingleStorm ASMR 2 dagar sedan
Watching this for the 100000th time because the tingles are life 💖
Robert Silva
Robert Silva 2 dagar sedan
Hello To Everyone
Robert Silva
Robert Silva 2 dagar sedan
Keep up the Great work
Robert Silva
Robert Silva 2 dagar sedan
Thank you for the Great video
Gia Kwak
Gia Kwak 2 dagar sedan
Pleaseee do a russian prince video!!
Krista De la Cruz
Krista De la Cruz 2 dagar sedan
I love that you’re doing collaborations with your sister. She’s so talented!
Northern Migration
Northern Migration 2 dagar sedan
Can’t understand a word she is saying 🤦‍♂️
blxsöm 2 dagar sedan
I’d love to learn more about Russia! Please make more videos similar to this. Your choice though! I was just wondering. Love the accent! ☺️🌸
Maya 2 dagar sedan
Your eyes are beautiful
Maya 2 dagar sedan
Are you from ruissa?
Michaela T.
Michaela T. 2 dagar sedan
Yea she is!
Mr tingle
Mr tingle 3 dagar sedan
It's all fun and games until the communists come
Hannah :)
Hannah :) 3 dagar sedan
Maria: We like it, it's very interesting, creates very beautiful children Me: Now hol up 👀
MoochingWithMelons 3 dagar sedan
I love love love this one.. I think it's one of her best!
Kaylie Connors
Kaylie Connors 3 dagar sedan
As a red heading minoring in Russian language.. this was made for me
Ankie 4 dagar sedan
I would LOVE if you could make the same style video as this, but with your voice being very light/high pitched, as you do in some soft spoken videos... 🙏🏼🙏🏼 You look so beautiful.
Eric Mason
Eric Mason 4 dagar sedan
my hair is a kind of faux undercut but I used to have long hair so I'm just thinking of the stupidly thick braids my mom gave me sometimes and feeling safe
Rok Mun
Rok Mun 4 dagar sedan
The Tsarina empowers me to bid you welcome to Kislev
Prachet ASMR
Prachet ASMR 4 dagar sedan
The crafting part was very relaxing. I like to see people working with concentration, also the sewing sounds were very tingly. Can you do a only crafting, no talking video someday.
Prachet ASMR
Prachet ASMR Dag sedan
@veryberry39 Thanks! , I will look up to it.
veryberry39 Dag sedan
Are you subscribed to ASMRSense? That's where the crafting came from, and there's lots more! It's her sister!
Ashleigh Creed
Ashleigh Creed 4 dagar sedan
Me : Zzzzxzz Maria: and girls who have good times with boys would have their braids chopped off.. Me : *snorts awake* WHAT?!
alex b
alex b 4 dagar sedan
Pls do more Russian accent in English this is prob my favorite same vid right now n I watch Asmara every night to sleep so I watch a lot..
Khrisalis 4 dagar sedan
You know it's going to be a good video when the shawls are on the walls!
Em 4 dagar sedan
Me pretending she’s preparing me to meet the Darkling bc let’s save this Ravka ✋
C HN 4 dagar sedan
I missed you!! I´ve not been watching asmr videos for a while because luckely I can sleep without them, before I really needed them to calm down. But Oh wow I have missed your videos!
Anastasia Gont
Anastasia Gont 4 dagar sedan
Маша, Вы чудо!!!!просто неземная!😍😍😍
C HN 4 dagar sedan
OHH!! I Loooooveeee everything about this!! The tingles are intense and I honestly love your outfit. It looks so beautiful on you 😍😍😍
Ana Júlia
Ana Júlia 4 dagar sedan
I JUST realized you said red hair, and as a ginger I'm so happy now!
Retno Anggraeni
Retno Anggraeni 4 dagar sedan
The cross continents logistic of this collab is just amazing
The Ena
The Ena 4 dagar sedan
Лэт ми гет май браш 😃
Eugene Shin
Eugene Shin 4 dagar sedan
You re just stunning✨
Tom Riggin
Tom Riggin 5 dagar sedan
I love how Russians move their mouth while talking... Especially when she says white... Lol
Tom Riggin
Tom Riggin 5 dagar sedan
I have always been mesmerized by her damn Lippz... And omg... Of course they look above and beyond with whatever this Lipstick is... Almost makes me wanna ask the kind and color.. I can't imagine what it would be like to feel such Lippz. Or to be kissed by them... Because I'm feeling that they are truly Naturally... It like all these girls we see with big puffy lips.. they aren't bad. Or anything. But natural puffy Lips are sooooo MUCH better. Especially with whatever that damn color is. Lol
veryberry39 Dag sedan
Some opinions are just better kept to yourself...
Н 5 dagar sedan
Я влюбилась в этот РУССКИЙ акцент 😍😍😍😍
Tom Riggin
Tom Riggin 5 dagar sedan
I gotta be real... You look much more Beautiful and gorgeous and amazing... And Queenly... And everything else... As A Russian. . . Than you ever do as an American Woman... Or Western Woman. I hope that's not something you don't wanna hear. But it's 100% true... The whole look suites you much better. Like look how just overwhelmingly amazing. Her eyes, and her Lippz, just stand out. It multiplied your beauty at least twice over.
Tom Riggin
Tom Riggin 5 dagar sedan
Oh my wow... This is soooo awesome... We love you Maria... So much
terra woman
terra woman 5 dagar sedan
Такая красота. Спасибо Маша!
Elias Horowitz
Elias Horowitz 5 dagar sedan
Okay but Grishaverse fans, imagine Masha as Genya 😍😭
мяу meow
мяу meow 5 dagar sedan
Мне показалось, или Мария специально пыталась говорить с русским акцентом, что бы получилось более правдоподобно?
Queen sandy Brown
Queen sandy Brown 5 dagar sedan
what is this is this supposed to be sexy or something the whispering is not
veryberry39 Dag sedan
I see you're new to ASMR.
Michaela T.
Michaela T. 2 dagar sedan
No it’s not. It’s just ASMR.
paula ner
paula ner 5 dagar sedan
Very nice video. You are full of surprises 😮
Deborah Sussex
Deborah Sussex 5 dagar sedan
She can feminise anyone.
Pam Arnold
Pam Arnold 5 dagar sedan
I appreciate the historical ethnographic information!
Hannah Headden
Hannah Headden 5 dagar sedan
The head tilting is wonderful
Дмитрий Рылин
Ланден ин зе кепитал оф Грейт Британ.
WhispersLovely 5 dagar sedan
11:42 ahhhh geography lesson video vibes all over again 😍😍😍🥱🤤😴
linda schreuders
linda schreuders 5 dagar sedan
Wow wow wow!, !!!
Костя Алембаев
Это же Марийка Маша, я живу в Марий Эл там такой же костюм
Bjornon Monday
Bjornon Monday 6 dagar sedan
What beautiful ASMR - the Russian clothing was a fantastic touch - it was like I’d gone back in time. I’ve been watching ASMR for many years, and Gentle Whispering ASMR continues to put out consistent quality ASMR content year after year.Thanks for all that you do, and thank you for helping me sleep at night.
Fammy Thama
Fammy Thama 6 dagar sedan
So uhm did she say I was going to be here co-wife ?????
The Unkown Storyteller
хорошее видео need i say more? Its so good I feel like it could bring back russian monarchy!
Midnight_Voice ASMR
Midnight_Voice ASMR 6 dagar sedan
Me: *does my makeup inspired by this video* My roommate: “Ooh rosy dolly cheeks!” Me: “Niet. MILK AND BLOOD.” Roommate: 😳
lie kit
lie kit 6 dagar sedan
Вухууу стереотипы!!
RE ASMR 6 dagar sedan
Любить и обожать
Tristum Bennett
Tristum Bennett 6 dagar sedan
I have Polish relatives.... facial expressions are super similar... 5:31 ... ‘They chop them off... the hairs’. That look... my Polish grandmother , long since deceased. Thank you for the flashback
Miles •
Miles • 6 dagar sedan
I'm from Poland but I'll gladly be a Russian princess just this once. Hopefully our countries can unite nicely LOL. (PS I absolutely adore your lipstick, you're incredibly beautiful!)
Ирина Митракова
C Jessen
C Jessen 7 dagar sedan
I would just like to say that I have fallen asleep every night to this since it was posted and last night I dreamt about having to search for a magical kokoshnik and when I put it on in the dream I could actually feel the pearls at my brow….
Abigail Clemens
Abigail Clemens 7 dagar sedan
old maria fans remember the backdrop from the russian doll roleplay hehe
Martha Garcia
Martha Garcia 7 dagar sedan
Your Majesty...🙇‍♀️
A P Record
A P Record 7 dagar sedan
So beautiful😍
Свой Электрик
Это ужас какой-то.... приходится прислушиваться не понятно.. Что это?
Unicorn aka Lauren
Unicorn aka Lauren 7 dagar sedan
I kinda wish this was a series
Let's act like We have some sense
'Home Alone: The Russian Princess' 😱😸😹♥️💙💜💚💞
Bran Edey
Bran Edey 7 dagar sedan
Hello Tzarina Kata-uh, wait...
мать шипперов
я засыпаю под это видео четвертый день шедевр!! спасибо, Мария💌
Range Gleasry
Range Gleasry 7 dagar sedan
Maria : wear it like this, it makes you more beautiful (puts on a scarf) Me, a Muslim woman: thank you Maria 😭
Rianna Walker
Rianna Walker 2 dagar sedan
@Grace Haven as there should be😌
Grace Haven
Grace Haven 2 dagar sedan
Update: there are! 💜💙💜
Grace Haven
Grace Haven 2 dagar sedan
Awww I wonder if there are Muslim themed ASMR videos out there, I should look
obsessive person
obsessive person 7 dagar sedan
Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose from the dead just as he said he would, so that you might repent and be saved from going to hell!! God loves you! Ily too !💕
Katelyn Gallagher
Katelyn Gallagher 8 dagar sedan
The uptight dibble informally sin because forgery finallly breathe unlike a wealthy railway. marvelous, warlike cover
RB KB 8 dagar sedan
When the plane was flying overhead so she flows with it and says it's a dragon... That's my favorite part.
Fudge off Valentines
Fudge off Valentines 8 dagar sedan
This is funny
Сахор :р
Сахор :р 8 dagar sedan
as a russian, I really liked it! and at moments were you were talking on russian I thought you russian!! ;D
Michaela T.
Michaela T. 2 dagar sedan
She actually is Russian and grew up in Russia
Wafaa Naser
Wafaa Naser 8 dagar sedan
So many new asmrest but she's still in the front she's very unique and professional its very obvious how much effort she invests in her videos 🥰🥰🥰❤️
Zenzalei Zee
Zenzalei Zee 8 dagar sedan
Red hair? So we get to be WhispersRed as Tsaritsa? Oh, I am so in!
Kayla Lingard
Kayla Lingard 8 dagar sedan
I would love more Russian culture and or history videos this was great. As a Russian orthodox convert I enjoy learning about Russia culture with out being obsessive and weird about it thank you for the video . 🥰
Aaron Irvine
Aaron Irvine 8 dagar sedan
Awesome picture!!! Beautiful 🤩
SoberCompanion 8 dagar sedan
How beautiful is this???
Miroslava Zvaygintseva
Боже, "царица" звучит так мурашечно ;_;
Arrengern 8 dagar sedan
Ааа, как сложно думать на двкх языках
Dmitry 8 dagar sedan
Настоящая русская красавица! Очень красивый образ!
dace 8 dagar sedan
24:10 hmmm so can you use your kokoshnik as a boomerang if needed?
veryberry39 Dag sedan
I mean, if Sailor Moon can use her tiara as one, why not? :P
JeansforBeans 8 dagar sedan
Anna La Barbera
Anna La Barbera 8 dagar sedan
Masha princess of the heart ❤️😍👸👑
Klarisse Vaz
Klarisse Vaz 9 dagar sedan
Okay so where am I (tsaritza) from? I have luscious red hair and my country has coffee? Hmmmm
Simona Z
Simona Z 9 dagar sedan
Your 'turning into a matryoska' video from many years ago is still one of my faves, love this 'update' along the same lines! And the Russian accent is soooo tingly!
Encephelonify 9 dagar sedan
oh my god I thought that was Katya from the thumbnail, like some kind of pure Katya Zamolodchikova (talking like I haven't frequented this channel for five years)
Poetry Reading
Poetry Reading 9 dagar sedan
I feel pretty ❤ and sleepy
limelight elizabeth
limelight elizabeth 9 dagar sedan
maria : *makes me feel pretty* me at 10pm : what in the harry potter wizard magic is this??!?!
Masoxrista 9 dagar sedan
Maria's eyes. That's it. That's the comment.
Varvar Rus
Varvar Rus 9 dagar sedan
Очень красиво
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 9 dagar sedan
2:20 she said ‘red hair’ I said “and a hand me down robe! You must be a Weasley!!” 😂😩
Roblox Fan01
Roblox Fan01 9 dagar sedan
Was it just me or did some times she sounded like Gru from despicable me especially in the makeup part but I still loved it
Kaitie Clark
Kaitie Clark 9 dagar sedan
This is asmr video of the year right here! Maria, you are the absolute best. Loved this so much!!!
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