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Hi friend 🤗 Sending you all the warmest hugs. I'm grateful to have you here today!

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

PayPal (Donations, if you feel you need to give back) www.paypal.me/GentleWhispering
Email: MariaGentlewhispering@gmail.com

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3 maj 2021



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TingleCarer ASMR
TingleCarer ASMR Månad sedan
4:01 you're welcome
ILYAS SOHAYL 3 dagar sedan
ILYAS SOHAYL 3 dagar sedan
Dennis Johansen
Dennis Johansen 3 dagar sedan
I find that sound to be terribly off-putting. I guess this video is not for me.
Eva Dawn
Eva Dawn 4 dagar sedan
I love you lol
Ellie Kearsley
Ellie Kearsley 16 dagar sedan
@Gaming And Stuff it sounds nice
truckerbiz 12 timmar sedan
Thank you so much for this amazing vid ! After a rough week I really needed this.Your truly a blessing to so many including myself and always make my days better when I watch your vids.Keep up the amazing work ❤️❤️❤️
haru manami
haru manami 12 timmar sedan
María you are an angel 🥺🥺
Jenni Ortiz
Jenni Ortiz 22 timmar sedan
22:08 :)
Italynette 2 dagar sedan
I had a bit of a stressful conversation with a friend yesterday and it’s been consuming my mind for the last 12 hours so I turned to my favorite ASMR’ist. Everything you say in this video was SPOT ON with what I needed hear. I was able to fall asleep and rest my mind and refocus my thoughts to a better place. THANK YOU! 🙏💕🌺☺️
The Boglin Man
The Boglin Man 2 dagar sedan
The "ear massage" sounded like someone was peeling off my scalp with their fingernails 😣
zoe 2 dagar sedan
I hear your voice and all my problems melt away
Petal Passion
Petal Passion 3 dagar sedan
I really liked the soft music in the background, it added an extra layer of tingles for me!! I fell asleep 10 minutes in the first time so I'm back to watch again, we'll see how long I last before you help me sleep 😴 I LOVE YOU & Thank you for the hugs & all the beautiful words.
angelatido 3 dagar sedan
Are you SURE you’re not an Angel? You could have fooled me.
angelatido 3 dagar sedan
Thank you for being a friend. I hope to meet you some day. Thank you for such kind words as I do not hear them often. Or at all. I was feeling like I’ve messed up my life so much that it was to the point of no return until you said those words. May you get the love and blessings in life tenfold! I love you. Always remember that you have value.
sarah ford
sarah ford 3 dagar sedan
"Hi sweetheart, you're ok"....and cue the tears. She always knows.
Soham Rege
Soham Rege 4 dagar sedan
Hi Maria. ❤️
averii_i 4 dagar sedan
the motherly love I've been needing ❤
Amelia H
Amelia H 6 dagar sedan
i was on the verge of an anxiety attack and this actually calmed me down and made me feel so much better. thank u maria :))
Purple Fox Gaming
Purple Fox Gaming 6 dagar sedan
I dunno why but when asmrtists put there hands infront of the camera I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooo relaxed....
Emmapuppyprincess 6 dagar sedan
Ya know who’s great ASMR her
Guruprasad T S Rao
Guruprasad T S Rao 7 dagar sedan
Maria, you are a blessing from the Divine, to the world, you are my anchor whenever I sink into depression
Jordan Jenkins
Jordan Jenkins 7 dagar sedan
Thx thus REALLY helped me calm down and sleep
Lisa Grant ASMR
Lisa Grant ASMR 8 dagar sedan
Queen Asmr you 💙💙💙
Cj&Nicole 8 dagar sedan
Needed this so bad💔
Дарсик Дарсии
Звук массажа ушей отличный, а шепета было много
*ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴜꜱᴇʀɴᴀᴍᴇ*
Masha feels like the mother I thought I would get in real life. She really helped me stopped my panic attack and calm down. Thank you.
Joshua Szypniewski
Joshua Szypniewski 9 dagar sedan
Maria, in this video during 220-250 something triggered you. Just know that taking a step back, and taking time off is OKAY! You've worked your ass off! Make sure to heal it too lol!
Rafael Only
Rafael Only 9 dagar sedan
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Al Sua
Al Sua 9 dagar sedan
In an age when everything is given to us, food, clothing, shelter, I can't understand why people say they struggle with life. 200 years ago people struggled with life. Tribes in Africa struggle with life. All you who live in nice air conditioned homes who can afford a smart phone and a wifi plan really have no business complaining but should be thankful and give God thanks everyday for the breath of life and all amenities I just mentioned. This video is just a plus.
Genevieve Lee
Genevieve Lee 10 dagar sedan
Maria please do a meditation video! It will be awesome!
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana 10 dagar sedan
It is finals this week at school, and I am really feeling it today, I have been super tired and stressed the last few weeks, but this week is hitting hard, my head hurts so bad, I am lloosing my energy to study....So I really needed to relax today and this video is really helping me....❤
DarkWillUser 10 dagar sedan
You are THE one female ASMR artist that I watch, as I prefer the males (because I'm gay), but you are just that good at creating relaxing content! Love your work, Girl!
lothar eckstein
lothar eckstein 10 dagar sedan
ich streichele sanft deine blonden Haare und küsse dich zährtlich auf die Stirn.........
lothar eckstein
lothar eckstein 10 dagar sedan
es ist wie ein Nebel...der langsam meinen Körper durchzieht....
Yuliya Belous
Yuliya Belous 12 dagar sedan
Вообще другая здесь
Maximus X infinity
Maximus X infinity 12 dagar sedan
Brian BigBoss
Brian BigBoss 12 dagar sedan
I lost my mom to brain cancer last year. Your videos remind me of her and help me fill the void left by her absence. Thank you.
Cj&Nicole 13 dagar sedan
I needed this.. so bad 💔
Nathiely Soares Da Silva
Kevin Maupin
Kevin Maupin 13 dagar sedan
I’m deaf in one ear and have autism and I’m 19 and I been trouble sleeping and this kinda help me cause I can’t sleep without listening to something
Larissa Shaw
Larissa Shaw 13 dagar sedan
I feel like there should be a real life community of only Maria’s commenters. It would be the safest place in the world and the only place I’d want to be 💕
Muppets Mom
Muppets Mom 14 dagar sedan
You have such a beautiful soul
Sleeping Devil
Sleeping Devil 14 dagar sedan
Okay, when I listen to ASMR, its more for the tingles, and I was not feeling tired, but when I started this up, My head just became so damn heavy and my eyes were just hanging down, I never felt ASMR on this level
No other Like my own skin
Can you work on? American Sign Language or Japan Sign Language Fluently Speak with voice off Can they make Videos your channel about new contact? In next 6 week or early or July 2027. With CC option on or off in USA American English and or Japan Japanese.
Kayla Francis
Kayla Francis 14 dagar sedan
This kind of content is so good. So healing too 🤍
Lex Steg
Lex Steg 14 dagar sedan
Hard russian accent
Emma Martel
Emma Martel 15 dagar sedan
This video really saved me tonight! 🥺thank you Maria!
Lori Stewart
Lori Stewart 15 dagar sedan
I have come back to this video a few times. Love it!
i3lackskye 15 dagar sedan
I got tingle immune and had to take a long break, randomly clicked this and boom I'm back baby!
It’s me Emmalogicalxo
What a kind soul . You have a warm presence about you . Enjoying your Asmr videos . Haven’t had tingles for a while . But, this video brought them back !. I just thought of a random question lol....have you given yourself tingles before by watching one of your videos while you edit ? .
Wino Madman
Wino Madman 16 dagar sedan
This is one of your best videos loved it
euphoria ,
euphoria , 16 dagar sedan
Yo yo it's a new beginning❤
Butch Mandrake
Butch Mandrake 17 dagar sedan
She has to be the most nurturing person in the world.
General Jackson
General Jackson 17 dagar sedan
To the ‘s’ word fans- this is a good one !
Isabella Bonura
Isabella Bonura 17 dagar sedan
plz share the music link!
Элайния Эстель
Наверное так же кайфуют котики, которым чешут за ушками)) Как же это чудесно! Огромное спасибо!
Just a bit of Junkie
Just a bit of Junkie 19 dagar sedan
I have drugs if you need them. Let me know.
Campin_Sasquatch 19 dagar sedan
Guys, I just had a crazy idea for a video. I don't know if any of you have seen Shadow and Bone.. but I was wondering if anyone the thought of a Genya role play? 🤔
peanut butter
peanut butter 19 dagar sedan
If anyone of you have watched descent movie then you can definitely recognize the background music... Not actually that music but much like that!
Queen Of Sarcasm
Queen Of Sarcasm 19 dagar sedan
Thank you have a great year you are such a beautiful soul
SaltBoat 19 dagar sedan
That username makes me think that you think otherwise
Nefosky ASMR
Nefosky ASMR 20 dagar sedan
Wow, these deep sounds were so relaxing and your whispers on top, just perfect!
Юлия Левченко
Это что-то невероятное
Kira Kholod
Kira Kholod 20 dagar sedan
Вы похожи на Розэ из группы BLACKPINK!!!❤️
SaltBoat 19 dagar sedan
Blackpink is trash and so are you for spamming this on videos
Butter Bay Biscuits
Butter Bay Biscuits 20 dagar sedan
ill stop the world and melt with you
Kylee Hubbard
Kylee Hubbard 21 dag sedan
Epic Gamer314
Epic Gamer314 21 dag sedan
This was so relaxing, I dropped my phone on my face while falling asleep
Hoejmarksgaardens Dirch
Im not fan of the Sound when you massage the ears. Its too sticky. ☹️
Derthlaf Tobias
Derthlaf Tobias 22 dagar sedan
Your understanding of feelings like anxiety is very helpful for me, thank you
cookie 22 dagar sedan
I used to watch your videos when I was younger, probably 4 to 5 years ago, and you were my favorite asmr channel. At the time, you were also the most popular channel. Now I'm in highschool and I was curious, so I came back here and your videos are still great! Especially the quality, the ear massage feels real.
SaltBoat 19 dagar sedan
But you cant feel it
Imra Cora
Imra Cora 22 dagar sedan
so relaxing
Аяна Цыденова
Ты же русская была чо такое
Luri Olete
Luri Olete 23 dagar sedan
The best ASMR video, of all SElosk.
Curtis Hill
Curtis Hill 23 dagar sedan
What you meant to say is now that im North AMERICA way I can literally eat the things I could only dream about in russia. Sound right?
SaltBoat 19 dagar sedan
No, in no way does this "sound right" what you just said makes literally no sense please elaborate
Curtis Hill
Curtis Hill 23 dagar sedan
Shes learned how to really talk like us😂😂
Alyssa smith
Alyssa smith 23 dagar sedan
Me with one AirPod in
Ana Isabel Córdoba Granados
You have a big heart, my beautiful Maria.
charlie donaldson
charlie donaldson 23 dagar sedan
22:04 was heavenly 😍
Alexandra S
Alexandra S 24 dagar sedan
The misty persian peripherally rob because net thirdly slow except a glossy hippopotamus. entertaining, immense crocodile
SaltBoat 19 dagar sedan
Are you having a fever dream?
Ella Beaumont-Fay
Ella Beaumont-Fay 24 dagar sedan
Your eyes are so beautiful!!
Tiny Spooks
Tiny Spooks 24 dagar sedan
Oh wow I did not expect to cry from the beginning part, thank you. You have such a nurturing, genuine, kind soul. Thank you for making thousands of us feel even just the tiniest better, even just for a moment. I hope you receive all the love you give. 💕😭
robbie hengartner
robbie hengartner 24 dagar sedan
It's going to be probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard I I am 8 years old I've been watching you since I was 5 years old I like how your hair is I won't mind like that but I like my hair short how I like me
Michael JJ
Michael JJ 24 dagar sedan
Hey nice ASMR
Irony 1284
Irony 1284 24 dagar sedan
Mended Heart ASMR
Mended Heart ASMR 24 dagar sedan
"Hi sweetheart, you're ok. Honey, you are so good." Gets me every time. Thank you Maria. 🖤
ILYAS SOHAYL 24 dagar sedan
Sara Rueda
Sara Rueda 24 dagar sedan
Me encanta esta chica. Es simplemente genial 🥰 when she said ✨HEY SWEET HEART 💖💖💖
Питер Питер
Питер Питер 24 dagar sedan
Ачем она шепчет прям бесит
Its Dee
Its Dee 24 dagar sedan
i love this black/dark theme it soothes my eyes and your words soothes my heart 💕💪
Ainsley Harriott
Ainsley Harriott 25 dagar sedan
My god, this must be what it’s like for someone to love you 😂 Can anyone confirm?
JayLyn 21 dag sedan
You have me questioning everything 🤣
MrVestek Productions
MrVestek Productions 25 dagar sedan
These soft words of affirmation really help me to get through my days some times. Thank you so much! I can feel the love through the screen. It's nice that you really seem to care about your audience.
MikeyDLuffy 25 dagar sedan
Sounds like a mind meld was going to be initiated lol
Dan Lakin Jr
Dan Lakin Jr 25 dagar sedan
I absolutely love your videos! I love how you carry your self!! God bless you and your family!!!
Anny Bad
Anny Bad 25 dagar sedan
Это нечто👍👍👍и музыка завораживает🥰🥰🥰
AlexaCookie 25 dagar sedan
Hannah Neal
Hannah Neal 25 dagar sedan
I'm actually crying, Maria is more of a mother to me than my actual biological mother. The way she says "sweetheart" makes me melt. What I would give to be her daughter.
Tentōchū 24 dagar sedan
Where’s my, And whispering against your ears send a chill up your left side or spine? (Btw, I get tingles on my left side but not my right.)
lavesha 25 dagar sedan
I'm officially in love 💕😍
Tolik Hab
Tolik Hab 25 dagar sedan
Познавать мир АСМР видео, я стал через Ваши ролики, много лет назад. Спасибо, за заботу о нас 😇🥰
Stephanie MaOs
Stephanie MaOs 25 dagar sedan
The first 4 minutes are the best really
Stephanie MaOs
Stephanie MaOs 25 dagar sedan
Just what I needed thank you Maria 🥰
iPetrine 25 dagar sedan
You whispering positive affirmations from ear to ear, with the gentle music in the background, is so relaxing and soothing. Please make a whole video like this!
Shachar DL
Shachar DL 25 dagar sedan
I started a new job 2 weeks ago + the security situation in my country got much worse starting this week (there're riots, violence and even lynches in different cities and rockets shooting, while our goverment is not even completely established for the past 2 years after 4 elections). I'm stressed, worried and unsure of what's going to happen. Thank you Maria for your video, much needed right now. Hope for peace and quiet for everyone!
Shachar DL
Shachar DL 24 dagar sedan
@MonkeyKingZach Thank you so much!
MonkeyKingZach 25 dagar sedan
I'm terribly sorry that your area is so unsafe and it may feel like everything is in an uncertain state... Humanity has always gone through its problems, on individual level, but no matter what we have all learned how to overcome and persevere through each issue. Hang in there, you have the entire community with you sharing your burdens!
PinkLadySF 25 dagar sedan
Black screen. Just relax! .
Cosplay Kitchen
Cosplay Kitchen 25 dagar sedan
Have you ever thought about doing a video where you are teaching about customer service? Role play that you are a consultant to a salon/milliner/spa/tailer?
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