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Hello :) welcome to our Bookkeeping agency. I'd like to get some of your information first and then sort, file and make record of your receipts (starting 15:32 ). ♥
For a full video on receipts sorting please check out ASMRsense selosk.info/name/DYw...
Thank you so much for stopping by my channel, I love paper, stamp and other office sounds so we made this collab with my sister for those who enjoy these too :)

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

PayPal (Donations, if you feel you need to give back) www.paypal.me/GentleWhispering
Email: MariaGentlewhispering@gmail.com

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19 apr 2021



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Gentle Whispering ASMR
Hello :) welcome to our Bookkeeping agency. I'd like to get some of your information first and then sort, file and make record of your receipts (starting 15:32). ♥ For a full video on receipts sorting please check out ASMRsense selosk.info/name/DYwm5Vr1znuOkZLSsnqb2A Thank you so much for stopping by my channel, I love paper, stamp and other office sounds so we made this collab with my sister for those who enjoy these too :)
Alecsi Misheck
Alecsi Misheck Månad sedan
okay but can we talk about the pen in the first half... does anyone know what kind it is???
Michael Blake
Michael Blake Månad sedan
Maria no matter what you do, you are always classy, creative, and sweet. You are the epitome of asmr to me and the O.G. of the asmr community. Thank you for your wonderful work and God bless you.
Dídí Månad sedan
@Greg Sayles No, the channel's name is ASMRsense. I believe Maria started it a long time ago as an outlet for more lo-fi videos but now her sister has taken over. But it's true, one could believe Bluewhisper and Maria were related!
Артёма 4667Михоня
Мечтаю это видео на русском
Greg Sayles
Greg Sayles Månad sedan
@Dídí Is her sister someone I stumbled upon recently under the title of "Bluewhisper" ??--I thought it might be, as they look & sound so similar!--Thank's, if you find the time to reply...
Asmrshop 18 timmar sedan
Плохо стали асмр снимать.
Maria Falcão
Maria Falcão 23 timmar sedan
When I start to play many asmr videos and none make me tingles anymore, even Maria's, and I think I'm broken 🥺🆘
Dronich2008 Dag sedan
Чеки из пятёрочки?))
lizabiz17 3 dagar sedan
I’ve watched this every night this past week it’s so calming and helps me sleep thank you! Please make more like this!
Naのshi Tanoshi
Naのshi Tanoshi 6 dagar sedan
paper sounds are my favorite trigger since childhood 😍
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 9 dagar sedan
This video makes me want to be a book-keeper now...
Rob Corbett
Rob Corbett 9 dagar sedan
Ahhhhhhhhh relaxed in seconds, I really like these appointment type videos.... Loving the close up camera work on this too.
Nancy Lake
Nancy Lake 11 dagar sedan
love this one. one of my new favorites. It is a sound fest of crinkles and I get tingles.
ie may
ie may 12 dagar sedan
Так, руки больше крупным планом не показывай. Без обид. Совсем не музыкальные пальцы то.
weelindsit 13 dagar sedan
I feel like Maria would succeed in any career with customer service. She's always so warm and welcoming. 😊
deegadams 18 dagar sedan
All my favorite sounds!!! Love this!! 💞😍
Blazin Smokes
Blazin Smokes 18 dagar sedan
Cara Schmidt
Cara Schmidt 20 dagar sedan
Maria! You’re a goddess! And also, I need that pen!
Dan Trix
Dan Trix 20 dagar sedan
Your videos are awesome don’t stop doing what your doing love you 💙
qtts _gigi
qtts _gigi 21 dag sedan
Her: types softly and gracefully Me: *aggressively and fast as hell*
Rocky McGatha
Rocky McGatha 24 dagar sedan
Maria, you are on a whole COMPLETELY different level than the rest! 🤤😴
Иван Уткин
Иван Уткин 24 dagar sedan
Очень давно слежу за Вашим каналом(когда шёпот не был АСМР) и не перестаю удивляться! Вы молодец! Очень меняетесь в лучшую сторону! Преображаетесь! Мария, Вы молодец) Продолжайте в том же духе!
seigne 26 dagar sedan
Will Sola
Will Sola 26 dagar sedan
Videos like these really help me get through lonely nights in my apartment. I lost my mum 2 years ago and my girlfriend lives 11,000km away. Thank you for bringing my mind peace Maria.
Angelica Harms
Angelica Harms 26 dagar sedan
Maria coming in hot with my top triggers! 🥰 The more crinkly pages, writing, and typing you do, the better. Thank you! 💗
Vanessa Vrs
Vanessa Vrs 27 dagar sedan
Sans être impolie on dirait que tu as perdu du poids
Aleksandr G
Aleksandr G 27 dagar sedan
Рад ,что снова в деле))))))
Gillian Sanderson
Gillian Sanderson 28 dagar sedan
Been watching your videos from the very beginning... Still love watching the cards videos and the Dominican video. Adore the soft voice but clear and conscise. Not keen on keyboard and scratchy pen noises ( sorry folks) yet have to state you are at the very best of your game , no one yet beats gentlewhispering ! Thank you, appreciated
GGRY DESIGN - Animated Explainer Videos
Welcome to another episode, of Stu's reviews
RoseQuartz ASMR
RoseQuartz ASMR 29 dagar sedan
Thank you, Maria 😍
Phoebe Rebecca
Phoebe Rebecca Månad sedan
My personal life has been a bit rubbish recently and having these lovely videos to relax to and help me sleep has been a god send. Thank you Maria
Polkadotty Månad sedan
((😌)) ✨Perfect✨
Olga Jackson
Olga Jackson Månad sedan
So engrossed in this video, I dropped my phone 😂
Niels Holst
Niels Holst Månad sedan
Sum_slav.mp4 Månad sedan
Haze Månad sedan
FirstTime ISawJupiter
You always look so put together with every outfit. So classy
Cyd Qadash
Cyd Qadash Månad sedan
Do a pharmacy RP! Where you take bottles of pills and count out the prescriptions! I think this would sound amazing!! 💊 💊 🏥
Shelby Simington
Shelby Simington Månad sedan
Ooh that’s a great idea!
Cyndi King
Cyndi King Månad sedan
You should really stop putting me to sleep like this
GrSerg Månad sedan
чеки из пятерочки и ленты ))
Leeanne Bro
Leeanne Bro Månad sedan
I can’t watch this video because I work in this field and I’m triggered.
Part-time Sleeper
Part-time Sleeper Månad sedan
I love to listen to this while I work in my quiet and cool office
Multiverse Chronicles
Like a wonderfully choreographed ballet, every move you make is full of intention, patience, and class. I love it
Tech10K! Månad sedan
Did anyone else just answer 'Uh uh' to everything, while nodding with a vacant stare?.. or was it just me?
00juls00 Månad sedan
The keeper joke in the beginning gets me every time. 😂
dandere loser
dandere loser Månad sedan
okay so ive taken a few months to stop watching asmr and resetting my tingle immunity, and the moment the video started i was getting delightful tingles in my scalp. marias videos never disappoint and, in my humble onion, surpass the majority of asmr videos on youtube. keep it up, and take breaks when you need them! you work so hard for us, so play hard too!
CatalysT Månad sedan
Thanks Maria🙂
albaker026 Månad sedan
I am convinced that 400k of the total view count is just me keeping this on loop while I work throughout the day. Thank you Maria and Olga for a PERFECT video with all my #1 triggers
dejcr03 Månad sedan
Da way she says taxes. MMMMMMMMM!
victoria ts
victoria ts Månad sedan
Маша, не трогай ты эти чеки! Они же вредные, там краска опасная
Multiverse Chronicles
You are truly the queen of tingles!
Helium Valentine
Helium Valentine Månad sedan
Is Maria going fully natural with her hair? Her last few vids she has been less blonde tastes ever been in her previous buds.
Stacey Farr
Stacey Farr Månad sedan
The thought has just occurred me to that perhaps Maria gets the inspiration for these role plays from real life. Like when she did the kitchen refurb, maybe she just had her own kitchen done. And maybe she’s just got herself a new book keeper!
Andree Taski
Andree Taski Månad sedan
More page turning video please. By the way your page turning are best of the best. Nothing put me to sleep so easy like your page turning videos
rahim Bashir
rahim Bashir Månad sedan
A C Månad sedan
I’ve been watching your videos since i was a sophomore in high school and I’m now married with kids and i still watch and get that same feeling before bed 🥰
Stuff&Things Månad sedan
It think I've totally fallen in love with Maria ❤️. She makes me as content as a baby.
Pamela Brown
Pamela Brown Månad sedan
She is better then the hollyweird actresses out there...
00juls00 Månad sedan
I just realized, 6 mins in, that I’ve never gotten this far before falling asleep. haha
Kiri Lmax
Kiri Lmax Månad sedan
Бумага мой любимый звук!
Lucas Prokopio
Lucas Prokopio Månad sedan
06:54 Her sign was ASMR :3 ❤
myyoga8spa Månad sedan
Great video as always 🥰 May I ask what kind of pen is that I love the tip 👍🏻
Lola Tubbins
Lola Tubbins Månad sedan
Maria: Hello, you're here for your Book keeping service appointment? Me: Nah, just chillin with my cat. maria: You're looking for a new one? Me: You tryna steal my cat? Maria: I would like to be your keeper ~*winks*~ Me: LADY, I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE-
Kara Jayne
Kara Jayne Månad sedan
This is heavennnnnn, you and your sister are so gooooood!
Keto Auntie
Keto Auntie Månad sedan
One has to wonder if some of these ASMR channels have a warehouse aft e son many years of recording/producing to store all their props for videos?? 😉
Jennifer Jackson
Jennifer Jackson Månad sedan
Just noticed your fingernails are different colors from the beginning to the end💅🏻Idk why I assumed you filmed your videos in one session. Love your channel!
Lynsey - Diane
Lynsey - Diane 25 dagar sedan
That is because the second half of the video is a section filmed and made by Maria’s sister. This video is a collaboration 😊
izzybeth Månad sedan
am I the only one wondering how many friends Maria had to ask "can I have all your CVS receipts? it's for a thing."
Thomas Pike
Thomas Pike Månad sedan
Making tax digital
_ OVERDOSE Månad sedan
I read the title fell asleep while studying then woke up 3 days after the test
Gwen R
Gwen R Månad sedan
the parts of your videos where you're talking at the beginning, telling us what you'er going to be doing during the session/video, always gives me the msot tingles. i don't know why. those are the parts I waatch over and over, i lvoe them so very much. i wish they were longer haha
SonicWafflez Månad sedan
3-4 years ago i was really into asmr and was always looking for something like this, just sorting papers and shuffling things about. there were only a handful of videos and usually only small sections of things. I stopped watching asmr for a while after getting some immunity. Recently started watching again and I come across this! THIS is the video I was looking for years ago. Brilliant work Maria as always!
Jones Månad sedan
Beautiful video❤️......Well done💯
Brandon Tinko
Brandon Tinko Månad sedan
THIS IS SO RELATABLE 🤣🤣🤣 I remember that last time I went into the library I got fuced by a cockroach smoking a meth pipe!!!!!!!
Gen Eric
Gen Eric Månad sedan
Do you offer bookkeeping with benefits?
Meadow Richards
Meadow Richards Månad sedan
Green screens: *exist* Maria: *no❤️*
Ko Blake
Ko Blake Månad sedan
That smile pulls me right in everytime
Aden davis
Aden davis Månad sedan
Kate von Lackum
Kate von Lackum Månad sedan
Maria, what is that pen you are using please?
Ryan T
Ryan T Månad sedan
I have my doubts about how extensive her accountancy qualifications are
sunelven Månad sedan
I wish all customer support, banks, authorities would have a customer reception like yours. People would be so much happier and they would look forward to visit the tax office :D
Patricia O'Neill
Patricia O'Neill Månad sedan
Very relaxing 😌 thank you for sharing 💜
Abbey lentz
Abbey lentz Månad sedan
Am I the only one who is increasing curious on what is on the books and papers
Kar3c -
Kar3c - Månad sedan
ASMR Relaxation Soothing sounds
This is so beautiful and nice .....☺️ !!!! this is really out standing sharing ...... ❤️❤️ I really appreciate your hard work my cute friend.... 🥰💗 may God bless you with lots of love and happiness you deserve millions of subscriber 💖 according to me you are the best youtuber ...... ❣️❣️ Stay safe 💕 Stay connected 💜
Ian Millar
Ian Millar Månad sedan
Hi Maria. Hope your well. Ian from Scotland
EmeraldSammy Månad sedan
This video is an addiction. Wonderful!
Kalis Candles
Kalis Candles Månad sedan
I remember the library video you done before I still love it! The one with the red blouse
dad comeback
dad comeback Månad sedan
I hope shes seen the meme someone made of her and xqc
ASMR Dream
ASMR Dream Månad sedan
Love this👌
Brad Hinton
Brad Hinton Månad sedan
Not one to rest on her laurels, Maria pushes the game forward. This is great. This is next level.
Анастасія Шевченко
It could be a commercial for the ring - the shots with it are so beautiful! )
Jamie Månad sedan
I dont like cats
L S Månad sedan
All this does is put me to sleep, dreaming about getting my nails done😂😂😂
L S Månad sedan
All this does is put me to sleep, dreaming about getting my nails done😂😂😂
L S Månad sedan
All this does is put me to sleep, dreaming about getting my nails done😂😂😂
NeraskaPrepper70 Månad sedan
Who knew but wow massive tingles and very relaxing, thank you!!
StYoan Månad sedan
"Listen while study", more like "sleep while study"
Yashka boy
Yashka boy Månad sedan
Она же русская
Pe Ce
Pe Ce Månad sedan
God!! that paper and pen was intense!!
Jonas Volitsa
Jonas Volitsa Månad sedan
So Malicia IS making ASMR now ? Cool...
Jane Grin
Jane Grin Månad sedan
Маша, только ваши видео мурашки нереально, мурашки будто внутри головы и по всему телу 🤤
LunaIsHere Månad sedan
I remember seeing a comment requesting this in a previous video and you liked it! So glad you ended up going with the theme 🤩
Ангелина Бондарь
Почему видео стали на английском?(
The Freedman
The Freedman Månad sedan
Oh my gosh all the book sounds. They knocked me out last night
lissejeanne Månad sedan
Maria, I love all your videos, but your office roleplays might be my favorite! I play them on a loop while I'm working and they blend in perfectly with my tasks. I feel relaxed but not sleepy. I enjoy this collaboration with your sister's channel! I've had this video of hers on repeat, as well. : ) The perfect work accompaniment! Thank you!!
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