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Good evening :) today we'll go over some time proven design ideas and techniques.
00:00 Things that make home more luxurious and timeless
19:08 Magazine flip to find inspirations for you and me
PS: So I have been obsessed with home design for months now and while I'm not experienced in it I have recognized what makes up a good design and wanted to share it with you :) I hope to start implementing these things into my home as well. ♥ Thank you for watching.

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

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5 apr 2021



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Gentle Whispering ASMR
Gentle Whispering ASMR 2 månader sedan
Good evening :) today we'll go over some time proven design ideas and techniques. 00:00 Things that make home more luxurious and timeless 19:08 Magazine flip to find inspirations for you and me PS: So I have been obsessed with home design for months now and while I'm not experienced in it I have recognized what makes up a good design and wanted to share it with you :) I hope to start implementing these things into my home as well. ♥ Thank you for watching.
sunnysim 2 dagar sedan
Try Sustainable, ethical.
Samantha Jones
Samantha Jones 20 dagar sedan
I like
Kelly Månad sedan
You look great I haven't seen you in a while. What's your diet or do you exercise?
Pollyanna Forever
Pollyanna Forever Månad sedan
You are a natural page turner!!! More more more.,,,please’
Totti Totti
Totti Totti 2 månader sedan
K Helo Ello @ i have great Siggplease Dient
TAO O Dag sedan
Love this video Maria 💕
Ursula Paleczek
Ursula Paleczek 2 dagar sedan
OMG unbelievable tingles! Thank you so much. I will be viewing this video again and again.
Blugold Alum
Blugold Alum 3 dagar sedan
I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t reacting to your videos like I used to but I think I have figured out that it is because you are not whispering like you used to. You are low talking but not whispering. I hope you will go back to only whispering.
Bea Lily
Bea Lily 4 dagar sedan
I am loving your dark roots coming through! You look so elegant 💋
Donkey Dan
Donkey Dan 5 dagar sedan
My favorite female ASMRtist!
Dinkus McGee
Dinkus McGee 10 dagar sedan
This is my absolute new favourite video! Please do more, it is so relaxing! especially near the end when you are flipping through magazines...melted. it would be cool if you would consider doing a similar video with tips and tricks for small spaces. 😬. Peace.
Jan Jan
Jan Jan 14 dagar sedan
?:。乙0 :? @
Jonny French
Jonny French 14 dagar sedan
K W 16 dagar sedan
I love your home design videos 😍 😴 ☺. I like to pick up tips from you and they're soo relaxing!
rachel smyth
rachel smyth 16 dagar sedan
maria I absolutely ADORE all your design roleplays. more more more!!
Arteona Oliver
Arteona Oliver 18 dagar sedan
Okay buh she looks like a whole goddess in this video✨✨
Joyful Noise
Joyful Noise 19 dagar sedan
After watching your recent trafficking video, I, like many others find your normal voice just as soothig, if not more soothing than the whisper. I am wondering if you could do more normal toned voice ASMR videos; not loud but, higher than a whisper? Either way, all your videos are fantastic Maria!
Виктор Горбань
Your voice makes me smile. Magic
Natalie Runnerstrom
Natalie Runnerstrom 23 dagar sedan
There’s no way to make this not sound weird, but she has the most beautiful hands! she can pull off literally any ring and I’m v jealous over here with my stubby ass fingers
Caitlin Moore
Caitlin Moore 24 dagar sedan
Not only has your video allowed me to go for a shower without my 6 week old daughter having a crisis but she's actually fallen asleep! Feel free to move in with us any time 😂😍
user name
user name 25 dagar sedan
Would love if you did this with a new magazine edition each month :)
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 29 dagar sedan
this is my favorite series of yours ❤️❤️ always so relaxing!
M black
M black Månad sedan
Sonny Dash
Sonny Dash Månad sedan
This wonderful woman calmed me through two open heart surgery's. During my last recovery in the hospital i couldn't only sleep for 5 to 15 minutes at a time by day 2 i was begging for someone to bring me headphones. And good friend came through dropped them off hours later, And once every one left and i was in my room alone and scared in in tremendous pain i came right to her channel And moment i heard Maria's voice i teared up, smiling, i felt so comfortable and safe?!?. Slept nearly 4hrs that night! Thank you Maria. BTW You also are a extremely talented actress and writer on top of your unique gift. Your wide variety of videos are proof of that and i hope you doing well mentally, physically and financially : ) .
ReesieRoo1 Månad sedan
This is fantastic!
Fill Freire
Fill Freire Månad sedan
she is still the queen
laya clark
laya clark Månad sedan
I love the content of this! And as always relaxing too!
Bo Månad sedan
window eyebrows |l~._.~l|
outerspace 707
outerspace 707 Månad sedan
This has got to be top 3 favorite you’ve ever done I’ve watched it so many times 😂😴😴😴💕💕💕
maya titus
maya titus Månad sedan
the “hello” gets me everytime.
Angie Reeves
Angie Reeves Månad sedan
Never gets old. You are a ⭐ Maria! Just thank you! 🤤
Tiffany Månad sedan
lol It makes me shudder. So strange.
aicha khorchani
aicha khorchani Månad sedan
You girl do a lot of work your vedios are so informative and u seem u did a lot of researchs before the vedio and that ur cultivated a lot u really teach me a lot of things
Hannah Rickelman
Hannah Rickelman Månad sedan
How is she so prettyyyyyyyy
debbie G
debbie G Månad sedan
I love this look on you - the hair and earrings - kind of edgy!
Lucy Bell
Lucy Bell Månad sedan
Who else has watched this dozens of times? I even let in play in my car on my way home after stressful days at work.
Lucy Bell
Lucy Bell Månad sedan
@Delia M same! I was listening to it on the way home from work the other day and I knew the exact pics she was holding up and exactly when she was about to fix her light😂
Delia M
Delia M Månad sedan
same, I have been watching the first part of the video so many times, I might know the script by heart xD
S P Månad sedan
I looove your magazine flipping videos! Please don't stop making them ever!
Roxanne Estrada
Roxanne Estrada Månad sedan
Your voice is so soothing! I love your videos!
Dana Voll
Dana Voll Månad sedan
As an art and design student, the amount of times I’ve watched this is crazy
TheCarrotMaster :D
TheCarrotMaster :D Månad sedan
16 OctoberNights
16 OctoberNights Månad sedan
I realize you, Maria, are very busy. Thank you for still uploading content. I specifically remember one night when I was 12-13yrs old. (I turn 22 in a few days) I was experiencing the beginning of one of my dreaded migraines. ASMR wasn’t really a thing yet. Praying for something to relax me while migraine kicked in, I typed in “relaxing soft talking” and while I don’t remember the exact title, I came across your channel. It was a bowl with rocks and water in it. I always think of you fondly, as ASMR has been an experience in everyday life, but growing up with chronic migraines, you were the savior to relax me to sleep and forget the pain . (I suffered a severe condition at birth; IVH. Intraventricular hemorrhage) and I just want to say thank you. Although you don’t know me, it feels like you grew up beside me. If you ever see this.. I’m about to graduate college. Helping people, just like you, but not literally. (Healthcare) I aspire to be just as calming, loving, graceful, and so well put together as a woman; as you are. I look up you for your strength and determination ❤️ You have helped me though emotional turmoil, college, and so much more. I wish you nothing but love, light, positivity, and the best the world can offer. I know your job isn’t easy, but it’s made all the difference to me. Forever grateful for you. ❤️
Josh Yarden
Josh Yarden Månad sedan
Solanum Månad sedan
I love your videos, but I kinda always feel judged when I watch your videos. You’re just so elegant and classy, maybe that’s why...
Erica Le
Erica Le Månad sedan
Maria you're glowing!
Gluko Peponi
Gluko Peponi Månad sedan
This was so interesting!!! I felt like i learned so much😍
Leslie G R
Leslie G R Månad sedan
Where did you get that magazine? I love it
Gina Lynn
Gina Lynn Månad sedan
Loved this!
Michael Kensinger
Michael Kensinger Månad sedan
Once again, these interior design videos by Maria remain among my all time favorite ASMR videos (and i've been listening to ASMR since 2012). I always come back to them for the ultimate relaxation...and i learn things about home decor and design.
miss setareh shajiei
Maria thank you so much for your softly pronunciation letter "s".
Alison H
Alison H Månad sedan
You look really great in this video.
Lau Velou
Lau Velou Månad sedan
You’re stunning 😍 this hairstyle, those earrings, your eyes... so pretty 🥰✨
atticstattic Månad sedan
ssssh - the movie star came over to visit, again....
S S Månad sedan
Love your candle holder Maria
Светлана Månad sedan
Светлана Månad sedan
iPandaliciouz Månad sedan
She looks kind of looks like the actress who plays Meredith Blake in Parent trap. Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful.
Nadia Graham
Nadia Graham Månad sedan
You should make a video on Feng Shui!!! You would rock that and we’d love to see it 🤩
Mara G
Mara G Månad sedan
Just here to say I have watched this like 10 times
Samantha Comer
Samantha Comer Månad sedan
Those earrings are effing fabulous 🤘❤🥰🥺
K_Something Månad sedan
The upkeep on natural material is the most expensive and major hassle- it is for sure NOT easier. It is only a good idea to use natual material in a home if you plan to go by a " look but don't touch" motto. It is so impractical if you actually plan to live in your home.
Juana Moonback
Juana Moonback Månad sedan
@K_Something I disagree. We very much live in our home and have hardwood floors throughout, solid wood furniture... Plus a small kid and two dogs! Upkeep is not taxing in the slightest. Wood has come a long way in the last few years and needs very minimal upkeep, if any.
K_Something Månad sedan
@Emmy Moo anything natural...? I.E countertops, table tops, desks, flooring etc
Emmy Moo
Emmy Moo Månad sedan
For example?
Maggie M.
Maggie M. Månad sedan
Maria, would you ever consider doing a roleplay video similar to this one, either as a wedding planner, or possibly a wedding gown consultant? The magazine flipping is wonderful and so tingly, and I’d love to hear your design tips for venues and such, and I love your prom dress fitting video so I know you’d be incredible at discussing flattering fits and details on wedding dresses!
MissMarisa7Beauty Månad sedan
Maria you are welcome in my home ANYTIME
Chris Carter
Chris Carter Månad sedan
Loved this! Thanks for always being so classy and put together. It inspires me to spend a little more time on my own appearance and it's honestly good for my self-esteem.
JAG Månad sedan
I moving to Russia! She has convinced me
Seachelles 7
Seachelles 7 Månad sedan
I would love if you did another magazine flip of the Home & Gardens as well ❤️
Clare Flanagan
Clare Flanagan Månad sedan
12:08 me when I get s something wrong in math
camper camper
camper camper Månad sedan
So Shit!!!
Emmy Moo
Emmy Moo Månad sedan
Just like your social skills.
So, I find myself wanting to write this. The reason why this Woman, is the best ASMR person of all time, is she's better than everyone else. But, she has never made it about sex. She doesnt have some private bullshit, which its all about sex. And the people who make it about sex, make the ASMR movement something it isnt. I recently started really getting into another ASMR persons videos, only to find out, they have a full on soft core porn side to it, and im like urrggghhh really? why? to earn a buck? have some more about you than, getting your ass out.. It devalues ASMR in my view. So big up Maria.
Megan Miller
Megan Miller Månad sedan
I love your voice. The tone accent every thing.
Irkajavasdream Månad sedan
Best intentions for you Maira, only but there isn't really a technique used to design interiors. Also using expensive and high end can be an bummer to those who don't want just an "expensive look" in general when you give advice. More important is attractive not expensive or high end looking. I love you and I mean no harm just trying to help you stay more relevant or of the moment. Think creativity rather than trying to look like you are "expensive." You say that word or high end in many videos. Not like you are not just fine I swear I am just trying to help.
Juana Moonback
Juana Moonback Månad sedan
She doesn't need your help, and her name is 'Maria'.
ChilledGameZone Månad sedan
She looked like my mum then about 2 seconds of a feature
Ekaterina Nikiforova
it's the "situation" for me
Simple5005 ASMR
Simple5005 ASMR Månad sedan
Great video. By the way, anybody know what camera and lens she used to shoot this video? Video quality looks very good.
La Bulle Bleue
La Bulle Bleue Månad sedan
I won't criticize Maria. Also I'm been a interior design for over a decade and that's typically the designers I despite trying to sell a lifestyle of "fake" luxury and richness which is all about pretending something people can't afford. That's not what design is
Emmy Moo
Emmy Moo Månad sedan
The houses and interiors featured in these magazines sell an ideal. Surely if you’ve been in interior design this long you’ll be aware of that.
Angie Reeves
Angie Reeves Månad sedan
Your voice is so soothing 👌😌😴
Иосиф Сталин
I thought she was American and she was Russian!
Grace Crabtree
Grace Crabtree Månad sedan
I thought she said “pieces of fart” at 25:43 I had to replay it 😂
Georgie Prince
Georgie Prince Månad sedan
These are my favourite type of videos ☺️
Maricela Valencia
Maricela Valencia Månad sedan
I hope you never stop making asmr videos.
Sandy Hippe
Sandy Hippe Månad sedan
How do 327 people DISLIKE this video?? Soft spoken Maria is the best 😍
Егор Китов
Егор Китов Månad sedan
Шуршание листочков. Сделайте что-то похожее на русском, please.
Оксана Колесник
ну да человеку всегда всего мало. Вы такая нервная и очень многого сейчас желаете. Луче не снимайте АСМР видео в таком жадном состоянии. Надеюсь это толко я вижу и чувствую как Вы изменились.... Надеюсь всех остальных Ваше АСМР видео.....
Оксана Колесник
Вы ЮТУб ЗВИРКА мирового значения, не думаю что Вас могут воспринимать как-то по другому, но ваша воля и ваши желания не имеют границ!
Оксана Колесник
Такое ощущение , что вы на работу устраиваетесь и весь этот показ как вашь просмотр для новой работы. Желаю Вам удачи!!!
Оксана Колесник
Такое ощющение , что вы просто тренинг проводите для себя, посмотреть какая реакциея) Ну ОЧЕНЬ ГРОМКО!!! ЭТО НЕ АСМР!
Оксана Колесник
Ну ОЧЕНЬ громко .как для АСМР )))
Zephyr Whispers ASMR
Zephyr Whispers ASMR 2 månader sedan
Maria 😭perfect video xxx
Joria James
Joria James 2 månader sedan
I love this video!
Louise 2 månader sedan
Love the outfit! Maria this is your best look so far.
Karina B.
Karina B. 2 månader sedan
Oh Maria, it’s almost 5 am and I was on the verge of having a panic attack - I get them out of the blue at times - and this calmed me right down. Thank you so much.
bullcrapptv 2 månader sedan
I've been subbed forever, but haven't been around in a long long time. Looks like *someone* has been working out and eating very well. 🍎🍓🍅🥦🥕🏃🏼‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️🚴‍♂️ You look amazing.
Hello Vintage
Hello Vintage 2 månader sedan
Please do an asmr about bedtime story books you read to Mila 😍
Jane Crompton
Jane Crompton 2 månader sedan
I enjoy this type of asmr so much ❤️ Thank you Maria for your hard work. I'll watch your latest video another night 😊 x x
August Sixty
August Sixty 2 månader sedan
Why is this ridiculous trend of affected whispering receiving any views/likes or even any attention at all? No wonder the world is falling apart. Whispering is for weaklings and cowards.
Emmy Moo
Emmy Moo Månad sedan
I hope you find the love and help you need.
Olivia Clayton
Olivia Clayton 2 månader sedan
This is great. It's very interesting too; just 20 years ago the fashion was, in France + the UK at least, the highly cluttered look, lots of colourful pots, knick knacks, ornaments, objects out on every surface. Bare flat empty spaces were considered sad/drab/boring. Colours were much brighter/hotter too, whereas now they are drained/cooled/washed out/acidulated/dried looking. And neither look is actually any more beautiful than the other. They can be both equally dazzling, delicious, relaxing/peaceful, etc ... depending on how they are done. Bare empty spaces can look dreadful if they are in the wrong proportions, or in just the wrong colour or texture. "Busy"/cluttered surfaces can look amazing if well chosen/harmonious or genuinely interesting objects. I collected a mass of photos from interiors magazines in 2001-2005 because of a project then which I have just revived, ( so have several months of contemporary cuttings aswell as hundreds from 16-20 years ago ), and it's fascinating seeing the changes. :) PS. There seems to be a big emphasis on extremely fine/delicate ornate/intricate/detailed prints at the moment too which would have been laughed at/despised in 2000.
SIGMA 2 månader sedan
Gorgeous and awesome as ever.Thank you
Nikki Bedia
Nikki Bedia 2 månader sedan
I am an interior design student and this is now one of my favorite ASMR videos. :D
Anna La Barbera
Anna La Barbera 2 månader sedan
Maria, your hands and nails are beautiful 😍💅. You are BEAUTIFUL ❤️😍😘💕💖💋
a w
a w 2 månader sedan
THESE HOME DESIGN VIDEOS ARE MY FAVORITES OMGGGGG like idk what it is but i’m zoned out / sleeping in minutes ❤️ thank u maria!
ShtackNShtarve 2 månader sedan
Sweetface! Look at chuuuu♥️💚♥️💚
No other Like my own skin
No other Like my own skin 2 månader sedan
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Rōnin 2 månader sedan
So relaxing 😌
Amber W
Amber W 2 månader sedan
Great video Maria. You should make a video in an IKEA or with one of their catalogs
DangerCrow 2 månader sedan
I love the way you take a breath in before saying things sometimes, for some reason that’s super tingly to me. Like around 28:08 how every time you talk you breath in 🤤 that part is lovely!