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Welcome to our drive through energy healing clinic, I will be helping you feel better today :)

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

PayPal (Donations, if you feel you need to give back) www.paypal.me/GentleWhispering
Email: MariaGentlewhispering@gmail.com

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1 feb 2021



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Gentle Whispering ASMR
Gentle Whispering ASMR 4 månader sedan
Welcome to our drive through energy healing clinic, I will be helping you feel better today :)
Michael A
Michael A 2 månader sedan
@Emilia K Lol. Your feelings don't over ride facts, snowflake.
Emilia K
Emilia K 2 månader sedan
@Michael A wow why are you so mean and why do you think you have to say those things. what ur saying is unnecessary and very disrespectful. stop hating
Michael A
Michael A 3 månader sedan
@Elisabeth If you are really a scientist which I doubt, then you know masks do not stop viruses. So it's you spreading misinformation
Michael A
Michael A 3 månader sedan
@Elisabeth Lol. The only thing you are is funny
Elisabeth 3 månader sedan
@Dillon Taylor masks work. Really go look at the science. Masks work. We have the lowest flu spreading ever because you know why masks work Masks work.
Kay 4 dagar sedan
I would genuinely love some more car videos! It's got a beautiful lo-fi quality to it, but it's really unique. I like the texture of the car compartments and the seat. This is actually my new favourite video, and that's huge for me because previously it was the "oooh such a good ASMR" one of the older ones. Involving oil stone and brushing and massage and peacock feather tickles? Anyway that has been my favourite since the day it came out, and now - out of no where - a new favourite! I would absolutely adore another reiki sound bath such as this 😊 Also thank you for wearing your mask and in video! 😷
Bookends ASMR
Bookends ASMR Månad sedan
This has become my favorite video to listen to when I get irritated at work and need to take a break! It really is the perfect energy cleanser :)
Patricia and Judgey
Patricia and Judgey Månad sedan
Plz take the mask off!!! Its ridiculous
Sjudit84 Månad sedan
I really have no idea why this video is not popular, I come back to this almost every second day, somehow the mic sound is perfect for me, I like the slight mouth sounds you make, love all the sounds you chose and the hand movements too! I don't want the number of views to discourage you from such car videos in the future! I love this one!
v Månad sedan
I have also been watching it since it came out. So food
Christine Frisbee
Christine Frisbee Månad sedan
Yes! My all time favorite ASMR video. I watch it every couple days. I hope she does more like this. A lot of ASMR videos that are personal attention don't feel personal. This one does. My ASMR comes from when people concentrate and put care into doing something for someone else. This one triggers it, especially the wood bowls.
Rosina Rosina
Rosina Rosina Månad sedan
Hycoruna Sexy🌞🤓
cs92sfv 2 månader sedan
Love your asmr videos, Maria. But please don't wear that ritualistic shame muzzle making a video again.
v Månad sedan
Relax. She said that she got dental work done and didn’t want it to be distracting so she wore a mask. It’s literally just a piece of fabric.
Mel 2 månader sedan
You are one of my main reasons of going to therapy and committing to my mental health. I am so deeply inspired by your energy and positivity. Thank you for all that you do❤. I could never thank you enough.
Sarah Albu
Sarah Albu 2 månader sedan
Rewatching this video after a stressful day. When it first came out, I fell asleep almost immediately. I didn't notice the intro to the new spray! I love your videos so much Maria. This is gold ✨💕
Erin 2 månader sedan
So many tingles!! So happy 😁 also, I love when you say “clinic” !
Joy Clay
Joy Clay 2 månader sedan
I really enjoyed this! Thank you!
agrendae 2 månader sedan
It’s windy where I am too so this video really fits in the moment. Maria is so gifted. The wood part I love!
Kerry Kent
Kerry Kent 3 månader sedan
Hey Maria I've been watching you since I was in middle school about 9 or 10 years ago. I just wanted to say thank you for your neverending creativity when it comes to ASMR content. It's clear that you care, and that makes a world of difference in my personal relaxation. Much love to you and your family ❤️💖
Neil Carter
Neil Carter 3 månader sedan
Why are you in a car by yourself, wearing a mask?
Autumn Brown
Autumn Brown 3 månader sedan
Absolutely perfect, and exactly what I needed. Thank you Maria!!!
K 2670
K 2670 3 månader sedan
Loved the selenite bottle and rainbow glass!
JulianFernandez 3 månader sedan
please more book sounds!
Rainey Day
Rainey Day 3 månader sedan
At first I wasn’t sure because the being in a semi-public space to film the video gave me a bit of anxiety, but the glass tapping made amazing tingles in my neck up the back of my head, even across the shoulders! Loved it. 💕
C Elizabeth
C Elizabeth 3 månader sedan
maria ... where is that selenite bottle from. we must know.
v Månad sedan
Yurinya 3 månader sedan
drive through now get out of my car
Bílá Paní
Bílá Paní 3 månader sedan
Are you for real? What is healing in wearing a rag over your mouth full of bacteria and not allowing you to breath properly....?
v Månad sedan
@Bílá Paní she got dental work done and was insecure plus she didn’t want it to be distracting so she wore a mask. Relax damn
Bílá Paní
Bílá Paní 2 månader sedan
@Atena Rouza ?
Atena Rouza
Atena Rouza 2 månader sedan
Stop your bs
Anastasiia Sher
Anastasiia Sher 3 månader sedan
Мария, только Ваш голос имеет волшебную способность так успокаивать и погружать в сон! Благодарю 🙏
Lauren 3 månader sedan
Beautiful lady and soul
Alejandra Segura
Alejandra Segura 3 månader sedan
Hear me out: this but a face tapping / tracing!
S B 3 månader sedan
Uber tingles! I would sign up for Maria to come to my driveway with this service!!
lori layton
lori layton 3 månader sedan
I love you so much ... but the mask is not good for me . It’s just a reminder to me of how hard it is to breathe in them . You are still Soothing as always !! Your Voice and angel face is always there even if we can’t see it !! Thank you 😊
Mirosalba Juarez
Mirosalba Juarez 3 månader sedan
Loved this video! The tingles we so strong please do more tingle videos in your car
Skyela Roberts
Skyela Roberts 3 månader sedan
I love this experiment! The wind is a really awesome white noise factor. And I loved being walked through relaxation via visualizing chimes, etc. Reminded me of a guided meditation but asmr. Thank you for all that you do!
Gavin olsen
Gavin olsen 3 månader sedan
Right on my birthday yay
Hannah H.
Hannah H. 3 månader sedan
that little prism was so mesmerizing! Loved it!
primavera amargo
primavera amargo 3 månader sedan
We all know Maria has beautiful eyes, but the natural lighting just makes them all the more stunning and the color so vivid. Wow
Kristina Zalewski
Kristina Zalewski 3 månader sedan
Looooved this style of video. And the rainbow piece was so relaxing
southern babe asmr
southern babe asmr 3 månader sedan
cute mask!
Sydney M.
Sydney M. 3 månader sedan
That was lovely! Wooden bowls were wonderful!
Carly 3 månader sedan
You are wonderful. That is all. X x
Keep it Cozy
Keep it Cozy 3 månader sedan
woooow that rainbow light is gorgeous!!!
Keep it Cozy
Keep it Cozy 3 månader sedan
ohhh those coasters🙌🙌🙌
Evan O
Evan O 3 månader sedan
i like the mask! wearing the mask makes it more realistic. i’m sorry people are leaving rude comments. if you don’t like it just watch a different video:)
Kelly Sumner
Kelly Sumner 3 månader sedan
Yay! I love the mask Maria!
Alexa 3 månader sedan
I’m a little hard of hearing, so I can’t hear that well when people talk in their masks. But! In this video it feels like a benefit! I can hear you when I focus, but as I start to drift, the masks muffles the words and it becomes this low-pitch unintelligible whisper, which is incredible. Thank you, Maria!
jennifer bridges
jennifer bridges 3 månader sedan
Where did you find that selenite spray bottle?? I want to buy one. Love your video’s.
L Day
L Day 3 månader sedan
Oh Maria you certainly ALWAYS deliver ❤️ the way you say “session”, “glasses” and “three” gives me all the tingles ✨ The dedication to your craft is so admirable, I’m a follower on your sassy masha channel and the work you put in it just amazing ❤️ Sending love and well wishes to you, Darrell & little Mila 😊 xx
warm tea
warm tea 3 månader sedan
😌 came here right after watching your behind the scenes vid on sassymasha and omgggg this is now one of my favourite asmr videos ever!!! every sound is absolute perfection and it all feels so organic 🙏🏽 love this, thank you maria 🤍
Busy Mama
Busy Mama 3 månader sedan
Who came back to this video after Maria’s recent behind the scenes vlog? We love you Maria, and your creativity is so appreciated! Even when you encounter what you perceive as an obstacle you found a way to still make a beautiful, effective ASMR video for your audience ❤️
Elisabeth 3 månader sedan
I did. I am absolutely beyond confused and shocked as to why people feel the need to comment on her wearing a mask. I really liked how her voice sounded with it. I don't understand why people are so anti masks. Anti-maskers like to call those of us who wear masks sheep but honestly they seem like the sheep since they can't seem to understand clinical research and data. 🤷
Ms.NoName 3 månader sedan
Enchanting! Lo-fi videos are still my favorite. Your soft spoken voice is fantastic ☺️ That spray bottle is the stuff of dreams🥰
aleksia 3 månader sedan
you have THE best soft spoken voice out of any asmrtist i have come across, its usually too much for me and not relaxing bc i really prefer whispering but your soft spoken voice puts me straight to sleep or just relaxes me so easily
Royal lizzie Crafts
Royal lizzie Crafts 3 månader sedan
Fun :)
07MustangGT 3 månader sedan
The wind noise in the background is really nice. So much else to love about this video. It's definitely my new favorite, in spite of its "lo-fi" simplicity.
Antonia Mar
Antonia Mar 3 månader sedan
I love the idea of invigorating & stimulating asmr. More pls!!!
Bella Smith
Bella Smith 3 månader sedan
omg the shell necklaces 🤤
Ralph Kramden
Ralph Kramden 3 månader sedan
J en
J en 3 månader sedan
Your sweet calm voice really soothes me. You are #1 in my favorites of Asmr. The wind was actually so relaxing . Those blue eyes omg are unique 💙💎
thisuseridistaken 3 månader sedan
Thank you for still making the time and space to do this. It was very much needed and appreciated.
Elizabeth Boccia
Elizabeth Boccia 3 månader sedan
This is one of my favorite videos from Maria
Alisа Cheboksaru*
Alisа Cheboksaru* 3 månader sedan
You so beautiful like me
jayblaaze4200 3 månader sedan
Your always giving me tingles no matter what the video is
Danielle Garcia
Danielle Garcia 3 månader sedan
The scent you described for the spray sounds like something I would like. Do you mind sharing the brand name and product please? Love your videos!
jennifer bridges
jennifer bridges 3 månader sedan
I want to buy that bottle too!
immeohmyoh 3 månader sedan
Samantha Province
Samantha Province 3 månader sedan
Reminds me of when I first started watching your videos years ago. Really loved this 🖤
Ma Hi
Ma Hi 4 månader sedan
Love this video so much!!
Empathic Warrior
Empathic Warrior 4 månader sedan
I wonder what her zodiac sign is 🤔
Gabriela 3 månader sedan
she's a Leo!
Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson 4 månader sedan
Where did you get your selenite spray? Please share! 🙂
Jupᴥter Supernova ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
*Her neighbors might be looking at her like* “what is this woman doing???”
Рыжая Белка
Рыжая Белка 4 månader sedan
За маску-ДИЗ!!
ForestLogic 4 månader sedan
Yes! Love lo-fi ASMR.
Maddi Morris
Maddi Morris 4 månader sedan
LOVE your mask!!!😍
Lucas 4 månader sedan
Lovely as always ~
Brent Austin Atherley
Brent Austin Atherley 4 månader sedan
2:18 wow!
Brianna 396
Brianna 396 4 månader sedan
I love these sassier videos, they’re tinglier for me!!
Game Life4
Game Life4 4 månader sedan
So beautiful
ᘺӨᏝᖴ ᘻØOᘉ
ᘺӨᏝᖴ ᘻØOᘉ 4 månader sedan
what is this witch craft
ᘺӨᏝᖴ ᘻØOᘉ
ᘺӨᏝᖴ ᘻØOᘉ 4 månader sedan
whats up there scooter girl
Tebatsi Mubita
Tebatsi Mubita 4 månader sedan
Hi Maria! The daylight setting is just beautiful. But im really curious. Was it morning or afternoon?
La La
La La 4 månader sedan
I can imagine who ever passes by Maria thinks what the fck 😂😂 Thank you Maria for doing this in your car for us!
FergOnFiction 4 månader sedan
I would be so sunburnt after recording this video
Levi Snipez
Levi Snipez 4 månader sedan
Why you driving with a mask on
v Månad sedan
She had dental work done. She doesn’t usually drive with a mask on...
MeLikeMUSIC 4 månader sedan
I'm sorry but the mask is ridiculous ugh
v Månad sedan
She had dental work done so she wore a mask for her video. It’s not that ridiculous...
Olena S
Olena S 4 månader sedan
Take your mask off please.
Francine Ferraço
Francine Ferraço 4 månader sedan
0:00 introduction 0:55 cloth rubbing 2:04 gentle tapping on glass (chimes!) 4:37 scratchy coasters 5:40 shell beads 7:20 wood sounds with block 🤤 9:14 wood sounds with bowls 10:19 Selenite spray (crystal and spray sounds) 12:34 Rainbow light 🌈 14:25 book sounds! 16:00 hand movements, soft spoken and some whispers
Lisa ASMR 4 månader sedan
very relaxing saw, fell asleep in 5 minutes
T R I G G E R E D 4 månader sedan
What's her skincare routine tho?
Guinea54 4 månader sedan
she reminds me of a young nicole kidman ..and those eyes in the sunlight looks as enchanting as the great barrier reef...jesus christ
Entangled With ASMR
Entangled With ASMR 4 månader sedan
Those shells 🥴
Charlene H
Charlene H 4 månader sedan
Man I Wish I could find away around her sharp S sounds 😖
Malibu Asmr
Malibu Asmr 4 månader sedan
Yay for the LoFi vids! I loved that you kept your mask on. We’ve been isolating and seeing people in public without a mask is stressful so your mask actually added relaxation to the video for this viewer/listener. XO and thank you! 💕
AnneFrank 4 månader sedan
Why the mask though?
TallRedheadedDragon71 4 månader sedan
I've been watching some other ASMR channels, so I'm still catching up on the lovely and enchanting Maria. I love your soothing voice, gentleness, and sparkling sapphire eyes. You are a goddess 😍 Thank you for all you create for us 🙏
Filippa Lind
Filippa Lind 4 månader sedan
Why would you wear a mask in your own car? Its actually not good to wear those masks for a long time, it can cause infections in the lungs if you're unlucky since you breathe bacteria over and over again from your mouth.
v Månad sedan
That is simply not true and she wore a mask because she had dental work done.
H.O.P.E. by CG
H.O.P.E. by CG 4 månader sedan
I hope those beautiful shell necklace sounds reappear in another video. So tingly! :)
Safoorah Kabeer
Safoorah Kabeer 4 månader sedan
Are you by yourself in the car
MJ B 4 månader sedan
It’s very hard to obtain energy breathing in your own carbon dioxide and poisons emitted from your breath with that mask. If you want health and energy, breath in the oxygen from the air by taking off the mask.
v Månad sedan
Humans don’t emit poison from their breath lol. Relax
ⅡЗлатаⅡ 4 månader sedan
Hello, my dear, I haven't seen you for a long time
L I N E A 4 månader sedan
That wind is perfect ❤️
Madaboutewes 4 månader sedan
Love this video! And can anyone tell me the name of the body spray? Have been searching, can’t find it. Thanks.
LARG 4 månader sedan
Super Star
Super Star 4 månader sedan
I wonder what happened at 2:35....? I'm almost only ever here for Maria"s voice,so this one's totally fine for me. 😄😁💖
Kate Sidwell
Kate Sidwell 4 månader sedan
Magical....lots of tingles!! Even wearing a mask and recording in your car! You really are the Queen! xxx
goodbye gray
goodbye gray 4 månader sedan
the soft wind in the background sounds so nice it’s the perfect white noise 😌❤️
ale dvnprt
ale dvnprt 4 månader sedan
This is one of my favorite videos you've ever made. More of this please.
EL20078 4 månader sedan
Well done! You're work is awesome! Greetings from Kangaroo land :)
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