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Hello you guys, it's been TEN YEARS. TEN YEARS... What a crazy ride! I wanted to remake my first video in a nostalgic way and ended up sobbing through the editing 😭 pardon choppy cuts. Hugs and cheers to many more years together :) ♥

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

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Email: MariaGentlewhispering@gmail.com

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7 jun 2021



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Summer'sWinter ASMR
Summer'sWinter ASMR 43 minuter sedan
Thank you for ALL the wonderful content over the years. You are incredibly amazing and talented! Here's to many more!! ❤️❤️❤️
oddy Timme sedan
Shope CE
Shope CE Timme sedan
Sorcery! I was not expecting me to cry also. But here we are with moist eyes. LOL
caroltu87 2 timmar sedan
When I think of ASMR I think of you. Thank you for pioneering this genre of videos. This was so wonderful to watch!!
Светлана Хлопенкова
Добрый день, Мария Было бы очень хорошо, если Вы снимите асмр-видео в тематике «забота мамы», не знаю как точно называется этот жанр). Где персональное внимание осуществляется от роли мамы. На английском или русском - не важно
lindsey tastic
lindsey tastic 5 timmar sedan
10 years😱that’s a long time. Thank you for always putting out content on really anything, I suffer from stress and my muscles are always tense and when I get migraines/severe headaches ASMR is the only thing that relaxes me and calms me down with my nerves. I know for me growing up in a dysfunctional household and dealing with crazy toxic people that love to yell and make others lives miserable. A calming soothing voice is really helpful and beneficial to those especially who suffer trauma or ptsd or severe/major/mild depression and even anxiety or panic attacks. This kind of stuff really does help and I believe science even proves that. Plus when you’re a little baby like under 12 months they always say that the baby will cry when he or she hears yelling or screaming but if he or she hears a soft gentle voice it soothes them instantly where they can fall asleep or just be more comfortable. I know ASMR isn’t for everyone but I always recommend it to people who struggle with the same type of similarities as myself. You may never know what might work and what might not work if you don’t try. But thank you for all that you do🥰❣️I hope to see more videos from you in the future💫💫
Sophie Ku
Sophie Ku 6 timmar sedan
Cameron B
Cameron B 6 timmar sedan
I was 13 when I first stumbled onto your channel after looking for something other than bob ross to fall asleep to. I had no idea ASMR existed and you were one of the only channel at the time. I’m almost 21 now and I cannot thank you enough. You’ve given me comfort on literally hundreds of nights
eringryffin 7 timmar sedan
Omg another emotional comment here... how is this 10years ago?? I'm feeling less silly now that many others are feeling the nostalgia. I will always be thankful for this video and others than I discovered randomly here on SElosk and the feeling of finally being understood - so these reactions were real and not weird and others had them too around the world. Lots of love on this anniversary! Maria. It's been the best journey.❤❤❤
ZCorp Alpha
ZCorp Alpha 7 timmar sedan
CuteBunny992 was the ASMR Vanguard 🔥
Cindy A
Cindy A 10 timmar sedan
10 years wow Maria, congratulations. I’ve been watching you since I was 12, for about 8.5 years now❤️I remember I was really sad the first time I watched your videos because we were moving from an apartment infested with bed bugs to our first house and I was leaving all of my friends behind. You would help me fall asleep those nights on the couch because we had to throw away our bed bug infested beds. I was forced to sleep on the living room couch, which eventually got bed bugs❤️You helped me fall asleep those restful nights. Thank you Maria.
angela chanels
angela chanels 10 timmar sedan
I have been watching you for 10 years love you 😍
Zachary 10 timmar sedan
I remember watching this the week it came out
Lennon Rispy
Lennon Rispy 11 timmar sedan
I cannot believe I first saw this video 10 yrs ago, bought that CD clock and still have it. 🥰
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith 12 timmar sedan
Wait I’ve been here since the beginning I remember this!
ikeepchangingthis 12 timmar sedan
Grace Grier
Grace Grier 12 timmar sedan
Not gonna lie this made me cry a little🥲❤️
Name Name
Name Name 12 timmar sedan
i started watching you in the 5th grade and now i’m going into my junior year of college 🥺 thanks for being there along the way 💛
Virginia Ely
Virginia Ely 12 timmar sedan
Congratulations my dear! Thank you for all your work all these years, and here’s to many more.
Leah Williams
Leah Williams 13 timmar sedan
My siblings loved listening to and watching ASMR to help them sleep, and so one time in 2017 at work while I was alone just doing paperwork I decided to put on some ASMR and the first thing that came up was your Sleep Inducing haircut video (the one with the purple painting in the background). To this day you are still my favorite and that is still my favorite video to listen to! On Spotify it is my top track by far hahah And I have never stayed awake through the whole thing 😂 It's like magic! My husband is grateful that I have something to help me sleep so magically.
Mia Rose
Mia Rose 13 timmar sedan
Not me scrolling through all her videos to see her first video 🥺
Jackson Fagan
Jackson Fagan 13 timmar sedan
When she started the Russian I thought of Winter Soldier haha 😂 Great videa though! All time legend for sure.
Chelsea Ruffin
Chelsea Ruffin 13 timmar sedan
I love thisssss 😭♥️♥️♥️♥️
itsblitzzz 14 timmar sedan
S 15 timmar sedan
That video was the beginning of the best asmr channel
itsblitzzz 15 timmar sedan
Ada Raven
Ada Raven 16 timmar sedan
Maria, you had the “it” factor for relaxation from jump. I love this. You are my favorite ASMRtist
Britawni Feuchster
Britawni Feuchster 18 timmar sedan
I have been through so many ups and downs in life in the last 5+ years... your videos have helped me so much. Thank you so much for being you. 💚
Bercis İmge Uçar
Bercis İmge Uçar 18 timmar sedan
lots of goosebumps and “aww”s … thank you for sharing your world with us…
Lene Couture
Lene Couture 18 timmar sedan
Love you Maria 💞💞💞
Megan6772 20 timmar sedan
Such a coooooool idea ❤️❤️❤️
Jee Yeong Shim
Jee Yeong Shim 21 timme sedan
You are my best. always!
Eclectic Triggers ASMR
Eclectic Triggers ASMR 21 timme sedan
Wow! I wonder if that Maria could have even guessed that modern day Maria would be remaking this video because it was the start of helping so many people find calm, relaxation, and sleep. Congratulations to past and present Maria! ☺️
Krystina Martinez
Krystina Martinez 22 timmar sedan
This was awesome! Good work! You have talent wayyyy beyond just ASMR which really shines through in the production value of everything you create. Thank you for this and all your content. ♥️
Snow Owl
Snow Owl Dag sedan
Your channel and your contribution as an ASMR artist has been amazing, keep up the good work and cheers to 10 more years and beyond!
Claire Dag sedan
This still gives me tingles 10 years later 🥰
Battle Bard
Battle Bard Dag sedan
I remember finding this video when I was stuck living with my ex and so lost in my life. You helped me feel safe and calm all the way up to now where I've not only moved several states but married my best friend and found my calling. Thank you for everything, Maria. I love you so 💗💗
H ID Dag sedan
❤️❤️❤️❤️ One of the old videos I like is the recliners fabrics, and folding scarves. Oh it's been long time ago Maria
Kel M.
Kel M. Dag sedan
I was just so happy to know I wasn't alone ... or weird!
Gem of Amara
Gem of Amara Dag sedan
Congratulations, Maria. What an achievement. I've been with you from the beginning. Here's to ten more years, Queen!
Kristin Moore
Kristin Moore Dag sedan
More remakes!! I love your old videos the most. They honestly give me more tingles than the newer stuff
melicrane Dag sedan
So much nostalgia. I miss early you tube
yooo Dag sedan
I'm crying. We're all crying. CRY HUG PLZ
Kiki C
Kiki C Dag sedan
Yesssss! I discovered your channel when I was on bed rest, pregnant with my oldest daughter and I could NOT sleep! It was my nosedive into ASMR lol. She just celebrated her 9th birthday 🤣
Emma K
Emma K Dag sedan
Please remake your plain nail tapping video!!! I would die of happiness 😍😭
Cibele Veslò
Cibele Veslò Dag sedan
Ali Mahou
Ali Mahou Dag sedan
You sounded so young.. I'm so proud to say I've been subscribed for 9 of these 10 years. Thank you for everything.
Yael Baz
Yael Baz Dag sedan
I actually prefer those older more simple ones.
mickeyroman Dag sedan
I found your channel in 2015. I had bad insomnia and as i was scrolling through youtube looking for a random video to keep me up once again i saw your “oh such a good 3D sound asmr video” not having a clue what asmr was i clicked. And when i tell you i watched that video for a week straight every night. I then moved to your flight attendant video 🥲 I’ve been obsessed with your videos ever since. Because of your channel i discovered a whole new world and not to mention many more amazing asmr content creators. With no doubt to me you are the queen of asmr. The amount of work and effort you put in to your videos is admirable & you deserve more than 2mil subscribers 🥺 Thankyou maria for helping through long nights & teaching me SO MUCH through your videos 🤎
Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller Dag sedan
Not going to lie I was a little confused at first cuz I didn't read the title clearly 🤣 so I thought the video was glitching. But once I got it super cool idea. Congrats to the 10 years
Sweet Dreamer
Sweet Dreamer Dag sedan
6 years ago I googled “why does whispering make my head tingle?” and the first thing to come up was an article about a Russian woman on SElosk who makes videos for people like me! You were the first person I ever watched in the community and the first video I watched was your crinkle shirts video. So glad you’re still making wonderful content. I’ll never unsubscribe
CAH Dag sedan
Could you do some more videos doing Russian language lessons? I love those!
Asmr Eli
Asmr Eli Dag sedan
I LOVE THISSSSSS YAY!!!!!!!! I was waiting for this
10 years? Damn this woman has been around wayyy before asmr was trending
Em Jat
Em Jat Dag sedan
I remember watching your videos at night in my bedroom at 17 and now I am 26 married with 2 babies and I still fall asleep to them💕 time flies. Thank you for all your hard work all these years!
LariASMR Dag sedan
I can't believe it's been that long! I'm old enough to remember when this was a small "whisper community" before ASMR was a thing. So glad I got to go along your 10 year journey with you!
Danielle Versteeg
Your videos saved me from a depressive episode in college after my first breakup (years now I’m laughing about it and it all seems so silly) - little did I know, ASMR would change my life for good. And here we all are! Thanks for everything you do, dear🥰
Annette Ford
Annette Ford Dag sedan
If you compose the thumbnail with both videos, it’ll attract views like crazy! My thinking, anyway.
Guidance To Self
I’ve been watching you since I was 15 years old, this was amazinggggg!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Paul Berger
Paul Berger Dag sedan
I've only been an ASMR fan for a year or so, so I can only imagine what this meant to you. I love your videos and have the utmost respect for you. Keep it up, Lady!
Sunny Z
Sunny Z Dag sedan
I’m getting emotional...😭
DearASMRAbby Dag sedan
This is so incredible Maria! Seamless and perfect. With all of my love and support, always!
Medeuca Dag sedan
Dang Maria youve been here for me longer than most people i know personally 🤣😩 Thanks for ten years of the tinglezz
lillyfredrick1 Dag sedan
Started watching Maria back in 2011 when I was 13… can still remember the room I was sitting in in my parents’ house when I discovered GentleWhispering. I’m now 23 and still watching, from my own apartment with a real adult job. My how things have changed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Maria!! 😭❤️
nameless404 Dag sedan
Как раз недавно смотрела первые видео Марии🤗
Maryann Dicesari
Love this❤️😭❤️❤️❤️
The Zo
The Zo Dag sedan
i'm not a native american! :D
The White Rabbit ASMR
Maria!! 💕💕💕 You were the person who made me start my first channel back in 2012, too! How much nostalgia just bonked me on the side of the head right now is indescribable! THANK YOU for everything you have done for us! 🥰✨🙌🏼
Sarah Emily
Sarah Emily Dag sedan
Maria, I've been watching your videos since 2012. I can't believe I've been watching you and following you for nine years. This video reminded me of that. Congratulations! We can't believe how far you've come and we hope you'll continue to stick around :)
Lisa Barry
Lisa Barry Dag sedan
This and YOU are awesome! Thank you Maria and congratulations! 🤗❤
Zaib Hannival
Zaib Hannival Dag sedan
Wow! That’s awesome! Wishing you another 10 more happy years doing what you love on SElosk Maria! 😊💕🙏🏻
obsessive person
Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose from the dead just as he said he would, so that you might repent and be saved from going to hell!! God loves you! Ily too !💕
prprprob Dag sedan
твой разговор про нервы очень расстраивает, но сильно резонирует.
videos Dag sedan
your teacher video was suggested to me by you tube 6.5 years ago and ive been watching since.
Andi Trina
Andi Trina Dag sedan
это история
Lucifer Dag sedan
Thank you for making our day better we appreciate you♥️
Leyla Sandalli
Leyla Sandalli Dag sedan
This is perfect! 👏 your are always the ASMRtist that I go to when I truly want to relax. You are amazing! I haven't been around the whole 10 years but the last 4 years you've been very present in my life. We love you! Congrats on 10 years x
Vivid Dag sedan
I love this video🥺
Melodie Hunt
Melodie Hunt Dag sedan
Thank you so much, Maria. I’m sure I speak for every one of your subscribers when I say that it has been a pleasure to have been by your side through this decade long journey. I was only 12 when we started. You inspire me and so many others every day to do what we love and take time to care for ourselves. 3,652 nights of comfort and rest, because you take the time to care for us. Here’s to many more. We love you, Maria♥️
ASMRbytessa Dag sedan
You honestly inspire me 👏🏻👏🏻
evemonti89 Dag sedan
We love you so much Maria ❤️thanks for these 10 years of amazing Asmr!
youngwan Dag sedan
Thank you for blessing us for so long. I appreciate all of your hardwork. You had helped me go through so much hard time when I can’t fall asleep. Thank you once again 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
cutie dork
cutie dork Dag sedan
Asmr queen was born
Виталий Лагоша
А еще может это вовсе не Вы нервничаете, кто то рядом или не очень рядом,а Вы просто ловите волну...как в сказке Ганса Андерсена
“I’m a young woman, I’m married. Thinking about going to college” 🥲🥲🥲
Виталий Лагоша
Не переживайте,все же иногда нервничают,этож хорошо,это значит Вы живой человек
Виталий Лагоша
Ваша рука иногда напоминает живое существо,играющее с бумагой
? 2 dagar sedan
brb ill cry
drsly 2 dagar sedan
Happy 10 year ASMR Anniversary :) Congratz!! Im a big fan!
Asmr Guitar
Asmr Guitar 2 dagar sedan
The queen of ASMR, period. Thank you for all the relaxing content you have made over the years and for inspiring us little asmr folk to join in the community. You're awesome. Oh and you inspired me to try our acrylic pouring after seeing your incredible paintings! haha, which is great too :) All the best
Sleepyspacewanderer 2 dagar sedan
You were the first ASMR channel I found and have been here ever since. Congratulations Maria
mgraze 2 dagar sedan
Def still works!
Ashley Waldron
Ashley Waldron 2 dagar sedan
Maria!!!! Thank you for making this!! You’ve come so far, yet the first one you made STILL gives me the tingles 😻
Gaby D
Gaby D 2 dagar sedan
And 10 years later you remain the best to me :) Always went back to your videos. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication, we truly appreciate ❤️
Z•✓Flip 2 dagar sedan
Legends video 🙀
softlyslow asmr
softlyslow asmr 2 dagar sedan
this was soooo tingly & nice
Я узнала об этой технике неделю назад, случайно. Очень жалею, что не раньше. Теперь эти видео моя традиция перед сном! СПАСИБО вам Мария!
Not Today
Not Today 2 dagar sedan
Tyson ASMR
Tyson ASMR 2 dagar sedan
Maria walked so us smaller ASMRtist could run 😭❤️🏃‍♂️
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