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Welcome aboard your private gentle jet! Lean back and relax :) I hope you enjoy the radio voice and all the beautiful places we hopefully will visit again soon, happy travels!!!
00:00 Welcome aboard
04:07 Checking your seatbelt
06:08 Offering you snacks and drinks
12:27 Headphones, muffled sounds
13:47 Pillow, spray
17:18 Tour to England, France, Canada, Philippines, NYC, Colorado Plateau...

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

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8 mar 2021



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Gentle Whispering ASMR
Gentle Whispering ASMR 3 månader sedan
Welcome aboard your private gentle jet! Lean back and relax :) I hope you enjoy the radio voice and all the beautiful places we hopefully will visit again soon, happy travels!!! 00:00 Welcome aboard 04:07 Checking your seatbelt 06:08 Offering you snacks and drinks 12:27 Headphones, muffled sounds 13:47 Pillow, spray 17:18 Tour to England, France, Canada, Philippines, NYC, Colorado Plateau... ♥
David Lollathin Jr.
David Lollathin Jr. Månad sedan
Please make more some more like this I love it specially cuz I'm a kid and it helps me sleep because I have ADHD
alex ivanov
alex ivanov Månad sedan
Машенька,родненькая,просим вас рассмотреть возможность снять рашн вершн этого видео)
Florencia Brukaló
Florencia Brukaló Månad sedan
I need a new version of this experience! I keep coming back
rahim Bashir
rahim Bashir 2 månader sedan
Thank you
Dr. Jahtka
Dr. Jahtka 2 månader sedan
Shouldn’t say I know. M gonna waste my time to write such emotional words. “U look so innocent with good feelings, No words 😶to describe...“.
Shantinell Foster Dunor
I literally found myself drooling I was so comfortable...
Melissa Godlewski
Go Darryl
em J
em J Dag sedan
This voice effect is actual perfection
MoonCross 2 dagar sedan
Love love love this! I wish this could be in real life. I haven’t travel in so long so this make me feel so relaxed ☺️
Christy Winn
Christy Winn 7 dagar sedan
Radio voice is EVERYTHING
pontiac38gm 8 dagar sedan
Oh wow darryl has a good asmr voice...
Lesa Hill
Lesa Hill 9 dagar sedan
Maria, this was so beautifully done. You and Darryl are genius & you’re also like part of my family 😆! I shall play this for years to come❣️🙏🏼
Катерина Герман
Так убедительно что захотелось куда нибудь улететь 👍🏻🤪 Приятная и красивая девушка!! Благодарю за ролик! Вы умничка!!!!💐😍❤️
Sarah Booth
Sarah Booth 11 dagar sedan
Wouldn't it be ironic if one day an airline started up with the same name. 😏👍
Руслан Аносов
По идее стюардессы не работают в салоне в головных уборах). Но видео приятное).
Jade Talbot
Jade Talbot 15 dagar sedan
The pillow and spray part 🤩
fatema 17 dagar sedan
POV : you’re the only one on the flight because of covid
Heather Drapeau
Heather Drapeau 21 dag sedan
I have never had a stewardess be so attentive to me like Maria....lol!
Arthur J
Arthur J 23 dagar sedan
Aircraft: *During take-off* "I'm kind of sleepy"
Rachel B.
Rachel B. 24 dagar sedan
The way she says "snacks & beverages" ✨✨✨
Moon Queen
Moon Queen 24 dagar sedan
My dream video came true 🥲❤️😂 thank u Queen
Анна Роман
Анна Роман 25 dagar sedan
чай без упаковки, а как же карантин😂
Jonathan Ramirez
Jonathan Ramirez 29 dagar sedan
Do a whole video of that hand movement 0:15 like if you agree
Emilia K
Emilia K 29 dagar sedan
Imagine going on an ASMR flight
Amanda Ramirez
Amanda Ramirez Månad sedan
Hello. Here I am two months later...still a tingled mess on the floor 🥴
Golden Milk
Golden Milk Månad sedan
waiting for Gentle Jet 2 ... another one plz this is so relaxing
Haniya Khan Kakar
Haniya Khan Kakar Månad sedan
I loooooovvvvve this video it's so relaxing and so soothing but think about being in a flight with a air hostess doing literally each and everything for you even the smallest thing ... to be very honest I would be pissed off because I don't like too much attention 😂
Blanca Davis
Blanca Davis Månad sedan
Maria's airline videos should be training videos for flight attendants everywhere because they are SO rude in real life. I would happily pay more to fly if I was treated like this!!!
Angie Reeves
Angie Reeves Månad sedan
Ергазы Нурай
David Lollathin Jr.
David Lollathin Jr. Månad sedan
ASMR planes
David Lollathin Jr.
David Lollathin Jr. Månad sedan
I'm a kid and I really love a smart with planes so if you could do more videos like this I would love it
Frog Queen
Frog Queen Månad sedan
I love the airplane series so much!!! So relaxing 😌✈️
Van Vasko
Van Vasko Månad sedan
Your flight asmr is my favorite... so relaxing 😴😌
Amber Vaughn
Amber Vaughn Månad sedan
My brain is melting
Lejindary OT7
Lejindary OT7 Månad sedan
Waahh I see Palawan
Rickstar Månad sedan
This is awesome!! I miss flying so much !! Maybe this will carry me through until it’s safer! 🤩🤩
A. P.
A. P. Månad sedan
Love Darryl as captain!
My Comp
My Comp Månad sedan
Capo Garcia
Capo Garcia Månad sedan
If nobody got me I know she got me..
Catie McLain
Catie McLain Månad sedan
this is nothing short of hypnotic
E Månad sedan
Darryl’s voice is PERFECT for this. He sounds just like the pilots!
dean Månad sedan
the goat of asmr
I would hijack the plane just for you. You are extremely beautiful.
Daniel Gallo
Daniel Gallo Månad sedan
I ask for tea and soda and the bill says $50
Laurent Mattera
Laurent Mattera Månad sedan
what about baby crying in the plane asmr
Butterfly Jones
Butterfly Jones Månad sedan
How do you guys ever stay awake... both with such soothing voices 😴😄
Blake Anderson
Blake Anderson Månad sedan
This video was very relaxing! This is probably my favorite ASMR video I have ever seen! Well Done Maria and Darryl! Absolutely stunning job!
Syeda Samreen
Syeda Samreen Månad sedan
The headphone effect thing was amazinggg
GigaBoost Månad sedan
I get so jealous when she goes to the other passengers 😂
Charlie Brie
Charlie Brie Månad sedan
What you should say first say good then say yes I am comfortable then sure may I have a snack the say tea and soda then say can I use it on my face the say can I have a look then say idk then say can I have a soda they say coke then say not in the can please is it diet and then say dose it have caffeine then say yes the say dark chocolate then yes please. yes you can. Ok. Yes can I have a lager size? Yes that’s fine. Yes you can. Yes please can I hav a pillow and a blanket? Yes please. Can I smell. Ok. It gives me tingles. Lap please. Not now. I’m all set. Ok.
Faretwer 2 månader sedan
you are really good
Robby B.
Robby B. 2 månader sedan
Her accent is interesting. I wonder where she’s from 🤔
DayDreamerDD Månad sedan
She’s russian :) but living in the US
Ashley Culbreth
Ashley Culbreth 2 månader sedan
Love darryls captain addition! This is my current go to for bedtime 😍
G Nomes
G Nomes 2 månader sedan
My legs turn to jello when she says "chocolate covered almonds".
J p Riker
J p Riker 2 månader sedan
Another gold 🌟 Maria ✈️🤗
DavidGP 2 månader sedan
An absolutely awesome new ASMR airline video 💚🙏
Adriana Vega
Adriana Vega 2 månader sedan
Aww. Is that the hubby? He has such a nice asmr voice..he should do more with you
Melike Gun
Melike Gun 2 månader sedan
A soft lullaby for a loved one
O Chey
O Chey 2 månader sedan
this is, to me, the best asmr video I've ever seen
lucid gamer
lucid gamer 2 månader sedan
0:02 this is one of my favorite asmr
Wesley De jong
Wesley De jong 2 månader sedan
mooi video met vrouwen
ImWithDeadPeopleEveryday 2 månader sedan
Hopefully when i'm gone I look like her in jail
BeYoutifully Natural
BeYoutifully Natural 2 månader sedan
I just love everything about this video❤️
L Nicholls
L Nicholls 2 månader sedan
Wow the end bit talking about travel destinations was so tingly ! Maria should do a travel/nature documentary video 😍
Rowan Shea
Rowan Shea 2 månader sedan
Gentle: Would you like the can or should I pour it for you? Me: Can Gentle: Pour Me: ...ok pour I guess
Ivy Fox
Ivy Fox 2 månader sedan
Did the Coke just get poured INTO my ear?? 🥴
ronald ferreira
ronald ferreira 2 månader sedan
beautiful nails and scarf
Mystics YT
Mystics YT 2 månader sedan
You should open up a airline
Janny Jacobo
Janny Jacobo 2 månader sedan
Maria you went far and beyond with this video, and it’s No surprise as you always amaze us all 😀 you are truly amazing and very talented😌 I loved everything about this video. Your voice is so nice to hear when I have had a long day. It was a wonderful surprise to hear your husband in the video as well. Once again Maria thank you for what you do! Sending you and your loved ones tons of love & good energy and positive vibes your way! ☺️
Ana Hill
Ana Hill 2 månader sedan
Love the retro vibe
the new graeme b99
the new graeme b99 2 månader sedan
Oh that was by far my favourite! I loved the slow Mo drone video,the soft voice and the silence as well...it was like a super relaxing yoga class...thank you Maria!
Любовь Хоткова
Отличное видео, Мария как всегда на высоте! Релакс🥰 Очень скучаю по видео на русском языке... наверное, нерентабельно их снимать, раз так в последнее время их так мало. В любом случае, спасибо за ваш труд!
Александр Фатнев
А как же русский (((((
🌸MakeUp4Ever🖤 2 månader sedan
Really lovely and relaxing✈🌛🌠💖
ASMR Relaxing Meditation
ASMR Relaxing Meditation 2 månader sedan
Imagine few years from now they will be offering ASMR attend in the first class , cool !!!!
ASMR Relaxing Meditation
ASMR Relaxing Meditation 2 månader sedan
Gentle whispering is so humble, good luck , all my support for you
H B 2 månader sedan
We flew over London, one of my favourite cities and I’ve been to The Grand Canyon as well. A nice video
Anna Baer
Anna Baer 2 månader sedan
I love the scenery at the end paired with your commentary. Sooo relaxing and beautiful - a perfect way to end the day, thank you. P.S. Your husband's voice is sexy. Good on you 👍
Shachar DL
Shachar DL 2 månader sedan
Your "radio voice" is so relaxing! More than I expected! and I actually think it could be a nice addition to your Marilyn videos (I guess they would sound more "old" with this).
Traveller Shakir
Traveller Shakir 2 månader sedan
Asmr Airline, the Flight that never landed,bcoz pilot was asleep
Roja ASMR 2 månader sedan
💙💙 this is so good👍
Fiji 2 månader sedan
If ASMR airlines did exist, then it would take one child to ruin the whole flight lol
Юлия Демидова
Юлия Демидова 2 månader sedan
Когда такое видео на русском будет?😭😭😭 очень не хватает ваших АСМР🥲🥰🥰🥰
C. V.
C. V. 2 månader sedan
Imagine if ASMR Airlines was real? 😭
Morgan Hill
Morgan Hill 2 månader sedan
Is your microphone a mouse?? The sounds are perfect
E Clarke
E Clarke 2 månader sedan
Please do a world tour. I’d love a 2 hour video of places around the world! I would pay for it, too!!!! ❤️😴
Lisa Sirlin-Hall
Lisa Sirlin-Hall 2 månader sedan
So awesome to hear Darryl's voice!
DayDreamerDD 2 månader sedan
Somehow i feel im a rude passanger. It seams like i dont even appreciate the pillow and blanket. And as if im mad at Maria because she said she would turn me to the side 😭
Asyasi 2 månader sedan
Машаааа, пожалуйста на русском🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😍😍😍😍😍
mayk90 2 månader sedan
You are an angel.
ethan boen
ethan boen 2 månader sedan
When you can’t take regular flights so you take asmr flights ! Thank you Maria!!❤️❤️
Isaac Allen
Isaac Allen 2 månader sedan
I listened to the first flight video on my very first flight ever! How crazy is that?
Sandi X
Sandi X 2 månader sedan
I just thought of a cool idea for an asmr video! It might be a lot of work but it would be so cool! So my idea is to do "going on vacation asmr" video where there will be a clip of you packing a suitcase, being in an Airplane and getting to the hotels reception and/or the hotels room! (I'm not sure if anyone's done this kind of asmr video before tho.)
Targoto 2 månader sedan
a lot of people said this but I feel like it was actually very smart to use Darryl's voice I just feel like that matches very well
Lilsterss 2 månader sedan
I wish this was longer!
Luis Hidalgo
Luis Hidalgo 2 månader sedan
Where can I buy a ticket?
Сергей Ощепков
Как же хочется на "русских авиалиниях" полетать:)
Permijit Dunkley
Permijit Dunkley 2 månader sedan
Aeroplane cleaner and for the British World Travel line of duty police officers at airports work for Fine Art work for the YENandPOUNDpence buying of cheap fine artist art work by any standards don't have change of mind now about this type work giving to me with written tests so..@#.
Pat Playz
Pat Playz 2 månader sedan
Who’s with me
Pat Playz
Pat Playz 2 månader sedan
This is the perfect solution for a flight
ailema gonzalez
ailema gonzalez 2 månader sedan
scope mint colgate crest halls canes
ailema gonzalez
ailema gonzalez 2 månader sedan
vix icy cold winter fresh mint
ailema gonzalez
ailema gonzalez 2 månader sedan
cheers raise your cup brindo salud
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