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Today I will be whispering slooooowly and gently into your ears and writing some love words on you as you get deeply relaxed. Hugs ♥

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

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1 mar 2021



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Gentle Whispering ASMR
Gentle Whispering ASMR 3 månader sedan
Today I will be whispering slooooowly and gently into your ears and writing some love words on you as you get deeply relaxed. Hugs ♥
ilsignoridelaconcha 20 dagar sedan
@Sharon Barrett I think she's not that kind of ASMR artist
*Você é um fenômeno do ASMR, bom demais*
Estelle's stories
Estelle's stories Månad sedan
Maria, YOU are magical.
Laura heredia escribano
Laura heredia escribano 2 månader sedan
@Madison Jazwinski que
Ivan Nevsevra
Ivan Nevsevra 2 månader sedan
purtakal suyu
purtakal suyu 16 timmar sedan
Maria I really like affirmations. I wish there were more affirmation videos
Boiler Tech
Boiler Tech 5 dagar sedan
I can never get to the end of Maria's videos ☺😊😌😔😴
Maximus X infinity
Maximus X infinity 12 dagar sedan
Alonso Sierra
Alonso Sierra 14 dagar sedan
Omg the way she took out the pencil ✏️!! Like magic 😍
Triangle Tiddy
Triangle Tiddy 16 dagar sedan
I love this video it recreates the feeling of when my aunt use to trace my face with a makeup brush and fall asleep maybe I'm a weirdo but when people put makeup on my face or anything like that I fall asleep.
요거트스무디 19 dagar sedan
OMG you are sooooo beatiful.. and gorgeous with this lip color! sooo beautiful
Tati Sales
Tati Sales 19 dagar sedan
ilsignoridelaconcha 20 dagar sedan
I guess this woman is one of the best ASMR artist in the whole world
Josh Bribiesca
Josh Bribiesca Månad sedan
I woke up 3-4 times last night and this put me right back to sleep every time
Justine Maidwell
Justine Maidwell Månad sedan
Thank you for existing, Maria
Chanel2017 Månad sedan
People turn of the light around you completely while you are watching this video. You will defiantly feel like she is really touching your face. 🥰🥰
G H Månad sedan
My mother used to draw circles on my face with her fingertips when I was a child. Watching this video triggered a memory that is on par with those linked to smell. Thank you for that, Maria.
Justine Maidwell
Justine Maidwell Månad sedan
Maria: you are sexy Me, half asleep, emotional, bloated, messy hair, no makeup, in pajamas, just worked ten hours, bleeding: 👁️👄👁️
Jas D. Unicorn
Jas D. Unicorn Månad sedan
Such comforting words and hand movements 🥳
Whitney S
Whitney S Månad sedan
I've been watching your videos for several years and you are the best. This was one of the simplest ASMR vids and this was exactly what I needed today. 🥲 Thank you
leimonade Månad sedan
Such an amazing job! Thank you!
Rotten Spice
Rotten Spice Månad sedan
You know what this reminds me of?...."tap that glass". Anyone remember?
robtru84 Månad sedan
Hi Maria I love your videos as they are helping me with my anxiety . Thank you so much. Robert Arizona
Milla Sallai
Milla Sallai Månad sedan
p-a-s-s-o-n phaaashhhun
AgentGordonCole 2 månader sedan
You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
alisonleigh100 2 månader sedan
Gorgeous pink lips!
Layla Hildebrand
Layla Hildebrand 2 månader sedan
I feel as if someone is playing or gently tugging my hair
sweet b ASMR
sweet b ASMR 2 månader sedan
i highly recommend you watch this at 0.75x 😳
daniel atilano
daniel atilano 2 månader sedan
this one is so good!!!! thank you
Maximus X infinity
Maximus X infinity 2 månader sedan
Piers Armitage
Piers Armitage 2 månader sedan
Maria after all these years is still producing top class content, the queen of asmr
Z.R.E. 2 månader sedan
SparkleOnForever 2 månader sedan
You always deliver great quality ASMR 💕
J & S Orlando
J & S Orlando 2 månader sedan
This video is so intoxicating... I just wish it was 3 hours long!!!!
Jazmin Padilla
Jazmin Padilla 2 månader sedan
Maria is the Beyoncé of ASMR ✨
Dean Oswald
Dean Oswald 2 månader sedan
This is the greatest lens tapping video of all time. Wait… that’s what G.O.A.T stands for? Huh. I don’t like it.
Goblin Girl
Goblin Girl 2 månader sedan
Just imagine being her child, like dude her kid is soooo lucky to have her as a mom
MamaDivinity ASMR
MamaDivinity ASMR 2 månader sedan
Oh my goodness. My little toddler baby girl keeps waving and saying hi to you ☺️💛
Mark Dupont
Mark Dupont 2 månader sedan
Thank You Beautiful Lady! Your Words And Manner In Which You Speak Are Very Soothing To A Man Who Needs To See More Kindness In An Ever Changing World! I Love You My Soul Sister! Thanks Again!
Kendra Soul
Kendra Soul 2 månader sedan
I love the writing on the camera! thank you as always
Leina Yvez
Leina Yvez 2 månader sedan
It's amazing to be watching Maria since I discovered her channel last 2014. I was still single back then. Now I'm already happily married with 2 kids and still she's my go-to Channel to help me get through with my daily relaxation. You help me a lot Maria. Thank you. 😘
Niemcy 2 månader sedan
I've never seen eyes so blue.
Dominic Alberto
Dominic Alberto 2 månader sedan
I like how you build up your loved one. I wish I had someone who could build me up!
i love KER_bythewaycallme_C
You always help me to stop crying, thank you so much.
npnovak911 2 månader sedan
Yeah this one's going into the highly exclusive ASMR playlist
Feng gwai
Feng gwai 2 månader sedan
Foundation of ASMR.. Best me think.. Merci Maria - Your so good - (OM)
David Sforza
David Sforza 2 månader sedan
"Good evening..." BAM! Tingletown!
Spooky_Caspers_Cousin 2 månader sedan
My first ASMR video after weeks thanks to an ear ache!!!!!
Isabelle Azevedo
Isabelle Azevedo 2 månader sedan
This video is soooo good :)
Reyna Robles
Reyna Robles 2 månader sedan
Omgosh. An ASMR blendjet commercial started before the video. Not bad at all 😌
Adek Kenzo
Adek Kenzo 2 månader sedan
Perfect lady
Asmr Relax
Asmr Relax 2 månader sedan
Вы очень красивая😍😍😍❤❤❤
71guerrini 2 månader sedan
This woman is the most beautiful woman I ever seen she is pure ANGEL
Romeo Mesina
Romeo Mesina 2 månader sedan
I want to thank you so much for this video. It put tears in my eyes because you reminded me how important I can be and that life can still be meaningful despite the sadness and rejections or pain that anyone can go through. I watch this video because it relaxes me and gives me encouragement that I can not get from others. I wish that your viewers would also feel encouraged. Thank you.
Silvia Fernández Vázquez
Maria, you have the purest heart I've ever seen in ASMR community, the one who has sticked to its own style since the very beginning. Thank you for keeping this part of our lives a safe spot to return when life's not being easy. ❤️
José maria Alvarado
José maria Alvarado 2 månader sedan
That eyes bro...
Elena Samia ASMRfan
Elena Samia ASMRfan 2 månader sedan
I love the video but these motorbike sounds can be heard unfortunately...❤️
Dale D
Dale D 2 månader sedan
Good job
Kelsey Monahan
Kelsey Monahan 2 månader sedan
Can we get an ASMR makeup tutorial for this look, Maria?! 😍 gorgeous!
arctic wolf stables
arctic wolf stables 2 månader sedan
It's the middle of the day rn im not trying to take a nap but HOLY CRAP this is so relaxing I almost fell asleep
AstroAdam 2 månader sedan
This is the best video in the world
Joanna Johnson
Joanna Johnson 2 månader sedan
Maria, if you read this I just wanted to say thank you for another wonderful video. You can really tell that you put genuine love and heart into your videos. Your soul shines through in all of them, especially ones like these. You give out so much love and deserve all the love and happiness in return. I hope that during this tough time you are doing okay and on those tough days even the best of us have you feel the love you give out in return, as you are deeply loved and appreciated by so many. 💖 Thank you.
Alex Rojas
Alex Rojas 2 månader sedan
I watch Maria because she is genuine. Thank you Maria for my peace of mind at bedtime. I no longer fear going to bed wondering if I will toss and turn.
Amber Carroll
Amber Carroll 2 månader sedan
Does Maria have black highlights in her hair ?
SpiritGuy222 - The Holy Saint's Tarot!
This is arguably one of the BEST ASMR videos I think I've ever seen... AMAZING talent! ... beautiful voice, beautiful girl, sweet tapping ...and LOTS of love! Thank you, sweet maiden. 💙💙💙
GUSTAVO BRASIL 2 månader sedan
Keith Curtiss
Keith Curtiss 2 månader sedan
Maria,...Aside from being the best at what you do and you have helped me considerably over the years....I have to say you look absolutely beautiful. You've never looked so good. I love your hair like that and those eyes and lips are gorgeous. You're something special lady, and I wish I met you in Maryland. I live in Columbia by the Sheraton you worked at... Coincidence huh...
Luna Carminis
Luna Carminis 2 månader sedan
This is one of my favorite ASMR videos of all time. Knocked me out within 2 minutes and I slept like a baby through the night. Please do more very quiet whispering and tapping on the camera! It is heavenly.
Antony Duhamel
Antony Duhamel 2 månader sedan
I don't want this channel to become a one trick pony, but I am really hoping for a ferrari, lamborghini, or maserati 'test drive' video someday.
Иван Кузнецов
Иван Кузнецов 2 månader sedan
Я очень люблю вас, вы самая очеровательная, восхитительная девушка!!!
DanishVlog 2 månader sedan
I truly love this lipstick. Getting such Barbie vibes in the most positive way possible 😊
Orion Grip
Orion Grip 2 månader sedan
Sangboom 2 månader sedan
Русские здесь?
Hammy Hamster
Hammy Hamster 2 månader sedan
When I looked at the description to see when this came out, it said March 1st but I of course read it as May 1st. Me at that moment: Omg! DiD MaRiA CoMe FrOm ThE FuTuRe!🤪🤪
Aulirin S2
Aulirin S2 2 månader sedan
In my mind Maria is my Galadriel while im Frodo exausted but finding a place to recharge 😌💗
Ebrar 2 månader sedan
That's such a nice scenario lol
Aulirin S2
Aulirin S2 2 månader sedan
Nice gloss gurl
BATS Action Sports
BATS Action Sports 3 månader sedan
This beauty makes the back of my head feel all fuzzy 😏
Swagimir Putin
Swagimir Putin 3 månader sedan
Maria in pink. Oof!
Paula SOUTO BORGES 3 månader sedan
Hi from Brazil Maria! You're amazing
garvin0313 3 månader sedan
Wedding Dress magazine or role play would be fabulous!!!
Didiana Barraza
Didiana Barraza 3 månader sedan
Thanks gentle
Aluna Amor
Aluna Amor 3 månader sedan
15:27 My heart 🥺 Thanks for all the restful nights you've given us Maria 🤍
PainAway ASMR
PainAway ASMR 3 månader sedan
Mmmmm tingles like crazy! Thank you Maria for all the calm you provide in a crazy world!
Darfa Fromund
Darfa Fromund 3 månader sedan
more of this please!
Morgan Lowe
Morgan Lowe 3 månader sedan
You are a STUNNER! I love all of you and your TLC.
ll Abigail and Larry more
ll Abigail and Larry more 3 månader sedan
Hi💕💖🤑 I love your vids
Sabah Hanna
Sabah Hanna 3 månader sedan
Thank you
Sabah Hanna
Sabah Hanna 3 månader sedan
Write to us what you said on the screen please
*Pəachy daydrəãmš*
*Pəachy daydrəãmš* 3 månader sedan
Totally not me looking at her neat curtains in the background
With Love, Grace
With Love, Grace 3 månader sedan
ALWestcott 3 månader sedan
I’ve been having a lot of work anxiety lately. And I’ve played this video on repeat over and over again while working and it’s helped tremendously! Thank you Maria!
Juanpa Vásquez
Juanpa Vásquez 3 månader sedan
Que rico
Dennis Bock
Dennis Bock 3 månader sedan
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 3 månader sedan
Can you share what lipstick you’re wearing? I’m in love!
Molly Blaeser
Molly Blaeser 3 månader sedan
That lipstick is hypnotic on you!
Wendy De Ruyter
Wendy De Ruyter 3 månader sedan
Maria, I suffer from insomnia, I like the whispers so much, it helps, But could you make a more darker back light?. Sometimes it lightens up to bright and that makes me more awake again. Thanks for being here for us
Kotzn R
Kotzn R 3 månader sedan
why does this make me nervous!!?? Is this relaxing for someone??
Christel Jonsson
Christel Jonsson 3 månader sedan
Such a Lovely lipgloss, Maria!
ha ns
ha ns 3 månader sedan
maria i love your outro.. dont change it! i like the cloud, fairy, yoga like vibe. 🧘🏼‍♀️
Socra Tease
Socra Tease 3 månader sedan
Instant classic
Es Rankin
Es Rankin 3 månader sedan
I hope this doesn't sound weird but I've been watching Maria since I was in highschool and always felt this way. My mother has mental issues she refuses to get help for and is an alcoholic on top of them. She wasn't a very good mother to say the least. But when I watch Maria's videos I imagine it's what it's like to have a good caring mother. Just my thoughts.
harleycharley 3 månader sedan
What am I watching? a beautiful person tapping on my window and whispering sweet nothings?
JSG 3 månader sedan
Very soothing... Wonderful lipstick 💄
idi0tik 3 månader sedan
I love your content as always, but I seriously am in awe of how good this lipstick color is on you! You look amazing, thank you for being wonderful. 💖
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