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Hello :) Let's enjoy the sounds of keyboard (keybored HA! thumbs up if you appreciate this pun), sounds of crinkly pages, writing, whispers, tapping, stamping and more. Enjoy! ♥
00:00 typing quotes from a book
05:07 sticky pad, stamping, writing
06:44 keyboard
08:52 CLOSE UPS: hands on the booklet, tapping
10:19 sticky plastic sheets
10:59 sticky pad, stamping, writing mixed with typing
18:47 flipping pages and proof reading, writing remarks
22:21 sticky pad, stamping, writing and so on until the end :)
Thank you SO much for an amazing support, you guys!
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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

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Email: MariaGentlewhispering@gmail.com

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18 jan 2021



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Gentle Whispering ASMR
Gentle Whispering ASMR 4 månader sedan
Hello :) Let's enjoy the sounds of keyboard (keybored HA! thumbs up if you appreciate this pun), sounds of crinkly pages, writing, whispers, tapping, stamping and more. Enjoy! ♥ 00:00 typing quotes from a book 05:07 sticky pad, stamping, writing 06:44 keyboard 08:52 CLOSE UPS: hands on the booklet, tapping 10:19 sticky plastic sheets 10:59 sticky pad, stamping, writing mixed with typing 18:47 flipping pages and proof reading, writing remarks 22:21 sticky pad, stamping, writing and so on until the end :) Thank you SO much for an amazing support, you guys!
isaac ruiz
isaac ruiz 2 månader sedan
again u made me feel the Chakra behind my head ..thanks ;D
Fernando Arancibia
Fernando Arancibia 2 månader sedan
Valentina M.
Valentina M. 3 månader sedan
Thank you for the video, I come back to it when I need to concentrate and work or study, or even just to relax and it's really great. You're very very very good at what you do, thanks!! 🙏🙏❤️
Fuck Society
Fuck Society 4 månader sedan
@Truth Teller Then ignore the traffic sounds if youre telling someone else to ignore something. Smh. The nerve.
Fuck Society
Fuck Society 4 månader sedan
@Truth Teller No. She cant. Lol.
virtual reality legend
Your Aircon is so loud
Jacob Eberhardt
Jacob Eberhardt 3 dagar sedan
I agree with everything she said.
Jamie 3 dagar sedan
Omg so peng look how beautiful she is. Crikey
DylanASMR 4 dagar sedan
Our girl can definitely serve looks!
Patricia Zilius
Patricia Zilius 8 dagar sedan
Thank u for ur videos I love them I put one on and it’s wonderful and helps me to sleep every night. Even the kids like them
Abhishek Mondal
Abhishek Mondal 21 dag sedan
...you remind me of my great aunt... everything she did was deliberate, precise and infinitely soothing...
Sheila C
Sheila C 28 dagar sedan
I love soft crinkles 😩 please make some of those vids 💝
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez 29 dagar sedan
lissejeanne Månad sedan
This video has become a go-to while working!! I listen over and over again, layered with soft focus music. Such a winning productivity combo!
Andrew Justin
Andrew Justin Månad sedan
i DIED @ 2:17 when she said “i did it backwards, that’s GREAT” 🤣🤣
Skip Bo
Skip Bo Månad sedan
Can you imagine watching your mother doing something like this when you were just a baby? Kids of this generation are going to be able to watch their parents on video like no other generation has before.
Emm Cee
Emm Cee Månad sedan
9:25 to 11:02 - out of this world!! ❤️❤️❤️
Sketchy Shy
Sketchy Shy Månad sedan
Anyone else seeing a pattern for red here? In her last 2 library related videos, she’s wearing red :) ❤️
Danni Jacobs
Danni Jacobs Månad sedan
Absolutely love videos like this with the unintelligible whispering! You were one of the very first ASMRtists I started listening to and have been for years since❣️
John Smith
John Smith Månad sedan
Ух, кофта то как красивая, леопёрдовая.
Cindy Lira
Cindy Lira Månad sedan
i loved the lights on ur keyboard...so cool!!!greetings,pretty Maria!!!
Jayden Garcia
Jayden Garcia Månad sedan
You do the best ASMR You do it nice and slow and not all asmrtists do that ily!!
Ellie Rumsey
Ellie Rumsey Månad sedan
me with everything i do: "i did it backwards ..that's great" and continues
Slumberland Whispers
Stamping sounds are so tingly! 😍✨These sounds are beautiful 🥰
valentino terri
valentino terri 2 månader sedan
Brittany Cavaretta
Brittany Cavaretta 2 månader sedan
I love listening to these types of videos you make while I study!!! Thank you with all my heart!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Ivan Nevsevra
Ivan Nevsevra 2 månader sedan
Кто русский
Звуки природы / Расслабляющая музыка
you are the best!!!👍👍👍
Diaz5999 2 månader sedan
So ducking beautiful ahhh 😍😍
Diaz5999 2 månader sedan
Russian goddess
Звуки природы / Расслабляющая музыка
Миллионы АСМР пересмотрела и ни одна с вами не сравниться, вы самая лучшая в этом ремесле и с вас все начинающие АСМР блогерши копируют, но я всех пересмотрела и все равно мурашки только от ваших видео
azaz z
azaz z 2 månader sedan
i needed this right now
Оленька Лебедь
Lady in red)))
Gbdbh Hehehr
Gbdbh Hehehr 2 månader sedan
How dare she speak of the crabby patty formula
Fathima Khan
Fathima Khan 2 månader sedan
I cant stop watchin this
Reine Des Rêves
Reine Des Rêves 2 månader sedan
The sounds are a bit too strong to relax. Maybe the microphone is nor the right one. Because it happens with all your videos. And you are good. I like the whispering but yeah.... wrong microphone
Pog Champ
Pog Champ 3 månader sedan
M e c h c a n i c a l k e y b o a r d
schoolinJOO 3 månader sedan
love ❤️
Rose City Ronin
Rose City Ronin 3 månader sedan
сексуальная женщина
Jane Grin
Jane Grin 3 månader sedan
Пересматриваю 3 раз и в восторге, насколько мурашечно 🥰
Kerri Cannata
Kerri Cannata 3 månader sedan
Stunning in red!!!💤💤
Bushra Bardo
Bushra Bardo 3 månader sedan
Pleeeeease make another etiquette video
The Gran G ASMR
The Gran G ASMR 3 månader sedan
Amazing!! Very relaxing!😉👍🏻
arabella 3 månader sedan
spent most of this video trying and failing to work out what was written on the post-its
Austin Ward
Austin Ward 3 månader sedan
You can hear her stomache gurgle at 14:25 lol. We love youuuuu!
Hilda Alderton
Hilda Alderton 2 månader sedan
The microphone is really a good one!!!
Rainey Day
Rainey Day 3 månader sedan
I love a good pun 🙃👌🏻
Александра Иванова
Мария, такая родная ❤️
Kaylee S
Kaylee S 3 månader sedan
You don't understand how glad I am to see you've used the word "unintelligible" instead of "INAUDIBLE" !!!! (Inaudible means completely unable to be heard! Silent! No sound whatsoever! Terrible descriptor for ASMR because the whole point is the gentle sound they're trying to talk about!) Thank you for using the correct descriptor and being in general a perfect ASMRtist💘
ApplesNTreesShop 3 månader sedan
ahhh one of my new favorite videos! Thanks, Maria, I really needed this!
Alexandra S
Alexandra S 3 månader sedan
The curious mercury controversly welcome because archeology bizarrely heal astride a ambitious expert. inconclusive, obsolete fork
Mary Elizabeth Smith
Mary Elizabeth Smith 3 månader sedan
I love this. I love all your stuff. Your microphones are almost too good these days. The whispers are not unintelligible you can hear every little thing and it’s just almost too much in your videos these days. I know your always trying to improve but your mics are really sensitive
mini K
mini K 3 månader sedan
Maria, I love your paper sounds😊
Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride 3 månader sedan
Pretty sure Maria is the only person to pull off this outfit that well and also look so stunning!! Love you Maria!! ☀☀
Diane Mckimmy
Diane Mckimmy 3 månader sedan
When you get "key-bored" (get it?)
FaiD ASMR 3 månader sedan
The proof reading section was brilliant 😁!
Ilker-Yasin Akin
Ilker-Yasin Akin 3 månader sedan
Omg haiiii I love your vids so much. They make me feel relaxed. It's so great to have people like you on yt. Have a great day Maria and everyone else here. :3
Sara Corona
Sara Corona 3 månader sedan
Hello Maria! could you do other "Listen while study" videos? You're the only way I manage to concentrate during this coronavirus pandemic!
gliched 3 månader sedan
This is really entertaining.
Amy Ercole
Amy Ercole 3 månader sedan
Side note: I’m curious to know what is written in all those black books with the clear protective covers. It’s tingle central, but I’m still curious!
Amy Ercole
Amy Ercole 3 månader sedan
“ I did it backwards, that’s GREAT! 😒” haha you crack me up Maria! I really enjoyed the bloopers from the 2 million subscribers video for that very reason! This video is so relaxing, thank you!
Inna Alieva
Inna Alieva 3 månader sedan
Luiz Humberto
Luiz Humberto 3 månader sedan
She's the best! EVER!!!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
TheSkyline5467 3 månader sedan
Would love to see more typing with neat sounding laptop style keyboard
Maria Cláudia Rodrigues
Maria Cláudia Rodrigues 3 månader sedan
Hello! I love your videos in general. But you really type this way???
puppiette 4 månader sedan
Even though she is typing the keyboard, the way she press each key makes me feel like it's my mother's hand rubbing my aching stomach.
Nina Does Asmr
Nina Does Asmr 4 månader sedan
The queen of asmr 😍
He Lo
He Lo 4 månader sedan
Its hard to understand when you whisper like that
cassandra smith
cassandra smith 4 månader sedan
Love the sticky notes and stamps! Love the hand movement! Well done ❤️
Aron Mikael Music
Aron Mikael Music 4 månader sedan
I started watching you in 2012 and still come back.
Вазген Назарян
Мария, это очень круто. Спасибо))
Diana 4 månader sedan
Maria idk where that tappy booklet is but if you got rid of it I will be calling my lawyers 🤩😂 Ok that was aggressive but wow so many tingles
Consumed Bike
Consumed Bike 4 månader sedan
this is a weird form of content creation, because she's pretending to learn (or maybe she isn't), for a camera... still like the video tho! :)
Herman Ebuxt
Herman Ebuxt 4 månader sedan
Вы даёте чувство умиротворения! Спасибо!
Jennifer DeSoto
Jennifer DeSoto 4 månader sedan
I agree with everyone, so great, so pretty. I have just one complaint...even though the keyboard lights up and matches all the lovely red, I'm not too fond of the springing sound of the keys. Its not the traditional typing sound I'm used to and it made it less relaxing. Keep up the great work Maria, you are my go so ASMRtist.
Nicolet R
Nicolet R 4 månader sedan
Maritza Van der Walt
Maritza Van der Walt 4 månader sedan
soooo mezzzmoeriiiiizinggggg
Clark Bird
Clark Bird 4 månader sedan
I love that outfit!
No other Like my own skin
No other Like my own skin 4 månader sedan
Can you make Japanese Pray Song in Japanese Language for 2 Hours not religious yet spiritual? Like Napali spiritual belief (write it down on paper and pencil)
Hector Bueno
Hector Bueno 4 månader sedan
I think Valeriyas a bit prettier
Hector Bueno
Hector Bueno 4 månader sedan
Russia produces beautiful women she's beautiful
paula ner
paula ner 4 månader sedan
I love to see how you move your hands 👐
Derek Hansell
Derek Hansell 4 månader sedan
Cherry MX brown switches or similar, sounds like. Maybe reds, but it seems like there's a tactile bump in there.
Burak Çulha
Burak Çulha 4 månader sedan
This girl is beatiful enough to make the thumbs up regardless how useless the video is. Keep goin' girl
Truth Teller
Truth Teller 4 månader sedan
The traffic noise really threw me off from relaxing in this video, but I LOVED the content! It’s too bad. Can you start making videos in your box again to prevent the road noise?
AirChunk 4 månader sedan
Idk what it is about the first few seconds into the video but it's brain caressing 🤯
ASMR with Bean Marie
ASMR with Bean Marie 4 månader sedan
Wow i loveeeeee your shirt Maria!!!! 😍❤️
LAVA TV Supreme Kitty Council
I have that same keyboard. Mine has more than a few gel tabs stuck between the keys that fell in years ago, what about yours?
Susan Ellis
Susan Ellis 4 månader sedan
Why don’t you do one like the Physical therapist one of 7 years ago?
Icicle 4 månader sedan
8:55 oh my gosh that sound is amazing!
Евгений Саныч
Евгений Саныч 4 månader sedan
Моя госпожа😊
Jenny Pepper
Jenny Pepper 4 månader sedan
I love this look on u!
Jenny Pepper
Jenny Pepper 4 månader sedan
This video is so relaxing omg I shouldn’t fall asleep rn
Caroline 4 månader sedan
I did it backwards that’s great 🤣🤣🤣
Tidal Wave
Tidal Wave 4 månader sedan
She speaks English with a thick accent to this day, but funny enough, she started speaking her native Russian with a noticeable foreign accent, too. ☹️
Santiago Alonso
Santiago Alonso 4 månader sedan
and that is the magic of pink switches
N A T T Y 4 månader sedan
Omg, I love your soft hands movements and your inintelligible wispers.. you're the best doing that! ✨❤️
Lady Troll
Lady Troll 4 månader sedan
Lol that keyboard is more for gamers
lastpidigit9 4 månader sedan
This is honestly my new favourite ASMR video - thank you Maria!!
صفاء طالب
صفاء طالب 4 månader sedan
WHEREsmycookie118 4 månader sedan
She's Looking Great !!! 😲
rdrumz tp
rdrumz tp 4 månader sedan
The Queen of ASMR !! I’ve been watching your videos since 2012, still getting the tingles
Brando's Adventure
Brando's Adventure 4 månader sedan
When Maria taps her fingernails, it's heaven. When someone else does it, I want to punch them in the face
Where’s the exit
Where’s the exit 4 månader sedan
One half of my brain: nothing she’s doing is productive...why she doing t like that... The other half of my brain: dude shut up and quit analyzing WE ARE GETTING TINGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱🤯
Tiffany Enriquez
Tiffany Enriquez 4 månader sedan
In my whole ASMR watching career..... this is what I dreamed of. Favorite video ever. 🤍
requiemforacloud 4 månader sedan
I’m so stoked I have the same keyboard as you lol
Airy_predator2 4 månader sedan
It's 12pm
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