Magazines, Books and Turkeys 😄 ASMR LoFi *Soft Spokenish* 

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*CLICK 18:26 to be CONFUSED* 😂
Hello, today I wanted to show you some of the magazines, kids' books and beauty items that I got. I miss making these laid back and in a moment videos so here is one 😊 Thank you for watching!
00:00 Spring vibing with unprepared Maria
01:25 Magazines and sticker books
10:30 Toddler books
17:20 TURKEYS attack?
May be they need ASMR too 🦃? may be they like magazine flipping sounds? 😄 may be I'm a good looking turkey 🙃? What do you think?
19:44 Sephora goodies
29:49 Tapping on Camera and sunset
Nailpolish amzn.to/3dL8YNA

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

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8 apr 2021



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Gentle Whispering ASMR
Gentle Whispering ASMR 2 månader sedan
*CLICK **18:26** to be CONFUSED* 😂 Hello, today I wanted to show you some of the magazines, kid's books and beauty items that I got. I miss making these laid back and in a moment videos so here is one 😊 Thank you for watching! 00:00 Spring vibing with unprepared Maria 01:25 Magazines and sticker books 10:30 Toddler books 17:20 TURKEYS attack? May be they need ASMR too 🦃? may be they like magazine flipping sounds? 😄 may be I'm a good looking turkey 🙃? What do you think? 19:44 Sephora goodies 29:49 Tapping on Camera and sunset
Brandi Thomas
Brandi Thomas 17 dagar sedan
Lmfao maybe they thought you were a threat but you didn’t move so it’s kinda weird lmfao or maybe they were males making way for the head male and women lol look like some kind of servant thing going on
Robin Lynn
Robin Lynn Månad sedan
Prettiest nails ever! What is the brand and color please?
Steffen Gray
Steffen Gray Månad sedan
Do you get noticed anywhere you go? Just wondering
Erin Nash
Erin Nash Månad sedan
This video is severely underrated!! The 's' sounds were sublime and I was tickled about the gobble-chickens. Maria, THANK YOU for always thinking of us and the effort you put in to these! I'd love another antique video one day!!
Dinkus McGee
Dinkus McGee Månad sedan
I really enjoyed the last Home Design magazine video. I really like the planting one as well💓 I wish somebody would do a home design and tips and tricks on small spaces
Jennifer Renee Crust
My husband said its mating season. I love the part when the turkey sticks his head up at you. Hilarious!!
ZanyProductionz 3 dagar sedan
she's already 2!!! OMG!
Nicole Hansen
Nicole Hansen 6 dagar sedan
Why do I find turkey's absolutely terrifying? 😅
ThinkinGuy 7 dagar sedan
i am a turkey watching this video!
Melissa Locke
Melissa Locke 7 dagar sedan
... now I need to know what Russian farm animals sound like!
Sweet Carol
Sweet Carol 13 dagar sedan
Maria, how did you record with both hands in the booklet? hahaha my great curiosity
Michele Syvertsen
Michele Syvertsen 14 dagar sedan
Mating season.
Sa_Va Tarasenko
Sa_Va Tarasenko 14 dagar sedan
ты вернёшь асмр на русском?
Leigh Carroll
Leigh Carroll 16 dagar sedan
This is my favorite video I've ever seen, all time, of all.
lil devil w horns
lil devil w horns 16 dagar sedan
This is the best video ever
Brandi Thomas
Brandi Thomas 17 dagar sedan
It would be soooo cute if we could see your little twin adding her stickers to her book i think it would be too cute 🥰
zilla 18 dagar sedan
LOL the turkeys
Nefosky ASMR
Nefosky ASMR 20 dagar sedan
There's something extremely "natural" about this video, almost reminds me of hanging out with people on a hot summer evening and dozing off while hearing them speak... so good!
Emily Au
Emily Au 20 dagar sedan
I love the part when you enjoyed seeing the turkeys so much 😁
Ирина Головенко
Turkeys made this video and my day))
Anya Barbulat
Anya Barbulat 25 dagar sedan
I love your channel! It would be so interesting to know more about you 🙈😍
Uniqueme Tay
Uniqueme Tay 26 dagar sedan
Okay whoa... I finally got time to come back to this video and a little after 25:00 I was looking at the steering wheel thinking "that says jeep, I know it does because I have a jeep" then you literally stop, touch the steering wheel and say "oh, yes, I love my jeep". HAD to share that because I was like how... like how did she know? Haha
Kim Barnett
Kim Barnett 26 dagar sedan
You are a genuine lovely person. Always a relaxing wonderful experience watching your videos. The combination of voice and hand movements definitely enhance the asmr experience. Always my go to at night to facilitate my sleep. You are the best. Many thanks I found your channel
Heather Scott
Heather Scott 26 dagar sedan
Makeup favorites video request!
nicola staff
nicola staff 28 dagar sedan
Love these lo fi videos 😍 would love to see another Baby thrift video using Mila’s books . Thank you for all your hard work x
sakooo 29 dagar sedan
omg we neeeeeed more of thessssse!!!
Carolina Carranza
Carolina Carranza Månad sedan
Love all the video!
Ekaterina Nikiforova
" i know some people are against disney princesses... but i grew up with them... and im fine" hahahahah SAME
Samantha Clancey
Samantha Clancey Månad sedan
THIS IS HILARIOUS!! You totally cracked me up with this one!!
ASMlauRa Månad sedan
I never knew how iridescent turkey feathers were until this video! You’re the Jane Goodall of turkeys 🦃
Tanya Lynn Smith
Tanya Lynn Smith Månad sedan
Super tingly!! ❤️
Beyond London
Beyond London Månad sedan
I love this Maria- thank you! It’s closer to your previous videos from a few years ago which I love. I love your lofi show and tell in a soft voice (rather than whisper) and particularly when you are eating something. :))
Laura Drewett
Laura Drewett Månad sedan
It's like a new version of Hitchcock's 'The Birds' 😅. Love it Maria!
Jocelyn Harold
Jocelyn Harold Månad sedan
Thanks for this...if you could do another wine tasting or cooking video that would be super dope ❤️ I’m still looking for that video where you made that chicken dish... I finally found ground chicken where I live 🤣
Sana Malik
Sana Malik Månad sedan
What’s lofi mean
Jade Fournier-Chevalier
I always wondered how the camera was holding 😂
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith Månad sedan
LOVE magazine / book browsing
Nicole Seltz
Nicole Seltz Månad sedan
So in love with your casual videos i listen to them at work and it gets me through my day
Mackenzie Jacques
Mackenzie Jacques Månad sedan
i would love a video on you unboxing mini things!
debbieomi Månad sedan
I love the lo-fi! I vote for more! :-)
Nahla Alfia
Nahla Alfia Månad sedan
Turkeys be like : let me in your videos. I want to say hello with Maria's subscribers🤝🤝🤝
Shannon Wallace
Shannon Wallace Månad sedan
More magazine videos please 😁💖🙏
Ankie Månad sedan
I don’t have a fetish, but I’ve always had something for your hands. They are so feminine and your nails, OMG! Combined with me loving your videos I think that I kinda put your acting skills into it aswell because for me now, your hands represents femininity, caring, motherly empathy (empathy in general) cleanliness, perfectionism and beauty (and much more, but I may already sound crazy, and I think you get the picture) Imagine that a pair of hands can make a person feel that way... so clearly, asmr videos with you doing stuff with your hands with while soft speaking always has me dozing of blissfully...
Sparks Bodybuilding
Sparks Bodybuilding Månad sedan
Haha so it's mating season for turkeys and what probably happened is they saw their reflections in the sides of your car and puffed for intimidation. Geese do the same thing when seeing theirs as well.
Katerra Månad sedan
Would be amazing if you did a magazine flip through going through the pages and talking about it those types of videos are amazing 😍😍
Steve J. Lance
Steve J. Lance Månad sedan
I can honestly say that I have never experienced a sweeter person than Maria in the whole of my life. Her family and friends must adore her. What a darling woman❣️❣️❣️
Carmel Månad sedan
I love this video - it’s nice to contrast the highly produced ones with more natural ones like this. The turkeys had me cracking up so much 😂
Helen O'Neill
Helen O'Neill Månad sedan
i don’t know if you’ve tried the cerave cleanser, they’re got a few different types and they’re great for non-stripping cleanser :) i love mine so much, i haven’t had a serious breakout or dry patches in the year i’ve been using it
Oreobunn Månad sedan
This is amazing
Marco Bueno
Marco Bueno Månad sedan
Melissa Bucholz
Melissa Bucholz Månad sedan
When they turned away from you and started showing it's because the female turkeys came out. They do it to attract a mate like peacocks. It's still mating season for them. Also, a miniature video sounds like a cool idea! I know Target has a lot of miniatures in beauty items. So does Ulta.
サ空サShinobi Månad sedan
19:23 they’re sitting there looking like a bunch of cult leaders
Pure Nightmare
Pure Nightmare Månad sedan
Proof that turkeys like ASMR 😂
Alicia Weld
Alicia Weld Månad sedan
(Commenting again so hopefully Maria sees it) Amazon has a sticker book of real life sea creatures called “Discovery Real Life Sticker Book: Ocean” for $6.99! It has a similar format, pages that allow the kids to place the stickers wherever they want. It also shows real life coral reefs, tide pools etc.. I think it’s really neat! 💙
Grace Hooks
Grace Hooks Månad sedan
Maria, I love this video SO MUCH! Thank you! I really love these lofi/softspoken/chitchat videos. They are perfect for when I need to wind down from a busy day at work but don't want to fall asleep :D Thank you so much!
Sheyanne Echols
Sheyanne Echols Månad sedan
“I’ve had a lot of fakes in my life” Relate.
Michael D'Agostino
Michael D'Agostino Månad sedan
Maria!! Please do more hauls!! (Preferably not in low-fi) this is one of my favorites!
MutzCutzAu Månad sedan
These are some of my fav types of ASMR videos!
Beth* Månad sedan
Hi, my daughter is just about 2 & 1/2 and I’m looking to start potty training her. Does anyone have any tips or books, besides the one listed in this video, to help with potty training? I had a hard time with my son Gehenna he was younger. They do say girls are easier than boys to potty train. Although I dont know how much truth to that there is. Any comments or suggestions would be a great help. Thank you!
Wei o
Wei o Månad sedan
Omg i love this video, a chill and normal voice pace video after such a long time! Thanks!
Leah Merriam
Leah Merriam Månad sedan
I laughed a lot at the turkeys 😂 they’re gorgeous too!! I never realized how magnificent they are!
Jessica Stevens
Jessica Stevens Månad sedan
Okay i rarely get tingles, especially from visuals but when you started tapping on the camera at the end that got me 😅
Robert Albert
Robert Albert Månad sedan
You are super cute!
Tanisha Gatson
Tanisha Gatson Månad sedan
This was both relaxing and hilarious at the same time! 😂 ❤️
viola caballero
viola caballero Månad sedan
I've heard of Christmas in July, but Thanksgiving in April? 😂 Turkeys and Tingles!! 🦃 I'll admit, I'm thankful regardless.
tramhok Månad sedan
Виктория Александровна
Пожалуйста видео на русском🤞👋💓
Rachael Roberts
Rachael Roberts Månad sedan
Those are some guard turkeys, ready to attack...lmao.
Crystal C
Crystal C Månad sedan
Omg the turkeys!! 😳😩😅
May McDonough
May McDonough Månad sedan
turkeys in california?
Crystal C
Crystal C Månad sedan
Disney is harmless and an important and exciting part of childhood!
Crystal C
Crystal C Månad sedan
I don't think they sell hairstyle magazines like they used to :( everything's online now...I loved my hairstyle magazines too!
Crystal C
Crystal C Månad sedan
My mom just got into gardening! Im gonna go get this book for her! Thanks for one of her bday gifts! 🙏🏽
Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko Månad sedan
18:17 soo cutee
Erin Way
Erin Way Månad sedan
clearly turkey mating season. soooo funny.
renoreno66 Månad sedan
Literally love these videos the most. The page flipping and chit chat. So many tingles ❤️
Parker S.
Parker S. Månad sedan
29:49 till the end had my brain MELTINGGGGG
LC Gibson
LC Gibson Månad sedan
oh my goodness! That turkey situation had me crying 😂
taydoty5 Månad sedan
Love the lowfi videos the best
Brad Bartels
Brad Bartels Månad sedan
Here I am trying to be all relaxed and go to sleep...and then 🦃🦃🦃🦃!!! And now I’m 😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!
Kimberly Martinez
Kimberly Martinez Månad sedan
18:17 was the funniest part ever! The turkeys head just pops out of nowhere 😂
Caits and Alan
Caits and Alan Månad sedan
I absolutely love your videos! So relaxing 😌 also Fresh brand is the bomb! I have been using Soy Facial Cleanser and I can’t ever go back to anything else. Hope you enjoy it too 🤗
Tylah J
Tylah J Månad sedan
American turkeys are so majestic 😲
E N Månad sedan
Maria runs her errands - Maria makes a top quality video!
cryingaboutbooks Månad sedan
Cicada King
Cicada King Månad sedan
i love this video!!
Oliver Watson
Oliver Watson Månad sedan
The Queen of asmr
Hannah Johnson
Hannah Johnson Månad sedan
i loooove this style of video!!
sadie Månad sedan
Maria i would love another makeup application video. I constantly watch your old ones they’re both informative and relaxing. Thank you. 🌸💕
Kendra Dyson
Kendra Dyson Månad sedan
An older children’s books with the flaps would be amazing. Love the sound.
Феликс Феликсович
your voice is the best
Krystina Alice Gascoigne
Those turkeys!! That was so funny!! xx
CF Månad sedan
Oooh you for some really nice products! Fresh is a lovely brand. And the sugar lip is outstanding. I have them in so many colors. Well done!!
CF Månad sedan
Omg how freaky! I don’t blame you for being scared. It was cool to see. Thanks for filming that!
Paulette Chahin
Paulette Chahin Månad sedan
I'm a fan of the car videos
Jill L. {justjillyo}
Dude those Turkeys were awesome!!!!! Love little unboxings! I enjoy vids like this :)
I Ford
I Ford Månad sedan
I have always loved hearing and watching you go through books. I saved the Alice and Wonderland popup book video to one of my favorites a while back. Love listening to you chat, Maria!
Anna Daniels
Anna Daniels Månad sedan
Asmr Grocery Haul Please!
Keerthana Pullela
Keerthana Pullela Månad sedan
please make more vlogs like these they're so perfect :)
Sydney17 Månad sedan
i would LOVE to see more of the gardening magazine. I love gardening!
Craig Laskowski
Craig Laskowski Månad sedan
Where are you that a dozen wild turkeys are running around!?!? Turkey hunters spend hours sitting in a bush just to find one or two 60 yards away
Marie Michele
Marie Michele Månad sedan
Hahaha the turkeys were unexpected
Lydia Quinn
Lydia Quinn Månad sedan
Oh so funny, Turkey butts xx
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