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Today I'll be showing you my favorite frames "Halle" and "Quartet"!
Hello darling 🥰 it's so good to see you again! You like my accessories?😃 I'd love to gift you some of them 😘
00:00 lovely glasses
04:48 silk scarf
07:05 pearls
07:52 fur shawl
12:02 silk gloves
15:41 diamond crown
18:49 showing you affection 😍

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

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22 mar 2021



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Gentle Whispering ASMR
Gentle Whispering ASMR 2 månader sedan
Hello darling 🥰 it's so good to see you again! You like my accessories?😃 I'd love to gift you some of them 😘 00:00 lovely glasses 04:48 silk scarf 07:05 pearls 07:52 fur shawl 12:02 silk gloves 15:41 diamond crown 18:49 showing you affection 😍
Jess B
Jess B 26 dagar sedan
You definitely need to go platinum blonde! It suits you❤
Shoaibansari619 Månad sedan
@Charlotte Macy 🏔️⛰️🌋🏡🏠🏠🏠🏚️🏠🏡🏢🏣🏥🏤🏘️🏗️🏜️🏖️🗻⛰️🏞️🌐🏟️🏡🗻🏟️🏡🗻🌏🏟️🏛️
Tamara Andersson
Tamara Andersson Månad sedan
@Ginger Shines Based on what?
z power
z power 2 månader sedan
@Fiona Firth Honestly, that's All you could think about? There's always a person like you in the crowd 😜
Kale Christianson
Kale Christianson 2 månader sedan
Possible for one more Color Matching with Celebrities? My absolute favorite/most calming production yet
Nicole Yang
Nicole Yang Dag sedan
She put the crown on my eyebrows lol
CrackRaider19 3 dagar sedan
You kind of look like karela DeVille
ssquanto 3 dagar sedan
Pls do more of these! Love the attention to detail but also your voice sounds perfect ♥️
Emily H
Emily H 4 dagar sedan
I still come back to this one! It’s SO cute and I love how friendly Marilyn is! 💕💕
Grey Aldrich
Grey Aldrich 7 dagar sedan
marilyn and maria ARE quite similar names...
writing dreamer
writing dreamer 7 dagar sedan
The mannerisms
Erasmo Garcia
Erasmo Garcia 8 dagar sedan
☺️You look like hey and you are so pretty🦋
Shohista Raxmatova
Shohista Raxmatova 9 dagar sedan
Класс! Ждём ролик Мерилин Монро на русском языке
Pauline Bellini
Pauline Bellini 11 dagar sedan
Ouaaah c'est fort on dirait elle dans les homme préfère les blondes !!!😳😳🤩🤩🤩
huckleberry Finn
huckleberry Finn 12 dagar sedan
Oh nice babouchka monroe ^^
Holidays411 12 dagar sedan
🤣Тиз соу фъни
Катерина 13 dagar sedan
Это просто БОМБЕЗНО! Ничего более сказать не могу...🦋🤤
Captain Zach Sparrow
Captain Zach Sparrow 13 dagar sedan
This is the most realistic roleplay on SElosk. Very very soothing and relaxing madam. Wonderful job
MiniMex4 19 dagar sedan
From 21:21 till the end of the video is where I seem to get the most tingles 🤔 this video is great and I watch all of it or just the last part to help me fall asleep. Thank you!
YEAH FRESHIES 21 dag sedan
Iconic Maria, such a great a video!!
John Helms
John Helms 25 dagar sedan
The voice and hand movements in this video are really great.
Liv Life No Filter
Liv Life No Filter 25 dagar sedan
Great Job “Maria-lyn!” Omg. You need to submit this to studios. You could make a great Marilyn movie.
Becca's Beauty
Becca's Beauty 26 dagar sedan
You should so do a wig shop ASMR video 👍🏻
Hand movement Yam ASMR and Yax GAMING
I’m so glad to see you to asmr queen
maya titus
maya titus 29 dagar sedan
love u maria, but did marilyn have face spazzems like that?
Karina S
Karina S Månad sedan
Машенька, да Вы же копия Мэрилин! Вы настолько точно передели её томно-нежные повадки и мимику лица. Да и вы, в принципе, похожи с ней. Это невероятно! 😊🌹
Chris Pierce
Chris Pierce Månad sedan
Marylin Monroe making us feel good from beyond the grave...
Veronica Jo
Veronica Jo Månad sedan
I can tell how much research and effort was put into this impersonation. VERY well done as always Maria 💜😌
Angela Cooper
Angela Cooper Månad sedan
Your study on some of Marylins behaviours is great
Eduarda Santos
Eduarda Santos Månad sedan
Only got to notice the necklace issue due to the comments 😅 I don't know about the other people, but I really got a bit sad in the end of the video. Brilliant as always 💕
patanella Månad sedan
be still my fragile heart 😍
Milagros Månad sedan
This is the video that gave me the most tingly in my life !! Please continue making videos of Marilyn
Rose Harmonics-Better Living
Marilyn Monroe with a Russian accent, how kool is that! ✨✌️
Мила Мазрицкая
Мария, шикарно!👍🔥😘😍
T B Månad sedan
The exact star quality of Marilyn!! She’s my favorite from history and you’re my favorite today. So fun and magnetic.
Bárbara Cordero
Bárbara Cordero Månad sedan
Maria, you're just gorgeous and beautifully soothing
Luis Pinon
Luis Pinon Månad sedan
Please do a lady Di asmr video, it would be a nice concept!
hello Månad sedan
When I was 9-10 I had a really bad hair cut and people said to me I looked like Marilyl
carolineclapton Månad sedan
Amazing impression, you have her mouth & eyebrow movements down to a tee!
Luis Romero
Luis Romero Månad sedan
Saltina Marie
Saltina Marie Månad sedan
You look like Marilyn Monroe AND Gwen Stefanie here
Haylie Marie Shackelford
You absolutely nailed her facial movements. Bravo, lovely. ❤
Tammy Parkes
Tammy Parkes Månad sedan
Just no. Sorry.
Annabelle Knapp
Annabelle Knapp Månad sedan
I love how much work you put in to your videos and I love your dedication!
Martin Balladares
Martin Balladares Månad sedan
Maria can sell a ketchup popsicle to a man with white gloves
Celeste Månad sedan
Well, this is lovely and all, but... MOAR DIAMONDS PLZ. And thank you. ;)
Corey Månad sedan
The impersonation is incredible.
Johan_Von _Schnitzel
Babushka Monroe
Abbey Mander
Abbey Mander Månad sedan
she remind me of lana del rey a little in this lol
bethanydawn111 Månad sedan
The Marilyn emotions give me extra tingles every time!
TIGER ASMR Månad sedan
Мало что понятно, но реклама горячая 🥺
Aubrey Månad sedan
It was about 3:30 pm when I watched this and my Mom came home at 4:45 and she caught me in my room sleeping!Lol🤍
Chase Childress
Chase Childress 2 månader sedan
In my fnaf fanfic toy chica is like this a meralyne monroe type character very classy proper weats furs pearls and diamonds and shes married to freddy fazbear who owns hotels in fazbear county.
Milagros 2 månader sedan
The best video
Natasha Barlahan
Natasha Barlahan 2 månader sedan
Girl you need to go platinum blonde, absolutely stunning!
Ksenia 2 månader sedan
Как было бы приятно послушать Мерилин на русском ❤️
Meredith Anne
Meredith Anne 2 månader sedan
This is incredibly beautiful. You channel her so well, Maria. ❤
danigirl0309 Anderson
danigirl0309 Anderson 2 månader sedan
Love 💕 this!!!
Anna Pan
Anna Pan 2 månader sedan
Wait... it was sponsored by an eyewear company? How is that possible that I noticed it only when i read the description lol
With Love, Grace
With Love, Grace 2 månader sedan
you look freaking fabulous 😍😍 obsessed 🥰
Maximus X infinity
Maximus X infinity 2 månader sedan
R S 2 månader sedan
Maria so reminds me of russian singer Natalie who sang ветер с моря дул 🤩 especially in a very old video Облака (called Clouds), where this singer is in Monroes outlook too. Maria and Natalie almost same face 🥰 if anyone fancy just check it out too 😉 you’d b a little shocked 😉
jahan's vlog
jahan's vlog 2 månader sedan
Make videos for gents
Seanmdjr 2 månader sedan
. .
SanDiegoHikerGirl 2 månader sedan
New wig sponsorship!!
Lorraine Bayer
Lorraine Bayer 2 månader sedan
I find it so delightful the way she says “Isn’t that just wonderful?” at 2:18
the_punsexual 2 månader sedan
Her mannerisms are so interesting to me She’s got it all down
lyndagayemiller 2 månader sedan
Elias E
Elias E 2 månader sedan
Jesus you're beautiful
Cybernaut 2 månader sedan
I have the same crown at home, nice
Alison Boston
Alison Boston 2 månader sedan
Great video, love the way Maria seamlessly brought up the sponsor without sacrificing the tingles
DankDani 2 månader sedan
I NEED MOOOORE!! Love both Marilyn videos 😁👏
🍀 2 månader sedan
her eye and eyebrow movements somehow were super tingly and also made me cry tears for some reason i somehow mirrored the emotions and some feeling? very talented as always
BreadFruit :3
BreadFruit :3 2 månader sedan
Wow I might buy a pair of those glasses. They look really cool.
Morgan Lowe
Morgan Lowe 2 månader sedan
3:31 I watched over and over. How did you channel her so well? I am JUST as memorized by you as I am her. Brava!
Tasha 2 månader sedan
You're so beautiful Maria ♥️🌹
Una Pablito
Una Pablito 2 månader sedan
Мария, Вы прекрасны 😍 успехов и процветания в Вашем деле. 🤗👍 подскажите, пожалуйста, где Вы приобрели такой чудесный парик? Если можно, оставьте ссылку, пожалуйста 🙂
Breezy Tea
Breezy Tea 2 månader sedan
09:56 ‘Ofcourse I don’t believe in that girlfriend’ - a little Maria peeked out. That was perrrrfect!
Z.R.E. 2 månader sedan
sir are you okay
Titas Alice Syed
Titas Alice Syed 2 månader sedan
You are a real magician Maria❤️❤️❤️ you are just like a sweet, melodious soothing dream ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Miriam❤️ASMR 2 månader sedan
Waw, amazing ❤️🌹❤️
Andrés Escobar
Andrés Escobar 2 månader sedan
Maria please put that tiara on your head again. All hail the ASMR Queen😍👑
Sandra Nelson
Sandra Nelson 2 månader sedan
ASMR has a Russian Queen. Hollywood has lost a natural film star.
Angel 2 månader sedan
ой, ну не могууу..)) Бабушка Марусяяя))) спасибо за веселое видео на английском.
Guinea54 2 månader sedan
You always reminded me of a Hollywood actress. I think you could have been one if you pursued it. You have the look and the whatever it factor about you..prob in an alternate universe you are...and nicole kidman is an asmr artist
Anna Fomina
Anna Fomina 2 månader sedan
You are so beautiful! Настоящая красавица Мария! 😊😊😊😍😍😍
Velena Iresne
Velena Iresne 2 månader sedan
i watched this whole video in 1.25 speed and dint even notice
wereallmadhere9 2 månader sedan
Better than Ivy Winters’ Snatch Game. 💯
Lina Marie
Lina Marie 2 månader sedan
I LOVE Marylin 🥺❤
Baylee Bacon
Baylee Bacon 2 månader sedan
Nailed it, Maria!! One of my faves impersonating one of my faves lol
buzaldo 2 månader sedan
Cool. Looks like you had fun. Anybody who disliked were looking for something else
Gogo Sylvia
Gogo Sylvia 2 månader sedan
It just occured to me that one of my first cognitive ASMR experiences was watching Marilyn Monroe in (I think) "How to Marry a Millionaire".
Jenny Whiskey
Jenny Whiskey 2 månader sedan
So I’m a HUGE Marilyn Monroe fan. And I have to say...she has this bottom lip thing that you have perfectly imitated! It’s pretty amazing. Well done!
Amanda K. Morales
Amanda K. Morales 2 månader sedan
You've really got the mouth movements down. Love Marilyn! Love you!
ZERO ELEMENT 2 månader sedan
а где пу-пу би-ду -пу- пуууууу!?
Ladyof thecats
Ladyof thecats 2 månader sedan
One the light purple glasses are AMAZING on ur face shape! And two u did any amazing job u pulled this off so amazingly well!
Gogo Sylvia
Gogo Sylvia 2 månader sedan
Maria's got it going on with the eye and eyebrow expressions. If someone decides to SERIOUSLY make another Marilyn movie, they should tap Maria for the starring role.
seanmarcus 2 månader sedan
Shut up and take my money *throws money*
Tess Berkowitz
Tess Berkowitz 2 månader sedan
So blown away by her ...magical
Beck 2 månader sedan
Maria going to a cosplay convention as a Marilyn impersonator would be an experience.
Amber mamber
Amber mamber 2 månader sedan
So excited to see you hop on this roleplay asmr trend! So awesome you chose this vintage icon. You did wonderful, as usual. ♥️
Beck 2 månader sedan
ッTmas 2 månader sedan
I love how she casually did a sponsor lmao
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