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Hello friends it's time to check up on your beautiful eyes and try out a few tests to determine your prescription. This one includes lots of light and hand movement triggers that I hope you will enjoy as well as an interesting eye exercise that I find fascinating! Thank you :) ♥

00:00 Introduction
00:54 Face examination
03:45 Stethoscope check up
06:04 Measuring distance between your eyes
08:29 Visual hand tests
10:09 Light observations
17:10 Dark room light observations
24:22 Eye chart reading
29:00 Lens 1 or 2, With or Without
44:24 Brock String Exercise

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

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31 maj 2021



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Gentle Whispering ASMR
Gentle Whispering ASMR 12 dagar sedan
Hello friends it's time to check up on your beautiful eyes and try out a few tests to determine your prescription. This one includes lots of light and hand movement triggers that I hope you will enjoy as well as an interesting eye exercise that I find fascinating! Thank you :) ♥ 00:00 Introduction 00:54 Face examination 03:45 Stethoscope check up 06:04 Measuring distance between your eyes 08:29 Visual hand tests 10:09 Light observations 17:10 Dark room light observations 24:22 Eye chart reading 29:00 Lens 1 or 2, With or Without 44:24 Brock String Exercise
Jarrod Woodard
Jarrod Woodard 2 dagar sedan
My dad died on Sunday morning and I miss him his name is Bryant woodard and I miss him I need a hug me and you can i rub your belly button from jarrod woodard
Ali Cat
Ali Cat 3 dagar sedan
Jamie 3 dagar sedan
@Chris Williams bro what 😂😂
Gabriel Ballester
Gabriel Ballester 4 dagar sedan
Наталья Ильминская
Мария,мы русский народ.Ждем от тебя побольше наше асмр.Мы любим тебя в России.Маша ты наша.Не забывай родные края
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Any else think she looks like Amy Adams? But beautiful as always Maria!
GenreOnline 6 timmar sedan
Soosie stack house got into funky stuff.
THEmickTHEgun 10 timmar sedan
Me sitting here wearing my newly acquired glasses.
Ember 10 timmar sedan
I mainly wanted to comment because the comment section has 999 comments and I wanted to write a comment to push it to 1k. However, these videos always put me to sleep! I've tried watching other channel's videos, and it's never worked as well for me as your videos, Maria!
Beepuke 10 timmar sedan
Oh I was gonna do the same thing!! lol
McRocket 10 timmar sedan
I REALLY respect that she does not ask for Patreon donations. All she does is offer a way for people to donate 'if you feel you need to give back'. To me? Any SElosk channel with over 500k subs AND that is not exceedingly expensive to run? It strikes me as a bit, too greedy to ask for Patreon $ in addition to their SElosk money. ☮
Belka Strelka
Belka Strelka 13 timmar sedan
Мария, умный подход, отличная работа, молодец!👍
Nancy Brantley
Nancy Brantley 13 timmar sedan
I just discovered ASMR with Maria by accident. Wow, I had no clue about asmr!! Matia is amazing!
Singh Family
Singh Family 14 timmar sedan
I have REALLY bad depression. This vid is so helpful😌😌😌
laura torres
laura torres 17 timmar sedan
A all dark vídeo wouldn’t be a bad idea cuz I felt so sleepy in the moment of the video where the lights were off !!! 🥰
lesny Daby
lesny Daby 19 timmar sedan
i watched this video more than 5 times... nd i fell asleep each time 💙
choo snau
choo snau Dag sedan
Jean François Collet
Adoration 🌍🌍🌍
Jolene Smart
Jolene Smart Dag sedan
Omg certain sounds can mean certain tumours in my eyes is that bit actually true?
Jolene Smart
Jolene Smart Dag sedan
I wonder if it’s the English one she records first or the Russian!? Lol I’m hoping Russian so she is better at the English one after :)
FBI Dag sedan
aw man im blind in my right eye ☹️
Milagros Prudente
Great after so many years, I must say I did all the checkups with you! :)
Jai Vinti
Jai Vinti Dag sedan
Knock knock
Marione B
Marione B 2 dagar sedan
I really want to enjoy Maria's ASMR videos but 1 min in I fall asleep immediatelyyyyyyyy 😭😭😭
Debbie Day Dream
Debbie Day Dream 2 dagar sedan
This has made me realise that I need glasses!!
Leorbat Phoenix
Leorbat Phoenix 2 dagar sedan
vince clary
vince clary 2 dagar sedan
I think Asmr practitioners are former Hollywood actors… love the videos
swedish girl
swedish girl 2 dagar sedan
She's thinner than ever. I guess she's not on the COVID diet like the rest of us 😭😭😭 Be our inspiration, Maria!!
Tesa ASMR 2 dagar sedan
Best eye exam I had in a while.
Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake 2 dagar sedan
what mic did you use for this video ?
moon river
moon river 2 dagar sedan
My 'go to' ASMR video for the past 7 days now😍...and counting😄👌
Keith Langner
Keith Langner 2 dagar sedan
Your eyes are so glossy, I cant stop staring at them.
Ainsley Harriott
Ainsley Harriott 2 dagar sedan
Watching GentleWhispering is what I imagine being loved is like
Heather Barron-Casoni
Heather Barron-Casoni 14 timmar sedan
i love you ainsley
Ainsley Harriott
Ainsley Harriott 18 timmar sedan
I love you Mace Windu
Mace Windu
Mace Windu Dag sedan
Thanks Ainsley
David Cooper
David Cooper 2 dagar sedan
Maria is the Queen of ASMR...
KaloneMusic 2 dagar sedan
Is it actually possible to get through that finger test without losing your focus on her nose? Maybe my screen is too small but that ****** was impossible
Lorena Kalvelage
Lorena Kalvelage 2 dagar sedan
Me, an intellect, coming here expecting a video about cleansing/healing/cradling/asmring our orbit. Like, I am a planet and you groom my orbit. :D Still not disappointed 11/10
TrAviSMR 2 dagar sedan
I fell in love at 4:13 ❤️❤️❤️
Валерия Каиси
Смотрю ваши видео уже пять лет. Мне всегда нравится. На английском нравится и на русском нравится. На английском языке даже больше нравятся видео. Не знаю почему). И вы мне нравитесь - ваши глаза, лицо приятное, мимика. Вы всегда улыбаетесь. Я ваша поклонница. Ваши видео поднимают мне настроение, расслабляют, дарят приятные ощущения АСМР. Других авторов мне не хочется смотреть. Я уверена, что вы лучшая. Благодарю вас за ваш труд, за то что вы с нами!
Jake Baker
Jake Baker 3 dagar sedan
She’s been watching SRP
Jade A
Jade A 3 dagar sedan
Idk why but when you put the light in front of your eye it made me think of button eyes and now I want to see a RP of Other Mother from Coraline! :)
Grace Cordes
Grace Cordes 3 dagar sedan
I’ve watched your channel for 5 years. You are the only asmr channel I watch but every time I am having a sleepless night I am able to turn on your channel and you are there to sing me to sleep. You helped be the night before a big test all throughout high school and now you help me do the same with big college exams. Thank you so much!
your wedgie
your wedgie 3 dagar sedan
Who is here after Gibi's animal kingdom roleplay-
Rated MK17
Rated MK17 3 dagar sedan
Maria could perform an autopsy and still make the video so damn soothing. Maria: "And now....I am removing the decedent's spleen....so softly....and gently." Corpse: "Ohhh yeah, that's the spot, Maria."
Ana OS
Ana OS 3 dagar sedan
"Can you see the letter E?" Me: 😴😴
Candice Desmet
Candice Desmet 3 dagar sedan
Maria: “sorry for the bright lights, let me know if it’s too much” Me: *falls asleep*
Drip Monkey
Drip Monkey 3 dagar sedan
Aren’t you the person from dhar Mann?
HX20 games
HX20 games 3 dagar sedan
Alyej Idnef
Alyej Idnef 3 dagar sedan
If you guys found this soothing you should check out SRP ASMR. He's a real eye doctor and his videos are stellar.
Aimee Crawford
Aimee Crawford 3 dagar sedan
I haven’t had an eye exam in 2.5 years _(I haven’t had insurance so I can’t afford an exam or lenses)_ and desperately need new glasses so this is perfect for me! 😅
Love Today ASMR
Love Today ASMR 3 dagar sedan
Sigh I feel so calm Thank you
Joyce Carson
Joyce Carson 3 dagar sedan
I knew nothing of ASMR years ago and puzzled as to why I got a little buzz at optician/ optometrist appointments. I love this because it brings it all back!
Josiah Harris
Josiah Harris 4 dagar sedan
I don't know how well known this is but I would go to focus training when I was growing up and it used some of these exercises to combat ADHD. We also did the color blind numbers, reading with the instructor using his/her finger to guide the reader and a few other exercises. I think it might make a good video. but I know you must have a list of video ideas
Jay Godfrey
Jay Godfrey 4 dagar sedan
This is so soothing. Something about the breathing, hand movements, and clicking of the phoropter...just 50 minutes of pure Zen.
고다현 4 dagar sedan
Here comes ADDICTS for the Medical roleplay, even from Maria >
Victoria Kelly
Victoria Kelly 4 dagar sedan
Your creativity is amazing Maria! I can’t imagine the amount of prep and research that goes into your videos but it ALWAYS pays off 👏👏👏 I usually listen in the evenings/night time but I’ve recently started watching on lunch break and it gives me the calm to go back to work after ❤️ thank you for getting me through the day! Xxx
Luka Šoštar
Luka Šoštar 4 dagar sedan
nice contacts stil loving this to bits
Natalie Freitas
Natalie Freitas 4 dagar sedan
i think this video is a recreation of an old video of yours which is my favorite of all time
Millena Batista
Millena Batista 4 dagar sedan
im in love
cherry_wolf 4 dagar sedan
It’s 1 in the morning and I can’t sleep and this is helping 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Katie Fitzgerald
Katie Fitzgerald 4 dagar sedan
Maria - So, you’re here for your orbital exam, is that correct? Me, stuffing pasta in my face - uh huh yup that’s right
Bushidofunk 4 dagar sedan
toxicrystal 4 dagar sedan
wait what do you mean this isn't about a preliminary exam for going into space
Rebekah Colours
Rebekah Colours 4 dagar sedan
This was a unique ASMR experience with the in the dark segment. TY, Maria. I really enjoyed it. 💗🧝🏻‍♀️
jjj1x2x3x 4 dagar sedan
I am deaf
7isQi 4 dagar sedan
You have the most beautiful eyes.
Kayla Solesby
Kayla Solesby 4 dagar sedan
soooo many tingles!!
Great British Bakes
Great British Bakes 4 dagar sedan
Ok so my first time commenting on a SElosk video ever haha but does anyone else get ASMR in a waiting room? Like at my dentist waiting room the receptionist whispers checking everyone in. And the magazines you flip thru and then there is like a water wall feature at mine. Haha And the whole thing combined gives me ASMR.
majesty10xu1 4 dagar sedan
IMO, these intentional ASMR videos feel forced and artificial, so I can't appreciate it at all.
Co Car
Co Car 5 dagar sedan
Listening to this while it's storming outside 😌 so peaceful
Hannah Rickelman
Hannah Rickelman 5 dagar sedan
This one is something special Maria
Siobhan n
Siobhan n 5 dagar sedan
I start a new job tomorrow in the city and I’m soo so nervous😭😭 You are really calming me down, thank you so much Maria!
Mr. Allen
Mr. Allen 5 dagar sedan
Hi Meg I'm Tom.
Juana Moonback
Juana Moonback 5 dagar sedan
Who is Meg?
Megan Potts
Megan Potts 5 dagar sedan
This is by far my favorite video. I’ve been watching it every night since you made it lol 😂
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez 5 dagar sedan
Homework due at midnight. 11:41 it's unfinished. But I really need this orbital exam!
Rowan Thomas
Rowan Thomas 5 dagar sedan
i've always thought eye doctor appointments were so relaxing so i love these videos sooo much thank u maria ily
Chanel Benish
Chanel Benish 5 dagar sedan
That camera is amazing
Faraon__ 5 dagar sedan
Ты не носитель языка?
bernadette laverty
bernadette laverty 5 dagar sedan
There's nothing like congratulating yourself for passing the hand tests 😂😂😂
Vitalii Usupov
Vitalii Usupov 5 dagar sedan
Английская версия по времени побольше
Alex Gamir
Alex Gamir 5 dagar sedan
okay, Black Widow you can stop pretending now
n o u r a
n o u r a 5 dagar sedan
it’s been 3 years since i discovered you , best thing ever , i would love to see a vid with a pillows scratching like the old vids if that’s okay ❤️❤️
Наталья Ильминская
Мария,привет.Мы русские люди любим тебя на родине.Делай наше асмр.
MermaidKilljoy 5 dagar sedan
me: *slowly can tell that her eyes are getting heavy close to fall asleep* Also me: "NO, SHE IS CHECKING MY PUPILS RIGHT NOW, I GOTTA KEEP THEM OPEN"
Sirajum M
Sirajum M 5 dagar sedan
Wonderful, just mesmerising Maria, this is ASMR gold. Hope this is on Spotify soon, this one is another favourite of mine already 😍
Nikola Sekuloski
Nikola Sekuloski 5 dagar sedan
N-SERV 5 dagar sedan
fcking Beautiful
Universal Universal
Universal Universal 5 dagar sedan
У вас мелодичный голос.
SanDiegoHikerGirl 6 dagar sedan
No clue what an orbital examine is but if this is how they're done I must schedule one somewhere at once!
Elia Solano
Elia Solano 6 dagar sedan
Are you okay, Maria? Your eyes look kinda sad...
atticstattic 6 dagar sedan
"I'm afraid these eyes will have to come out..."
stephanie smith
stephanie smith 6 dagar sedan
I dont know if it's the microphone or just how gently and slowly you are speaking, but this is amazing! And you always sound great, but there is something about this video. I have watched it every night for the past week.
Ankie 6 dagar sedan
I remember... It’s also my anniversary, finding out that I react to ASMR and that there were others like me. I remember watching videos before asmr even had a name and where it was hard to find videos matching my “needs”, due to not many knowing about it, but I found you and have been following you for 10 years... I love her soft spoken voice and it seems to trigger me more than whisper. But I found out that I also react more to her high pitched soft spoken voice, than this one for example, that is more in a a normal/regular voice (deeper tone) Am I the only one?
Love Today ASMR
Love Today ASMR 6 dagar sedan
You are like no other Maria! :) Thank you for making videos. Please, never leave us. You are an absolute angel and I am so thankful for you.
IRussian007 6 dagar sedan
It's not even dental, it's orbital.
K P 6 dagar sedan
I love how you used the stethoscope to make that sound against your hands
Jaysus Mac Gabhann
Jaysus Mac Gabhann 7 dagar sedan
I spend almost the whole time with me eyes closed! Also alseep so that's the point I suppose.
The Moonstone
The Moonstone 7 dagar sedan
Lens 1 or 2 was soooo tingly.
Salt and Knepper
Salt and Knepper 7 dagar sedan
As a hard of hearing person, thinking of my optometrist speaking to me like this it would give me such anxiety and infuriate me. However, it being Maria, leaves me peaceful and cozy on this summer night.
Gina Sigillito
Gina Sigillito 7 dagar sedan
Wonderful video as always Maria.
Lara ASMR 7 dagar sedan
Мария,если будет премия на лучшего ASMRтиста то Вы однозначно заслуживаете 1-е место.Вы выкладываетесь от всей души.Спасибо Вам огромное за Вашу работу,это великолепно.
Ricky Tan
Ricky Tan 7 dagar sedan
This video really does take me back!!!
Matilee Anderson
Matilee Anderson 7 dagar sedan
I have one question do you like making English videos more or Russian videos more? Also I love you so much and if it wasn't for you I would have not been able to go to sleep so I can go to school the next day❤
Silly Sausage
Silly Sausage 7 dagar sedan
is it just me or does maria seem a little sadder in this video ? hope ur okay maria (if anything’s wrong) x
Marti Earhart
Marti Earhart 5 dagar sedan
I agree. Maria has something distracting her. It hurts my heart.
A Dododza
A Dododza 6 dagar sedan
I picked up on that too. I hope she's ok.
Billie Doliber
Billie Doliber 7 dagar sedan
I love the lights. My eye doctor does the light testing and says to look at the top of his ear so maybe you could try that like you say to look at the dot on the wall.
Jill 7 dagar sedan
The sticky stethoscope Is EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGG
Akakyoak 7 dagar sedan
Idk if it’s the camera or the lighting or a new technique or what, but her makeup looks so NICE in this video! I love it!
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