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Hello class! Welcome to another Russian language lesson. I hope you will find this beneficial and relaxing! Your home assignment is to write a comment using a word or a sentence that caught your attention the most :)
00:00 Welcome
01:49 Language learning app suggestion
04:18 Alphabet
11:30 Common sentences
19:54 Fun word/slang
22:32 My favorite words
29:09 Flash cards with letters and words
Thank you for visiting my class today. ♥

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

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25 jan 2021



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Gentle Whispering ASMR
Gentle Whispering ASMR 4 månader sedan
Hello class! Welcome to another Russian language lesson. I hope you will find this beneficial and relaxing! Your home assignment is to write a comment using a word or a sentence that caught your attention the most :) 00:00 Welcome 01:49 Language learning app suggestion 04:18 Alphabet 11:30 Common sentences 19:54 Fun word/slang 22:32 My favorite words 29:09 Flash cards with letters and words Thank you for visiting my class today. ♥
Vikk Myr
Vikk Myr Månad sedan
Неправильно же буквы произносили ;с
Stacy Cameron
Stacy Cameron Månad sedan
@Groucho Darx LOL 😂
Groucho Darx
Groucho Darx Månad sedan
@Stacy Cameron 😂😂 Me too...except for the "girl" part.
Groucho Darx
Groucho Darx Månad sedan
Пожалуйста. 😊
LUSTROUS ASMR 2 månader sedan
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton 15 timmar sedan
Been scrolling comments. Why in the hell is she whispering????
Frida Camargo Parra
Frida Camargo Parra 3 dagar sedan
Me metió publicidad y yo pensando que era parte del video??? Claro que si, maravillosa jugada.
Shylah Iron Cloud
Shylah Iron Cloud 3 dagar sedan
I’ve always wanted to learn and be fluent in Russian it’s a very cool culture and language :)
James Greig
James Greig 3 dagar sedan
A series on these would be great Maria!
Emily 7 dagar sedan
I fall asleep to you speaking Russian so easily .
عالم الطقطقة
Wow it is very easy language maby because I'm Arabian and my language is the hardest one after Germany language
kazakstan please 🥺🥺🥺🥺
spelman _mine
spelman _mine 8 dagar sedan
YOU ARE THE BEST ☺ wish luck 🐞🍀
spelman _mine
spelman _mine 8 dagar sedan
My Favorite Worlds
ZanyProductionz 8 dagar sedan
the curved "y" above the half crossed "t" makes it look like it says, "Nice fo meet you!" hee hee hee.
ZanyProductionz 8 dagar sedan
Pimsleur is better.
cloudsclouds 9 dagar sedan
i would fall asleep in yr class every day
_ OVERDOSE 9 dagar sedan
All thanks to the pencil clutch from Megan🔥
Veronika Effern-gore
Veronika Effern-gore 9 dagar sedan
Learning more Russian during this than in actual freaking Russian class!
Chilltownify 10 dagar sedan
The one true ASMR Queen of the World 🌎
Cathrine Lydia
Cathrine Lydia 10 dagar sedan
I speak polish and danish looked at the Cards and guessed. Its similar but Damn u russians use Numbers too xD both danish and polish have their own letters (ąęłóçćż) and (æøå) 😂
Olivia Martin
Olivia Martin 11 dagar sedan
Мне очень нравится!!!!
Asfzg 14 dagar sedan
Girls: oh my god, russian is so cool and interesting! Boys: 19:12
•Инди кид•
•Инди кид• 14 dagar sedan
1:47 вот это да! Там же соё имя!😁
Maxi Zok
Maxi Zok 16 dagar sedan
Я тоже чуть-чуть говорю по-русский!
Danielle Jones
Danielle Jones 16 dagar sedan
Miss, please can we do sounds/textures like crinkly, squishy, tapping, etc x
Alexandre Maciel
Alexandre Maciel 16 dagar sedan
It was so interesting that I actually watched it to the end ... It is a first ... I am usually sleeping after 15 minutes ...
Elogio Acatitlan
Elogio Acatitlan 17 dagar sedan
IV been meaning to catch back on up with some pyccn
Noa Leigh Crafts 'n Games
My ADHD ass trying to listen to the lesson getting distracted by the classroom noise... too realistic LOL
ядОвИтыЙ пЛюЩ
Нормуль?))) Океюшки?)))Интересненько. Кстати тут русские учатся русскому:)
Michela Locci
Michela Locci 20 dagar sedan
My dream is to listen Maria talking in Italian❤️
Дядя Женя
Дядя Женя 21 dag sedan
Мне казалось, что образовательные ролики в стиле АСМР - это не паханное поле. Странно, что этим вплотную никто не занимается, мне кажется там можно дофига просмотров поднять. С удовольствием посмотрел бы уроки английского в исполнении Марии. Хотя азы я вроде уже давно знаю... Но по одному разу всё равно глянул бы.
raelraven3 22 dagar sedan
I studied Russian in junior high and high school back in the 1970s. I’m embarrassed to say that when Maria started going through the alphabet I only remembered the first 5 letters. Guess it’s a classic example of “If you don’t use it you lose it.”
DeLorean 12
DeLorean 12 23 dagar sedan
I did not realize that several letters from Russian are actually derived from the Greek Alphabet, such as phi and mu.
Ghost 23 dagar sedan
And remember no Russian
Elizabeth Crumpton
Elizabeth Crumpton 24 dagar sedan
0:27 my teachers would almost kill me if I didn't have my pencil or pen
Natalia Paola Cortés Bracero
If Russian speakers roll their R’s they can easily learn Spanish as well !
4gags 25 dagar sedan
Duo punching the air rn
Ustal Ustalov
Ustal Ustalov 25 dagar sedan
Балалайка хде?..водки выпила?
Ali Gani
Ali Gani 25 dagar sedan
Ребята не спите во время урока
patanella 28 dagar sedan
maria: *says anything* the class: write that down! write that down!
FAUSTOOP LAB 29 dagar sedan
could you not use cursive letters next time. Im from Brazil and Im having a little difficult on reading these letters. Spasibo 😁
Polina JPG
Polina JPG Månad sedan
Когда она заговорила на русском, я подумала что она из России...
Nagitosimp 101.3
Nagitosimp 101.3 Månad sedan
Breaths out:ok Every ruv fan girl: :)
Полина Данилова
Аааа она так мило говорит аооаоаоа
Полина Данилова
Personally, i like how "да" in russian sounds like duh
kulmbn Månad sedan
I speak Spanish. But only a few words and sentences. Also I speak English because of my comment
ModifiedHat Månad sedan
This might be late but she talks about the sponsership students: Ok.......... what is going n
The Top 10
The Top 10 Månad sedan
Please please please can you make this a series; from basics to advanced because i am learning Russian and i would love to learn it, whilst relaxing. Спасибо. Я англичанин. Oh btw. Вы Русская?
Адель Валиуллин
Мария пожалуйста, не забывайте пожалуйста русский язык, ведь он ваш родной язык!!!
sophia ramalho
sophia ramalho Månad sedan
Maria is a very common name in Brazil and although we spell it like in english, we pronounce like in Russian! So cool ❤️
? Månad sedan
uhhh whaaaa? Maria Russia you got some serious sense of humor je je...
Delano Ferrer
Delano Ferrer Månad sedan
My favorite ones educational...
Dana Månad sedan
You're so stunning! And this is definitely a boost for my Russian classes I'm starting in college 😊
Alice Zharikova
Alice Zharikova Månad sedan
When your Russian: •_•
Katja Goldsberry
Katja Goldsberry Månad sedan
I love these sm
Ki Ra
Ki Ra Månad sedan
I am glad you are building upon the Russian you've already taught in previous videos :)
_sonzare_ Månad sedan
Evelyn Stephan
Evelyn Stephan Månad sedan
So, I'm not really sure if the Russian language is similar to Latin in its grammar but could you do a grammar lesson? Maybe with some simple verbs and nouns and making them into sentences? Something like "The boy runs." or "The mother bakes." Love your videos!
megan k
megan k Månad sedan
I want my pencil back at the end
Maximus X infinity
Maximus X infinity Månad sedan
Alex F
Alex F Månad sedan
Absolutely love this. The Russian language is so beautiful.
John Enigma
John Enigma Månad sedan
Hi Maria, Thanks for this, amazing video. The learning applications don't tend to cover grammar very well (such as when you modified the ends to change gender, or plural vs singular. doing words vs static, etc. Would really appreciate if you could cover these while still maintaining the kid's style? So like, do animals or the like. "A lion is eating, a hamburger!" edit: I melted when you said cheese in russian. that is a powerful word.
Sliamee Månad sedan
У вас очень хорошее произношение
waia kevich
waia kevich Månad sedan
ничего что она русская
TheMoDoDragon 22
TheMoDoDragon 22 Månad sedan
I wanna know how accurate this was
Sugar man
Sugar man Månad sedan
Ребят, она в итоге русская или нет? А то я не могу понять
Um Ka
Um Ka 23 dagar sedan
Kira Manila
Kira Manila Månad sedan
Маша - наша) Из Липецка
Gavin Miller
Gavin Miller Månad sedan
A Russian slang video would be great!
Ghost Channel
Ghost Channel Månad sedan
Мне кажется... Или я как-то не так начинаю учить английский язык...
Emily Ridgway
Emily Ridgway Månad sedan
Here I am learning Russian when I'm gay and would probably be hated by everyone in Russia but here we go I guess ✌️
waia kevich
waia kevich Månad sedan
there are also many LGBT representatives here)
Weekly bird shit
Weekly bird shit Månad sedan
I bet russian is all fun and games until you get to the grammar
Raffy LunaLovegood
Raffy LunaLovegood Månad sedan
Omg! When Russian? With spanish I became very confidently in fee weeks. The next One portugais.
Georgian Vulpess
Georgian Vulpess Månad sedan
Почему вы говорите низким голосам,вас почти неслышно
Червячёк Игнатий
где-то:*упоминается что-то про Россию* русские:машна ехала колёса тёрлися вы не ждали нас а мы припёрлися
kresant Månad sedan
@19:10 Kawk Zilla😩
SAFE 350
SAFE 350 Månad sedan
the ambience noises were so well chosen and placed so fittingly, this is an editing masterpiece.
Megan Beck
Megan Beck Månad sedan
I have never been so honored to be named Megan
call me Ana
call me Ana Månad sedan
Maria: **is wiping the blackboard** Me: no you wont My brain: wipe. wipe. wipe it down. Me: wipe. wipe. wipe it down, wipe.
Dan 07
Dan 07 Månad sedan
Hola María De Paraguay, Enséñanos ruso en español Please!!!
Jackie Rodriguez
Jackie Rodriguez Månad sedan
Weight loss?
Ibani Månad sedan
No he aprendido ni inglés completo y ya ando viendo estos videos 🤲👺
LoveTheGold Månad sedan
This lesson in Russian is amazing but I always fall asleep before I get to finish it 😭💕
Nat Lagu
Nat Lagu Månad sedan
Nice vídeo María i love this
Supertiredman Månad sedan
The only sponsorship I didn't skip
littlechesiregirl Månad sedan
Hi! I started learning Russian for real and this video is helping me a lot :)
Светлана Казакова
Благодарю за вашу работу. Ваши уроки прекрасно усыпляют))) Возможно вы найдете возможность провести урок английского для русскоязычной публики? Такой же интересный и усыпляющий))). Желаю успеха!
Thirsty Fish
Thirsty Fish Månad sedan
I’ve never been in a class where the teacher suddenly became an app advert before... loved this lesson though!
Nathan Freitas
Nathan Freitas Månad sedan
It is incredible how powerful this videos can be💙
Javier Hdez
Javier Hdez Månad sedan
Miss, I forget my pencil, your beauty deep blue eyes distracts me¡¡¡
Мила Мазрицкая
Машенька, супер! 🤗😘🥰
Aljona Almasri
Aljona Almasri Månad sedan
Niko Miranda-Lavertu
Giving her 5 stars on RateMyProfessor because she puts me to sleep ^.^
Santosh Pahurkar
Santosh Pahurkar Månad sedan
I want to learn ... Russian language.please help me
scarlet letter
scarlet letter Månad sedan
I wish i can speak in Russian... it's just a wish...
Valentin Kaeser
Valentin Kaeser Månad sedan
And subscribe too!
Rebecca Gavin
Rebecca Gavin 2 månader sedan
8:07 WAP
Manik Jha
Manik Jha 2 månader sedan
n for nuke
10.5cmKwk.L52 TigerII
10.5cmKwk.L52 TigerII 2 månader sedan
It has returned!!!!
Sƚυριԃ 2 månader sedan
Блин, даже русские не могут понять русский, как вообще иностранцы могут его учить? 🗿
Viktoria Kopcheva
Viktoria Kopcheva 2 månader sedan
I have been asking my self if i want to study russian because of school and this video made me dissite that i want to :)
Lara Demić
Lara Demić 2 månader sedan
I'm half slovene and half coratian and all these words were so fun to figure out xD the resemblance within slavic languages is so fun!
Groggy Boy
Groggy Boy 2 månader sedan
Ah yes A watermelon 😂
Дуся 2 månader sedan
Удачи Вам, мы в России его и за 20 лет жизни не одолеваем
Butterfly Jones
Butterfly Jones 2 månader sedan
Please teach us colors next🙂I love these videos.
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Majk x Ledri Vula - Marr
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