Sleep-inducing Hair Wash & Trim✂️ EAR MASSAGE 💇 BRUSHING *WHISPER* ASMR 

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Hello friends! Today I'm pleased to see you will join me for your relaxing and sleep-inducing hair wash and trim. This tropical setting I hope will be all you'll need to drift away to a deep sleep!
00:00 Welcome
03:35 Analyzing your hair
04:22 Brushing your hair
11:40 Washing your hair
16:40 Massaging your ears
19:40 Rinsing your hair
20:09 Blotting and drying your hair
21:25 Preparing your hair for trimming
22:22 Combing your hair
27:28 Trimming your hair
37:43 Final touch up and brush

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

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Email: MariaGentlewhispering@gmail.com

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12 apr 2021



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Cheri Collier
Cheri Collier 2 dagar sedan
“I love your bangs. They’re banging. Stop😏”🤣🤣🤣
Sugarrr 4 dagar sedan
You are so pretty!
Darius Fluellen
Darius Fluellen 5 dagar sedan
She is very nice and caring for her life
James Lynn
James Lynn 14 dagar sedan
Maria's soothing voice + calm ocean sounds = Most relaxing SElosk sponsorship ever
Sarah 14 dagar sedan
Been watching for several years now! You’re the best ASMR SEloskr I’ve ever seen!
Tilhas 14 dagar sedan
I didnt know who she was i just wanted to sleep, clicked on the thumbnail and now i always watch her videos they are so good!!! And calming would recommend 👌
Damix Live
Damix Live 15 dagar sedan
Даже кофточка в тон фону😍 Все так замечательно! Манэ, ты мастер!🌷🌷🌷💝💝💝
Steph Houston
Steph Houston 15 dagar sedan
i’ve been watching you since 2014 you’ve been helping me for years to wind down and feel sleepy when i struggle sometimes, thank you your amazing forever❤️
Patricia O'Neill
Patricia O'Neill 15 dagar sedan
That background is fantastic 😍 your video's are amazing
lawrence mcdonell
lawrence mcdonell 17 dagar sedan
I reckon you must have the most expensive microphone know to modern science?
Christiona Betney
Christiona Betney 18 dagar sedan
*Ear massage* Me: 😲 what is this sorcery?? Feels like my ears are being folded closed
fifthof 20 dagar sedan
I'm bald ! So some polish and a buffing cloth please.
Samantha Meinhardt
Samantha Meinhardt 22 dagar sedan
I've just found out that I have covid-19 and I feel so HORRIBLE 🤧🌡️😷 I really need some soft attention and I know this will help. Uugh I have to self quarantine for 10 Days and I'm going to binge watch Maria and her sweet gentleness ♥️ my bf also has it. But we both love her videos and the whispers. I'm especially fond of the hair brushing ♥️ I need that so much right now 🤧😷😪🙏🏼🙏🏼
Samantha Meinhardt
Samantha Meinhardt 22 dagar sedan
My go to fix for a good night sleep 💤💤💤 I'm so addicted!
ALEXANDRA 22 dagar sedan
Maria’s corny jokes & then her commenting back to herself BRINGS ME LIFE! 😂🙌🏼
Katarzyna K
Katarzyna K 23 dagar sedan
Ależ to przyjemne. Tyle, ze ja sobie przed snem załaczyłam i tak mi sie dobrze zasnęło, aż tu nagle jak mi jakis dzwon jak nie łupnie! Myslę sobie -"pali sie jak nic!". A to misa tybetańska była! :D :D :D Pozdrawiam serdecznie!
Melissacar7 23 dagar sedan
You were born to do this, every video just gets better than the next.
foogentog 23 dagar sedan
I love you Maria. Thank you.
Elizabeth Lovelace
Elizabeth Lovelace 24 dagar sedan
The sounds of the scissors is impeccable
Ax-Dee 24 dagar sedan
is your eyes green or its just the background .. im looking at you closely i cant focus i realy like your eyes
ILYAS SOHAYL 24 dagar sedan
Лёка Лёковна
Вообще ни о чем. Ну реально не муравит ни капли.. Маша к сожалению себя изжила, особенно пытаясь заработать на англоязычной аудитории.
shine00 25 dagar sedan
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Frankie Says Relax ASMR
Omg wow this is amazing so relaxing it’s unreal 🤤🥰
Pebblesnstones 25 dagar sedan
Even when you do the most random and common triggers it just hits so differently and I love it
Юрий Жданов
Юрий Жданов 25 dagar sedan
Why you do your videos on English? You are Russian girl 👩🇷🇺🇷🇺
Um Ka
Um Ka 23 dagar sedan
Актива нет потому что
Lera Volf
Lera Volf 27 dagar sedan
Мария,вы лучшая🥰
Xpyrimence 27 dagar sedan
Me: bald Also me: let's Maria brush my dream hair
Xpyrimence 27 dagar sedan
Thrash metal by day, Maria ASMR to put me to sleep by night
Lechelle Whitehqhqhj
Lechelle Whitehqhqhj 27 dagar sedan
I’m such a plant mom! Those earrings are a must have!!!! Can you share where they are from
Saandra Fernandez de Cordova
the shipping is not available to Peru :(
Samantha Meinhardt
Samantha Meinhardt 28 dagar sedan
💚💛 my top 3 favorite vids of the queen 👑 of ASMR 💚💛 Maria is just FAB!! Thank you so very much for doing this 🙂 sending much love 💗💗
Sophie Ruesch
Sophie Ruesch 29 dagar sedan
I didn’t think I liked asmr but these videos changed my mind lol they’re so relaxing
dixichyna 29 dagar sedan
To the people that disliked this video - who hurt you in life? Seriously, who?! 😩
handler lors
handler lors 29 dagar sedan
very nice🤗❤
Coach Cookie
Coach Cookie Månad sedan
Wow u look so beautiful Maria. I love your hairstyle and how u wear it. Ur hair looks soft and lustrous. And your outfit matches the background. Your personal attention and whispering is soo soothing and relaxing....thank you I also used to like it when u used to say Uh-huh and Uh-humm.....so cute, can we have more of that please? Once again thank you xx
Luke Månad sedan
Maria, your elegance looks so effortless. Thanks for all the years of relaxation.
icyblaze Månad sedan
My heart skipped a beat when I saw THE BRUSH 😍
Cory Conforti
Cory Conforti Månad sedan
Looking beautiful as always! Seems you had some anxiety going on in this video. Talked very very fast. But still sound soothing! Hope you’re good.
Sophia G. Beaumont
Sophia G. Beaumont Månad sedan
Your hair looks so cute!
Talulah Tube
Talulah Tube Månad sedan
"it takes two to mango, how charming" PRAISE
Michi Only
Michi Only Månad sedan
It actually matches my hair, damn authentic :D
Dylan Graves
Dylan Graves Månad sedan
Your beautiful!
Adrie Elizabeth
Adrie Elizabeth Månad sedan
I love this video & secure that bag girl but I will say, function of beauty made several of my friends hair become super coarse and fall out in large chunks.
Michael Tebo
Michael Tebo Månad sedan
Can we have a houseplant video?? That would be so chill. I’m admiring your background so much!
Calzonero Månad sedan
Your eyes are so beautiful!
Karen Mac
Karen Mac Månad sedan
Oooo, more ear massages pleeaasseeee xxxx
Tanya Lynn Smith
Tanya Lynn Smith Månad sedan
I moved last month and I’m so behind on my ASMR! Catching up now and relaxing. ❤️
madison Adams
madison Adams Månad sedan
I showed you to my niece with several mental disability’s and you instantly calm her down. And both my nephews watch u and instantly fall asleep it so cute and I actually discovered your channel when I was pregnant with my son I couldn’t get comfortable at night to sleep unless I watched ur videos
Haley Werner
Haley Werner Månad sedan
I thought there was something blocking the upper left side of the camera but then she brushed the hair out of my face. The small details!!!! We thank you!!!
The Crazy One
The Crazy One Månad sedan
Barbie: i have the most jobs 😌 ASMRtists: Hold my mic
Rodrigo Torres
Rodrigo Torres Månad sedan
Love 💘 you
Tommythemounse Månad sedan
It took 15mins
Laviolet Martin
Laviolet Martin Månad sedan
You are my asmr angel 🤗😊❤
Ari Bee
Ari Bee Månad sedan
Btw Maria the brand brother has great sewing machines!
Naturetube Månad sedan
I wish everyone a wonderful night where all your dreams come true. 💌 💌 💌
Kate Nyx
Kate Nyx Månad sedan
Maria, I just keep coming back to this video. I love the luscious green backdrop and your perfectly crisp audio. You treat the camera with such vulnerability and sensitivity. Thank you for doing what you do. ♥️🌿
CaitiBee ASMR
CaitiBee ASMR Månad sedan
I remember one of the first ASMR videos I ever watched was Maria’s really old hair washing video in which the camera is pointing up at her, as if you’re laying in the sink. And now, seven years later, we get this lovely update! Thank you thank you Maria! I could never get tired of your videos 💕
The Prince family
The Prince family Månad sedan
I like your eyes and the background
Kakerudatemepls KakeruisMine
* Open ytb * * Sees maria new vid * * Sleep *
Charlie Harper
Charlie Harper Månad sedan
My barber is so one dimensional now. Lol
Carole Buckle
Carole Buckle Månad sedan
Thank you Maria 🙏🏻😌😌😌😌😌😌 xxx p.s your attention to detail, your background & matching clothes & earrings 👏🏻👏🏻
Patricia Long
Patricia Long Månad sedan
I can just feel that lovely warm water on my scalp as she washes the conditioner off. mmmmm! :)
Angela Schneider
Angela Schneider Månad sedan
Yeeeees the comb is my favourite trigger 😍😍😍
MrsTeePotTV Månad sedan
I always enjoy your videos
Stoneforge Månad sedan
Is she wearing green contacts? That's dedication to the theme.
Natty's ASMR
Natty's ASMR Månad sedan
Listen, Nobody touches my hair. It took me a whole year to overcame the last trim😂😂😂 hairdressers- never again😂💜💜💜
Zoë Bishop
Zoë Bishop Månad sedan
What the heck is this?
Jacob Ortega TV
Jacob Ortega TV Månad sedan
looking very radiant ✨ Maria
CoDiNg WithAnonymous
People who have insomnia should definitely see this videos
lexi√ Månad sedan
This is so good u make good videos and u do ur best on these
Derek Nadeau
Derek Nadeau Månad sedan
“Are you here for the relaxing hair massage?” Me, a bald man: “absolutely”
Xryeau _
Xryeau _ 25 dagar sedan
Scalp massage? Does that actually work?
AMGShintaru 28 dagar sedan
Our Crazy Family
Our Crazy Family Månad sedan
16:40 is what I imagine angels welcoming you into heaven looks like lol
Our Crazy Family
Our Crazy Family Månad sedan
I am lord knows how far away from this woman yet I feel like I’m right next to her getting this special treatment. Always gives me the tingles. Thanks for what you do, Maria. We are not worthy.
Fiveash-Art Månad sedan
holographic girlfriends .. Im a sad mo fo
Why on earth would anyone even bother to "thumbs down"!? Wth! Just move on then!!😔
mkmuppets124 Månad sedan
Does anyone know if she has Patreon ?
Kiele Nittaa
Kiele Nittaa Månad sedan
Her features are beautiful and her asmr content calms my anxiety so thank you for that ❤️💛💎
maree Månad sedan
You’ve come so far ♥️ I’ve been here since day 1
Artsyster Månad sedan
I like the hand movements.
Amy Blaine
Amy Blaine Månad sedan
I think this is your best video yet Maria!!
christina manuela
christina manuela Månad sedan
Maria: "I love your bangs. They're banging lol" Me: 👁️👄👁️ Maria: 👁️👄👁️✌🏻
Specafyyy Månad sedan
tisironi Månad sedan
More of that hairbrush please!! 🤤😴
Kade tranic
Kade tranic Månad sedan
..... i literally smelled mango when she opened the bottle xDDDD
Emily B.
Emily B. Månad sedan
My mom washed my hair in the sink recently and it was soo relaxing. ASMR hair washing is a close second though haha
FlyHighFlyBC Månad sedan
How does she not age? I’m guessing I’m younger than her and I have legit crows feet. And her make up is always so consistent... OK LOL I’m thinking way too hard while trying to fall asleep....
Magdalena Månad sedan
Usually mango makes me panic cause I'm allergic, never thought hearing about someone using mango on me would be a calming thing lol
Magdalena Månad sedan
Maria hair videos work better than valium.
Daniel El terrible Gaming
My name is Daniel do you want to be my friend?
Ashton O'Connell
Ashton O'Connell Månad sedan
That moment she combines water background sounds and soft, tingle inducing whispers ........proceeds to turn into a relaxed puddle
Smash Crown
Smash Crown Månad sedan
We are really close in age and I have been watching your videos for a long time. It's like you've been my bud for 10 years!
Chloe Betony
Chloe Betony Månad sedan
I love your videos maria but I cannot express this enough - no one buy function of beauty. It is just not good for your hair, I've many stories of it increasing hair loss and it certainly did for me, it never lived up to the promises and there are much better products for your hair! Don't live into the good marketing of a mediocre brand and please shop around! If it worked for you great, but it's SO expensive to have it go wrong, there are much better, more affordable brands which will do the same stuff for your hair that they promise!
Carly Andrus
Carly Andrus Månad sedan
I’ve been using function of beauty subscription for 6 months now because of you- @functionofbeauty pay this woman all the money
Ashley Phipps
Ashley Phipps Månad sedan
I hope you never get bored of doing this.. I know there's a lot more work than we see, but you are so appreciated.
Ashley Phipps
Ashley Phipps Månad sedan
If you do get bored.. maybe audiobooks.. 😄
Albino Cyclopse
Albino Cyclopse Månad sedan
Maria: good evening Me: well, guess it's time to go to bed. G'night Seattle!
Carrie Hamilton Engbert
Hello from Seattle!
E Money’s World
E Money’s World Månad sedan
Me: watches Maria massage Commercial: how about some comfortable shoes!. Me: * blows up my house *
sonjajade Månad sedan
I just wanted to say your teeth are looking amazing! I miss the tropicals too ♥ Can't wait for the next vid!
Karolina Stachowiak
Karolina Stachowiak Månad sedan
5:04 was so funny! I love your sense of humor Maria! I have been here since 2011 so 10 years now and you are definitely the most talented ASMR artist. The quality, the whisper, all the details you put in the background, your outfit, colors... Everything is always on spot and super relaxing 😊 Thank you for creating this wonderful content for us ❤️
Rick Månad sedan
You are beautiful and have a wonderful gift.❤
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts