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Welcome to this steaming session :) today we'll steam clothing made with different fabrics and watch those wrinkles disappear ♥
I really love the subtle hum and whoosh of the steamer I must say, I hope you do too! ^_^
Steamer amzn.to/3qKX5wq
Black top amzn.to/2NQoAGk
Toddler dress amzn.to/3kghgjs
Red silk blouse amzn.to/2MhmmiM
Nailpolish amzn.to/3aJSPHQ
Earrings www.kohls.com/product/prd-464...

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomo...
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)

PayPal (Donations, if you feel you need to give back) www.paypal.me/GentleWhispering
Email: MariaGentlewhispering@gmail.com

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22 feb 2021



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Gentle Whispering ASMR
Gentle Whispering ASMR 3 månader sedan
Welcome to this steaming session :) today we'll steam clothing made with different fabrics and watch those wrinkles disappear ♥ I really love the subtle hum and whoosh of the steamer, I must say, I hope you do too! ^_^ Thank you so much for stopping by! I am so mesmerized by the steam straightening the wrinkles and I'd like to make a video of just big fabric panels being smoothed out by a steamer, would you want to see that? If you would, should it be silent or with commentary? ~♥~
Carysa Colangelo
Carysa Colangelo 4 dagar sedan
69SalterStreet 2 månader sedan
I love the rolls of fabric idea. And always with commentary! Your voice is always so pleasant!
Sara S.
Sara S. 2 månader sedan
I know a lot of people are voting “with commentary “ but there already so many videos with talking in them PLEASE do a no-talking video!!!!! I would also accept unintelligible whispers or talking in the first 5-10 minutes and the final 30 minutes of the video are no talking...it’s just that when I wake up at 5am but I am trying to go back to sleep until 7, I can’t sleep if there is talking and I need more go-to sounds-only videos because trying to find a good ASMR video also wakes me up.
Claire Mondejar
Claire Mondejar 2 månader sedan
caroline duffey
caroline duffey 3 månader sedan
@vaxy awwwwwww
Carysa Colangelo
Carysa Colangelo 4 dagar sedan
My favorite kind of video from you 💙
La La
La La 17 dagar sedan
I remember clicking on this video but I don’t remember this video
Angie Reeves
Angie Reeves 26 dagar sedan
So satisfying 👌🤤
FreckledWhispers ASMR
FreckledWhispers ASMR 26 dagar sedan
It’s the perfection for me ❣️
Susie Ballard
Susie Ballard Månad sedan
Lint rolling is my favorite and the towel folding videos.
Florencia Månad sedan
Could you make a retro vibe video? Maybe with things from the 90s it'd be cool
Jennifer Mrosk
Jennifer Mrosk Månad sedan
Gorgeous Hair 💕
Dan Lakin Jr
Dan Lakin Jr Månad sedan
I absolutely still love watching your videos. YOU are the first ASMR VIDEOS I watched when I came to asmr world and your still my favorite. I think you are classy beautiful stunning you just Carrie your self well thank your for making these videos!! I appreciate your and the time you put into them!!!
Dermot Mckee
Dermot Mckee Månad sedan
Anyhooow lol
Debbie Philly
Debbie Philly Månad sedan
That's an absolutely gorgeous dress
alisonleigh100 Månad sedan
Little bittles of fabric 😂❤️
496jas 2 månader sedan
Just ordered an iron steamer on Amazon. 😂
Mary S
Mary S 2 månader sedan
The second steam asmr video I've seen on SElosk! The other was also filmed by a Maria hehe
QueensAlgebraTeacher 2 månader sedan
Please do another video of steam ironing.
SparkleOnForever 2 månader sedan
Hi Maria, love your videos 💕💕💕 I hope you can do a personal attention video for us your face painting videos are exceptional 💕💕💕
Kit 2 månader sedan
new fave in this one i think. i love when you explain things....
cherryAsh83 2 månader sedan
That steamer sounds like a relaxing wind tunnel 🤤 ... Also, yes Maria, I'd LOVE to see a video with you steaming fabrics ♥️🙏🏻
Brittany Sula
Brittany Sula 2 månader sedan
Please make more of these! So relaxing! I love it.
Freyaandduck ꨄ
Freyaandduck ꨄ 2 månader sedan
ok counter 00:00-06:00=7
Amanda Lias
Amanda Lias 2 månader sedan
The library shirt!!! I would have never thought watching someone steam iron would have been such a stress relief, but it just is!! Love this so much.
Sarah Phillips
Sarah Phillips 2 månader sedan
Does anyone know what she uses to spray the dress with?
Nayane Spigoti
Nayane Spigoti 2 månader sedan
In the end, for me, the steam sound was so relaxing! I loved it 💕
QueensAlgebraTeacher 2 månader sedan
This is one of my favorite asmr videos by far.
Ana Valdez
Ana Valdez 2 månader sedan
Sou do Brasil 🇧🇷 não entendo absolutamente nada do que você fala, mas eu amo assistir seus vídeos, já faz 6 anos que sou inscrita e nunca me canso 😍
69SalterStreet 2 månader sedan
Your curls were something else in this video. Your hair always looks nice, but today they were extra special, so soft and glossy!
City Tour Detroit
City Tour Detroit 2 månader sedan
What a darling dress. I bet your daughter looks adorable in it.
GUSTAVO BRASIL 2 månader sedan
Alexandra Quinn
Alexandra Quinn 2 månader sedan
No one irons like Maria.
Hannele 2 månader sedan
This is just perfect😍! If you are going to do another steaming video, please do it with commentery, you sound so fantastic🤩. Love, from Finland
SofiPlayzGamez 2 månader sedan
Like if that dress be cute 👇
Anna Austhof
Anna Austhof 2 månader sedan
Nobody: Autoplay: chord* ‘ILL RISE RISE UP’ well that’s fitting considering I’m awake now
Wanderer 2205
Wanderer 2205 3 månader sedan
Please make another one ASAP!!!
Kay Alvarado
Kay Alvarado 3 månader sedan
Maria: so there r many wrinkles Me: 👁👄👁 where ?
Tylee Gardner
Tylee Gardner 3 månader sedan
it's cold outside so I'm huddled under a heavy blanket and a fleece heated blanket watching this and im very cozy 😁😴
Ирина Миськевич
На русском никак?
Beth E
Beth E 3 månader sedan
Wooowwww....when Maria broke out the lint roller on the silk red shirt, I turned into the mouth breather I was back in 3rd grade, everything on my face just goes limp! LOL. What an amazing talent this woman possesses. 👏👏😊💚💜
Júlia S. Andreoti
Júlia S. Andreoti 3 månader sedan
maria can make simple and boring home chores feel calming and relaxing, i love so much watching it and the sound are so amazing 🥱🥱🥱🥱
Estella Aniston
Estella Aniston 3 månader sedan
I love you Maria but we just couldn’t be friends IRL, every time you start speaking I would be 😴 . 🤣🤣😘😘
LUSTROUS ASMR 3 månader sedan
Any men’s here??????
Emilia K
Emilia K 3 månader sedan
I love how this is a tutorial while still being relaxing
Captain Mittens ASMR
Captain Mittens ASMR 3 månader sedan
Juliet Yaques
Juliet Yaques 3 månader sedan
What is it about the lint rolling that makes it so awesome? I love it.
Tatonka Peach
Tatonka Peach 3 månader sedan
I love this!
Jessica Christine ASMR
Jessica Christine ASMR 3 månader sedan
Loveeee steam sounds!!❤️
Dravani Kahani - Darr ki Sachii Ghatnayein
I wish one I day i also have same Popularity, subscribers, views, and love get, like you've today. Though I make video of scary stories in hindi... But i can dream like this... God please sprinkle your blessing on everyone;
Старфаер 3 månader sedan
Замурашило всего ппц :D
B 3 månader sedan
How do you looks so immaculate? Show usss how
Taylor Jade
Taylor Jade 3 månader sedan
I feel this video in my soul! So many tingles, I knew this video was for me 😍
jon ruxton
jon ruxton 3 månader sedan
I ron, I roning, and much more mispronunciation. Only Gentle whispering tv
Moo Cow cow
Moo Cow cow 3 månader sedan
Nothing more precious than how excited she got when talking about the steam iron in the beginning
谢伦琛 3 månader sedan
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꧁༺ солнышко ༻꧂ ꧁༺ не твоё ༻꧂
Кайф, снимайте видео где вы утюгом гладите рубашки и т.дЭто реально помогает уснуть...)
Fabi Santiago
Fabi Santiago 3 månader sedan
Your voice, your videos 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Janice Weaver
Janice Weaver 3 månader sedan
Practical tips AND ASMR 👍🏻
Matthew Butler
Matthew Butler 3 månader sedan
You need your own cable lifestyle show!!
Altenwerth Syreeta
Altenwerth Syreeta 3 månader sedan
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Katelynn Whitmer
Katelynn Whitmer 3 månader sedan
Maria, lovely, beautiful sounds and thank you so much for the steaming lesson. Really, I appreciate all of the little tricks and techniques when you create these types of asmr teaching videos. 💕💕💕💕💕 sending so much love! ☺️ p.s. I just realized this is my second comment on this video....lol 🤦🏻‍♀️
Lindsay White
Lindsay White 3 månader sedan
First you made me love folding towels and now I am ready to embrace ironing - all for ASMR!
K Hawes
K Hawes 3 månader sedan
I love the sound of the steamer! Great video as always! 💕
Melissa Jereczek
Melissa Jereczek 3 månader sedan
More lint rolling fabrics and clothing please!! 🙏🙏
Jennifer Kehl
Jennifer Kehl 3 månader sedan
What brand of steamer is that?
Mackenzie R
Mackenzie R 3 månader sedan
That dress 🥺🥺🥺
D dawg Hummel
D dawg Hummel 3 månader sedan
Thanks for the tips on steam ironing, I've been just throwing my clothes on the floor and rooting through them like a wart hog !
Aleksandra Kondratieva
Aleksandra Kondratieva 3 månader sedan
Звук вьюги)
hiddlestoner13 3 månader sedan
Wait, so is Mila going to be.. 3? 2 or 3? Either way.. Holy cow. What a journey this has been, I remember watching you make your wedding bouquet...
Strawberry Milk Cow
Strawberry Milk Cow 3 månader sedan
I know this may be late but I wish your daughter a happy birthday.
Lasisa Azauagh
Lasisa Azauagh 3 månader sedan
Sooo good but tooo short
Cruise With Amber
Cruise With Amber 3 månader sedan
These are always my favourite videos - just like the towel folding and the ironing ones. Instant tingles. So relaxing. ☺️
Callie Cothern
Callie Cothern 3 månader sedan
I got the strongest tingles I’ve had in a long time from that bubbling! Such a great sound. Love this video!
Tomiris Tolegenova
Tomiris Tolegenova 3 månader sedan
Маааша, я была бы безумно счастлива, если бы ты сняла простое разговорное видео с «легендарными» триггерами, где вспоминала бы вместе с нами свои старые видео и события, которые происходили в те времена, только на русском. Эх, мечты...
Анастасия Гонтарева
Шикарное видео😍, безумно хочется такое же на русском языке, ну пожаааалуйста🙏🙏🙏🙏 оно просто волшебно
COCO sHINE 3 månader sedan
че англисский говоришь
Валерия Тукаева
Давай на русском языке пожалуйста
Anny 3 månader sedan
Great video as always, Maria!
I’m living in fear
I’m living in fear 3 månader sedan
I CANNOT EXPLAIN how you changed my sleep schedule (I used to have this thing where I have a horrible time sleeping) and you changed that I’m able to sleep again and it helped me in my life.
- Aquamarine -
- Aquamarine - 3 månader sedan
I wouldn’t worry about the iron being loud. Sometimes something loud isn’t necessarily bad in ASMR. I think if it’s like a hum or a “soft” sound it’s fine.
Cris Romero
Cris Romero 3 månader sedan
Please do one with cristals and reiki
Spirit Whispers1111
Spirit Whispers1111 3 månader sedan
This is soooo relaxing. Thank you❤️
Amber C
Amber C 3 månader sedan
I LOVED the sound of the steamer combined with your voice/commentary. I found it to be so relaxing, thank you Maria ❤️
Maria Lívia
Maria Lívia 3 månader sedan
Maria, o Brasil te ama, mulher
Yohualli Asmr
Yohualli Asmr 3 månader sedan
loving your work as always. Thanks!
Юлия Мартыненко
Когда вы запишите видео на русском языке?
Arin Na
Arin Na 3 månader sedan
Please, I wanna see steamed blankets 🥴
Kylie Quintana
Kylie Quintana 3 månader sedan
amazing :-)
-ᏖᏗᎮᎮᎩ 3 månader sedan
I love your blouse!
Rebecca McCoy
Rebecca McCoy 3 månader sedan
Mila has serious style! ❤️
IM Burgin
IM Burgin 3 månader sedan
Funny I watch her for 26 minutes steaming clothes and then look in my closet and think nope 🙅🏻few wrinkles never hurt no one lol
Akatibu Carta
Akatibu Carta 3 månader sedan
this video was just what i needed it.
wildchild asmr
wildchild asmr 3 månader sedan
I just posted my first EVER video! I would love (kind) feedback if you have a minute! Thank you ASMR community!
ミーム 3 månader sedan
No one does finger tracing like you. [Reference - laptop unboxing video] There's a niche audience for slow finger tracing so you may not get enough requests for it. But for people like me it's the only form of ASMR that works. So please make one because I have already watching the laptop unboxing video several hundred times over the years and it doesn't work anymore since I have watched it so often.
MrsMelons 3 månader sedan
Your hair is magically fabulous!!! Gracious me!
A S 3 månader sedan
Wait. Is your little girl that big already?? Omg I swear you just had her yesterday.
John Barthe Art
John Barthe Art 3 månader sedan
Tried to explain this to my newish girlfriend.....mistake. 🙄
Bret B
Bret B 3 månader sedan
This just makes me want a kid even more now. Me and my wife are trying. Please pray for us.
Heather 2 månader sedan
Best of luck. We're trying too! I agree with what others have said, try to just enjoy life and it will come. Take vitamins! De-stress! Get sleep! You're in my prayers
69SalterStreet 2 månader sedan
Good luck friend. The best advice is eat whole, unprocessed foods, sleep well, and most importantly don't worry! Stress shuts you down. We're pulling for you!
Sara B.
Sara B. 2 månader sedan
Praying for you. We underwent fertility treatments and IUI before our little girl came along 🙏
Shawna Salem
Shawna Salem 3 månader sedan
Try and not think about it, too much pressure stresses everyone out. Just have fun trying and it will happen. GOOD LUCK
joseph bickerton
joseph bickerton 3 månader sedan
Tried supplementation, 90 essential nutrients help with fertility Bret..
Bula Bula
Bula Bula 3 månader sedan
Seems like when steaming might be easier with hair up...?
respect each other
respect each other 3 månader sedan
You are getting prettier every time I see you! Thank you for all your videos,Maria..
Sarah O'Neill
Sarah O'Neill 3 månader sedan
Such a lovely combination of a woman being beautiful and thoroughly real at the same time. And she looks like such a great mom. ❤
Purple Pig
Purple Pig 3 månader sedan
only og's remember when you was the most popular asmrtist in 2017🥺
Mylon Ammann
Mylon Ammann 3 månader sedan
Heavenly, thx Maria!
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